Top 10 Worst Hell's Kitchen Contestants

With Season 6 less than a month away, let's pick the biggest Donkeys of the first 5. Whether they sucked at cooking, were unbelievably annoying, or just plain despicable, these are the "chefs" we loved to see Gordon Ramsay destroy the most.
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1 Raj - Season 8

Although he's widely considered most incompetent participant in Hell's Kitchen history, this doesn't mean he's the worst human being on earth. There are a lot people way worse than him, and they're not involved in food industry. I have no hard feelings for Raj, so whatever is happening to him, it's his business. I don't care about his current situation. I have no means to reach out to him. I'm already done with this guy.

In Raj's mind, his team mates are predators out to get him because they're all jealous of his skills and he's a flawless performer in services and challenges. In reality, Raj's team mates are out to get him because he's got to be one of the worst chefs to ever exist, let alone in Hell's Kitchen.

Wow, just wow. This man is easily the worst contestant in the best ways. Raj sucks so hard that it's hilarious, from his drunk karate, to PUTTING HIS HEAD IN THE FREEZER, to even eating the food in the middle of service, Raj honestly makes anyone look amazing in comparison. If he didn't have such an awful attitude, he would just be a joke, but thanks to that, he's an obnoxious joke. Also Raj somehow managed to somehow be the first person to be eliminated while on the WINNING TEAM!

2 Elise - Season 9

Seriously, this is probably the most I have ever HATED a person on a show ever. Horse face embodies all the pet peeves I have about a person into one being and somehow doesn't look like a total monster as a result. Biggest mouth, no talent to back it up. It's obvious she was only kept around for the drama and, I know it wouldn't happen there, but I seriously just wish the rest of the people mobbed her, tied her down, and threw her out. I would seriously watch and just hope for some kind of accident to happen that would get her out of the competition. I wanted to pull her teeth out with pliers, I wanted to just do something that would get her out of the way. She is a sickening excuse for a human being, loosest terms there, and there is no way I would ever go to a place that would be willing to hire her. Restaurant or otherwise.

By far the contestant I've hated the most. Not a phrase I use lightly, but she was an obnoxious little girl the whole way through. There's been some annoying, pompous, disgusting people on the show - but this one outshines every other contestant in all those areas. She's not a team player, and that was obvious from the very start. A selfish, self-centered brat. It wasn't until she realized that she needed to work as a team to succeed that she even attempted to work as one - and didn't embrace the idea even then. Why Chef Ramsay didn't boot her for this reason alone I'll never know. But my biggest problem was the drama and the bullying. Always constantly targeting Kelly, most of the time out of the blue. Even if she perceived Kelly to be weaker than the rest and didn't like her personality - who gives a crap? Her behavior was inexcusable and disgusting. The banter might have been funny to watch, but it was unacceptable from someone who wants to be a professional in the industry. What ...more

She is absolutely terrible. I would sooner work with Raj before working with her. I would get such a headache from her talking every five seconds. I got headaches from season 9. She just blames everything on other people anyway. I've seen every season of hells kitchen. I know there's that one drama person every season but elise takes the take. Robyn was entertaining, Sabrina (s8) had moments of brilliance and didn't talk every 5 seconds. But literally everything about Elise is annoying. She's not even entertaining. I have gotten actual headaches from watching season 9 with her in it. I refuse to watch season 17 because I know I'm just going to get headaches from that again because she's back. Judging by what I've read here, it seems like she hasn't changed in the new season at all either. almost a decade later and she can't just take a punishment without crying/standing around with her arms folded, not blame other people for her mistakes, and shut up for five seconds so that I can ...more

I'm not interested in seeing Elise on television anymore. I won't care if she appears in other competition shows. She's eligible to be in Top Chef or Survivor. If her attitude and behaviour doesn't change, then I won't watch the season. For Top Chef, if she ends up on chopping block, then she'll throw someone under the bus. Padma will eliminate someone else instead. For Survivor, she would blindside everyone so she won't be voted to be eliminated. She would be voted off for elimination early in the season because other players won't be able to stand her. Even former players like Parvati wouldn't tolerate Elise. I don't want to she her on television anymore.

