Top 10 Questions We Would Like to Ask Sega About Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

The Top Ten

1 How did Amy Rose get inside Dr. Eggman's secret base while looking for Sonic & then rescue Princess Elise?

Sega change the sonic in the new sonic movie to the game sonic 1995 game

All these three characters are the reason why I always hated Sonic '06 more than most other Sonic games no matter how much hate I got from the Modern Purists! - The Ultimate Daredevil

2 Why didn't Shadow & Sonic travel back to when Solaris was being experimented on?
3 How can Princess Elise not cry even after her father died?
4 Was Solaris being experimented on because he listened to the Duke of Soleanna?
5 Why did the Duke of Soleanna seal Solaris inside Elise?
6 Why would Solaris escape Princess Elise's body when she cries?
7 At the end of the story, what was Sonic doing at the Festival of the Sun after Elise blew out Solaris' flame?
8 Did anybody even bother to think that nothing in the plot made any sense?
9 Did anyone bother testing the game?

Let's face it, Sonic 06 was ruined by a bunch of Laughing Joking Numbnuts who probably tried to program the whole doggone thing in a week!
Purple for putrid gameplay... Check!
Blue for bad musical abominations... Check!
Green for graphical farts and garlic... Check!
Yellow for piss-poor lack of loyalty to source material... Giant economy-sized check!
Orange for orange you a big idiot... Check, since this game was made in light of Sonic's 15th anniversary.
Red for high-stress anger-inducing masochism... Giant economy-sized check!

10 When Mephiles was in the future tricking Silver, why didn't he fuse with iblis then?

The Contenders

11 Will this game have a remake?

It better not be worse than the original. If so, then Sonic the Hedgehog is over.

12 Why?
13 What the hell is with the meaninglessly realistic facial designs as if this were not Sonic the Hedgehog?!
14 Why didn't you take your time making this crap?
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