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21 Chadtronic

He can make good jokes and sometimes does random stuff at times.

Chadtronic is the best!

This guy is the funniest YouTuber period! - stinkyjaden


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22 ManAmal
23 Daz Games

One of my all time favorite youtubers. Also really good gaming videos!

An absalute legand (English accent)

24 React Bros
25 Gattor Martin

He's legit

He's cool

27 Kushowa

Funny, actually talks about video, and he's really friendly

He's Awesome

28 Kwesi Bouie
29 Couple Reacts
30 Torchwood Boy

Maybe not the best, but without the doubt the funniest. He made the GoT King's Landing joke before it was cool!

31 Ecomog

Cool concept and good videos. hilarious!

32 SSSniperwolf

She is AWESOME! Best YouTuber ever!


33 Pyrocynical
34 KosherKru

He's kind of a smaller channel but he's so cute and silly

35 Abraham Foulkes
36 Freelancer Amber

I started watching Amber's videos due to her reactions relating to my fandoms. However, she has one main thing that makes her such a good reactor. She expresses exactly what she's thinking when she's thinking it. The entire reason most people watch reaction channels is to see & compare what others think while watching something. The amount of energy & emotion put into Amber's reactions are exactly what people watch these type of videos for.

37 Reactbombs
38 Chris Ray Gun
39 LeafyisHere
40 Coleson Comedy V 1 Comment
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