3 Lacey - Season 5

If Lacey appears in other reality cooking shows like Top Chef, then I won't watch the season. She would express her complaints with Padma and Tom Colicchio every time she's on a chopping block. I don't want to see her participating in non cooking competition shows like Survivor either. She would walk out of the alliances and challenges. Everyone would see her as an expendable. If her team loses a challenge, then imagine her lying down all afternoon while her teammates plan to vote unanimously for her elimination. I don't want to meet her, even if she's a nice person in real life.

Although widely considered the worst woman of season 5, but I think there's another who's worse than her. Colleen is much worse. Lacey did help Colleen on the fish. She's broke down and skipped punishment work. She is consumed by her own ego. She often won't listen of her team members. Her chemistry with her teammates is poor. She gets into arguments with her team members. Like in every season, not everyone gets along.

Can you believe in the beginning she made some comment about another pretty girl and being able to cook? Wow! That girl was out there. And the last comment when she was finally leaving about her mom telling her not to make everyone hate her. Dang... Poor mom!

Started watching Hells Kitchen late and so far Lacey is the worst! How many times does she walk out of punishment or show up late to prep? "I quit! " Is one thing she should have done. Don't understand why she lasted as long as she did!

4 Tom - Season 2

It's being reported recently that Tom passed away. I won't miss him. 3 of 2nd season participants are deceased including Rachel and Keith.

He kept saying he was like the veteran of cooking because he was the oldest etc, but he had FOUR career changes, FOUR! He thought it was easy just to come into a kitchen and say 'I'm experienced' just because he was the oldest. He couldn't cook at all. Age does not equal talent at cooking. There is NO correlation whatsoever and Tom proves it

The blue team kept losing because of Tom. When Tom was sent home, the blue team did a lot better. Tom said that he was more "experienced" because he was the oldest one on the blue team. It must of been a present to the blue team when he was eliminated

What a sexist pig! It's so dumb though, because if he applies for any restaurant and a female is running it, they will not hire him based purely on those comments about 'not working for a woman'. He's blackballed himself.

5 Jason - Season 4

His cooking skills were lackluster enough, but his attitude made him even worse-- he was whiny and irresponsible. But what makes him the all-time worst contestant was his overtly, disgustingly sexist remarks. Uggh. In the first episode he claimed that if he won, he would be having to turn away girls. Well, good luck finding anyone who'd want to go out with you now that you've revealed how horrible you are.

Not only does he have the worst personality in the show, he has some of the worst skills. He took forever to make acceptable food and he couldn't even make desserts. He also had a quitter attitude. Watching him cook felt like watching someone who and never cooked in their life.

Oh my God! What a pig! You know he has never had a women... EVER! What women would put up with all his stupid comments. Did you see him playing with his feet the first show and going into the kitchen and cooking? Did anyone else catch that? HEY! IDIOT! Wash you hands you dirty pig!

I think while going on and on about women he forgot that he was on television. What kind of person says those kinds of things? Every single episode he made (at least) one or two awful, sexist remarks. And I know that you can never take what you see on reality T.V. for what it appears to be, I KNOW he is a jackass.

6 Jen - Season 4

Jen is horrendous, when Ramsay gave poorly received her dish, she told him to read some books. Then in the fifth episode, she refused to help Christina leaving her close to cracking under the pressure when she struggled on souffles and in the SAME episode, successfully gets the women to change their votes from Rosann to Christina, all because Jen didn't want to help her. Then in the seventh episode, when Ramsay told her to not call out orders, Jen became angry and unresponsive through out the night with Ramsay calling her "undirectable". Then when she moved herself to The Blue Team and they lost the challenge, she bullied Louross for forgetting the veal. In the following episode, she bossed the others around, embarking an argument between herself and Bobby (of all people), then she dictated over the menu and took offense to being called sweetheart and in Episode 11, she possessed a bad attitude all through out the night, she was lucky that Bobby was much worse because Christina's wish ...more

"Little punkass Louross." -Jen after louross didn't lie to chef Ramsay.

