Top 10 Problems With Generation 1 Pokemon

This list is mostly FOR Genwunners. Generation 1 was okay I guess, but the newer generations keep getting better and better with new features, and leaves Generation 1 in the dust, but Genwunners won't move on and keep saying Gen 1 is the best. Today, I'll be listing the biggest problems Generation 1 had.

The Top Ten

1 Psychic Types Were Over Powered

Psychic types were OP because, Ghost type wasn't super effective back then, 2. The Sp. Atk, and Sp.definitely were combined, 3. There was only 2 Dark type MOVES Bite and Crunch (I think), 4. There wasn't any Dark type Pokemon. 4. The only type that can take it out is BUG. Which back then the only good Bug type was Scyther. - SmashBall

2 The Glitches

There were so MANY glitches to the Mew glitch, to the Missingno glitch. - SmashBall

3 Poorly Designed Pokemon

I've said this in my other list called "things Genwunners say" go check it out! - SmashBall

4 It's the Reason Genwunners Exist

Because if we went back in time this stupid Genwunners word wouldn't exist.

Oh it's so outdated.
Its nostalgia

5 The Terrible Sprites

Am I the only one that is scared of the Kabutops fossil sprite? - X_the_Unown

Squirtle has the biggest derp face back then, and Blastoise's sprite looks ridiculous. - SmashBall

6 There Were No Shinies

Shinies are kind of a big deal these day. - SmashBall

7 It Was Easy

The hardest Pokemon game, (in my opinion) is Pokemon Platinum, and Pokemon : Gale of Darkness. - SmashBall

8 Charizard Debuted

Get it to number 9999999

Everyone knows how overrated he is - SmashBall

9 There Was Only 1 Ghost Type Family and 1 Dragon Type Family

Maybe that's why people love Gengar

The only Ghost type was, Ghastly, then Haunter, which evolved by trading to a Gengar, and the only Dragon type was Dratini, but good luck FINDING one and evolving it to a Dragonite. - SmashBall

10 The Bulbasaur family was all Grass/Poison

The Contenders

11 The Move Rage Was Broken

Rage keeps on going and going and going until YOUR Pokemon faints or the Opposing Pokemon faints. But, if you somehow miss, your accuracy is cut to 1/256, now that's RIDICULOUS! - SmashBall

12 Every game is the same
13 There Was Basically No Post-Game
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