"Going home, I wish I'd have said more. I wish I told him to stuff that blue chefs jacket so far up his ass he start coughing out blueberries"

She was a major LOUD MOUTH! She was ALWAYS innocent, ALWAYS saying how perfect she was. Also ditching everyone when they won, saying how she deserved the prize more than anyone else. She was rude, inconsiderate, and I really hope that she gets hers. She FINALLY got what she deserved, the boot out the door! From looking at some other sites, she has had the honor of serving several famous people, I do not feel that she deserved to be able to do this. She needs to be knocked down a few pegs!

Far worse than Elise on both season they were on, at least Elise can back it up, at least Elise didn't try to argue with Ramsay and most importantly... at least Elise actually tried to help the finalist she was backing win and pretty much carried it she even said in season 9 "I thought that it was gonna be hard for me to come back and help somebody else win, but I'm not bitter like I wanna see the dude win." In all stars she didn't screw up once on the finale for Michelle, someone she didn't even like, yeah she had an attitude but she set that aside and said she's not gonna screw up on purpose. Literally go watch both season 4 and season 9 finale and you'll see why Jen is far worse than Elise could be.

7 Russell - Season 8

Russell may be a very talented chef but what does that mean when you're a down right schmuck. He swears at prom committee students, willingly lets Rob sink and lies about it, is mean to Boris all the time, threatened to slap the s out of Trev and blamed his team mates on causing him to become the Runner-Up. Dude, Ramsay doesn't JUST base it on the SERVICE, he bases it on customer comments cards as well, ever think of that!

Russel was and will always stay a good-for-nothing hateful bully. Always quick to blame and put down everyone else but never owning up to his own mistakes. Remember how many times he dissed Boris by pointing out Russia? I, for one, would never eat anywhere that thick lazy bully cooks.

Russel was a complete wanker. Blackballing people? If I were him I would hope no potential employer was watching that. Almost getting in a fight during the last service... Come on, dude. Position of absolute power and you still couldn't handle people. This guy needs a gigantic kick to the balls.

This guy has to be the biggest sore loser I have ever seen. He never owned up to anything, then when he lost the finale he blamed his team and said that he would stop any of them from getting a job in the same city he worked in. I personally think he was worse than Raj any day

8 Nicole - Season 12

She barely showed any passion or cared for food and her attitude just showed us that she wasn't ready to run her own restaurant. Glad she randomly got the boot in the 2nd episode of season 12.

This woman doesn't have the qualities to be top chef. She has no passion at all. Her attitude is so intolerable. During 1st dinner service, she could not communicate with her teammates. She despised Chef Ramsay from the start. She has no respect towards anyone. She insulted Chef Ramsay, contestants and audience upon elimination. She didn't last long. I'm sure she's not welcome in other T.V. programmes like Top Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen. I'm sure Colicchio won't tolerate her behaviour. I don't want to be friends with this prick.

People talk about Elise having the worst attitude of any chef in Hell's Kitchen history. Bull. Nicole may not have had Elise's mouth, but her attitude was worse AND she is one of the most disrespectful chefs to ever be on the show. Had Nicole last more than two episodes she would have proved less tolerable than even Elise. Zero respect, not really any good cooking ability, Nicole should be much, much higher on this list.

She has to be the WORST Hell's Kitchen contestant. Why?
- She was way too quiet and never communicated
- She constantly got into fights and disrespected her teammates
- She was so useless that she couldn't even keep her eyeliner straight
- She didn't lead at all or fight back
- No passion. At least Raj had passion and believed in himself (albeit, in a bad way). Even Lacey showed strokes of genuine effort.
- Terrible cooking. At least Elise could cook.

9 Gina - Season 11

I hate this lady so much. Gina is one of those things I despise about season 11. There are other contestants I hated from his season, but let me get to the point. Gina did make good scallops on first try, but later, it got worst. Her talking puppet really grinds my gears. It's as annoying as Sebastian's big mouth when men took an old school bus from Vegas back to Hell's Kitchen. She made a bad excuse to leave the competition. There were no obvious symptoms of her illness. Hell's Kitchen staff should never chose this lady ever. I don't want to hear from her ever.

No offense, but when Gina was leaving, she made the most stupidest reason that girls make in order to back out of some things. My advice to her is, If she can't stand the heat and truth, she should get the hell out of Hell's Kitchen. She may have made S11 so mediocre.

Annoying and stupid! She even Quit herself off the show! Because she didn't like how disrespectful everybody on the show was. She talks like a goat! She is what made Season 11 bad! I was glad when she got off the show!

She bailed on her team because she couldn't handle people telling her the truth. 0/10 would not hire if I had a restaurant. Like Chef Ramsay normally says, you never give up or bail on your team

10 Robyn - Season 10

I also strongly disliked Kimmy, Tiffany, Patrick and Barbie, but Robyn was clearly the worst. Despite her streetsmart tough girl/tomboish atitude she was the most arrogant egomaniac and the bigest two-faced backstaber of all of the season's contestants. She made herself BFF with Kimmie because she considered her an inferior contestant that could help reach the final but couldn't outlast her. The moment Robyn made a mistake that costed her team a challenge and Ramsey reveald that Kimmie could have wonn the challenge for the girls was the moment that Robyn turned against Kimmie. I'm pretty shure that in the next service Robyn's bad preformance was intentional, but even it wasn't she shown her true colors when se tried to blame Kimmie for her mistakes. To bad Kimmie had her best preformance on service for the entire season and niether the other girls nor Ramsey fell for it.
Once in the Blue team, Robyn tried the same tactic with Clemenza but he was smarter than that, as Patrick has ...more

Her and Tiffany just complained that the other chefs were awful but could never deliver on their end. That's a despicable trait and I wouldn't want someone like that to cook meals for me and my family.

Agreed - she made weird faces when she talked, and she had a lousy attitude. She annoyed me, and I wish she hadn't lasted as long as she did, but I'm ultimately juts glad she didn't win.

Robyn was HILARIOUS. I loved watching her scream at people.
Nope. I was glad when she went home, cause I couldn't stand to listen to her mouthing off.

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11 Matt - Season 4

He's a grown *ss man that acts like a 14 year old boy. His "signature" dish was so good that it made Gordon throw up. He had no talent and still managed to outlive most of his opponent, with no skill at all. He screwed the blue team and they got mad at him (obviously), then he begged to go to the red team. When he got there, he started to screw the red team as well while denying that he was doing anything wrong. Whenever someone call him out on his bs and lack of cooking skills, he would start to have this ridiculous fits of rage inside the kitchen...God, he's pathetic. Unskilled, Delusional, Infantile, Annoying and Creepy. He should be sent home 1st day.

One of the worst contestants of the season. His exotic tartare is something I will never taste. Everyone will agree it's nasty. One time he got hit by chicken by Chef Ramsay. He really deserved that. He put Ben under the bus multiple times. He demonstrated being crazy by hitting his head. That's childish. Did he really have a migraine? I believe he was faking it. If he did, he should have surroundered his jacket during service. There are a lot of contestants that I don't want to meet. Matt is one of them.

From the awful attitude, to the painfully ugly face, to his irritating whiny voice and non-existent cooking skills, this guy is easily the worst contestant in the history of this show. At least someone like Raj is actually entertaining to some degree; Matt is just a great example of the untalented, unstable kind of lowlife they recruited for Season 4. It's a shame he wasn't thrown out over his signature dish.

His signature dish was the worst I've ever seen (even worse than Antonia's gumbo from season 8 in my opinion) and even make Chef Ramsay throw up! And when he said "I've got a Migraine Chef", I just... Wow. He even reached the black jacket don't know why.

12 Louie - Season 6

Only 168th? You should have seen the amount of lamb he wasted and tried to do the garnish (instead of Joseph) at the same he was cooking the lamb. Also the arrogant attitude (granted it is in the confessional but stil) after Ramsey spitted his piece of crap signature dish.

Although he sucked, him getting fired in the middle of the first service was obviously scripted in order to make room for Robert. Besides, some contestants have made even worse mistakes than Louie, yet they didn't get kicked out.

Terrible chef with a terrible attitude. Even if he didn't get ejected in the first service, he'd still probably be one of the first ones to go.

He served gunk, ducked around in the hot tub, ruined heaps of lamb and didn't even know how to cook it, he just couldn't get anything right.

13 Joseph - Season 6

This jerk should have answered Chef Ramsay's question during elimination process. Instead, he tried to pick a fight against him. If I were in his shoes, I would have said names like Tony, Louis, David or whoever. He was also a jerk during signature dishes part of the game. I wish Chef Ramsay could call the police and arrest this son of a b. I would never be friends with Joseph.

I understand being upset when Ramsay insults you, but Joseph was asked a simple question. He could've answered it and stayed in there, but no. He tried to start something up.
He had a bad attitude, and he displayed it for no reason whatsoever.

He wanted to act like 'the big man' in front of Chef Ramsey but ended up like a right fool. Definitely the worst contestant I've seen so far.
I mean come on, why did he get so angry when Ramsey asks him for the nominations? Seriously he has some issues to sort out

I don't want to see this man on television again. I even don't want to see him on non cooking television programme such as Survivor. This show would be more suited for him. He would pick a fight against Jeff Probst, verbally.

14 Seth - Season 5

What was he thinking when he made his sweet ratatouille? If I were Chef Ramsay, I would kick out a contestant during signature dish challenge. I would do that every season for worst of worst dish or talking back to me. I won't ask. I would have done it to him (Seth himself), Matt from season 4, Antonia, Mike from season 12 and JP. He could made the fastest elimination in history of Hell's Kitchen.

The most dangerous disease to one of the only good men's teams in Hell's Kitchen's 13 Season history!

No restaurant experience saying he never worked in a restaurant before.

Forest Gump Jar-Jar Binks 0 cooking skills = this guy.

15 Dan - Season 11

Eugh I hate this guy. He disrespects the waiting staff when they can do their job 100x better than him, then he says he lived in Asia in the chinese food challenge. It's only relevant if he lived in China but he could have lived anywhere.
The only time I felt sorry for him was when he was nominated on the only night he had a spotless service. Other than that, he was rude, cocky, arrogant and an annoyance to his team.
If I was a manager of a restaurant, after seeing this they'd be no way I'd hire him

He most definitely sabotaged Mary in the finals. He just ruined all the steaks and then blew up at her to get kicked out. Probably the worst sabotage I have ever seen. Mary completely deserved to win that season, Ja'Nel shouldn't have made the finals. Jon was far better than her.

That big mouth prick deserves to get eliminated, he shouldn't be on this show in the first place. Plus, seems that the blue team for this season sucks. They can't win a simple challenge but 1, just 1.

Dan had a huge temper issue and never really attempted to repair it. It got worse over time and his cooking began to suffer from it and he lost faith from his team. Many of them were smiling when he got eliminated

16 Mike - Season 12

He entered a COOKING competition, and then tried to get away with doing as little cooking as possible. The one time he did make a dish on his own, it was disgusting. I guess it was a good thing for him to avoid cooking, after all.

Who would serve packaged pasta? Chef Ramsay prefers that they are made by scratch. If Mike makes it from scratch, he would be praised. The tomato sauce should be handmade as well. He doesn't accept his mistakes and punishments. He demonstrated no effort during dinner services and challenges. Not a team player. No respect for anyone.

Absolutely pathetic. He served packaged tortellini and canned sauce for the signature dish, and also cursed at Gordon Ramsay (VERY RUDE). Also, during the team punishment, instead of helping clean up the kitchen, he was sitting around eating chips. Are you kidding me? I don't think he would even qualify for McDonald's.

He served canned food to Chef Ramsay and also sat around eating chips while the team was cleaning the kitchen. He is far too immature and incapable to work for Chef Ramsay.

17 Nedra - Season 11

She was completely annoying to listen to and to even look at so there is at least 2 senses she is offensive to, couldn't even understand her half the time with her ghetto accent!

She was annoying but funny as hell at the same time. She made the show interesting but by no means was she able to win.

Nedra was skilled, but a terrible personality. I can't stand the ghetto attitude.

Niedra was annoying and disgustingly fat. She was just a monstrous woman. Stereotypical angry black woman..

18 Colleen - Season 5

She was hands down the worst. She performed badly 5 dinner services in a row.

Service 1: Cooked spaghetti in a dirty pan, cooked too much spaghetti, and made a disgustingly sweet risotto.

Service 2: She failed to cook scallops and kept burning fish.

Service 3: Couldn't even say "Four caesar sala, three shrimp, one plain. " four times in a row.

Service 4: Brought up an extra wellington and couldn't figure out the meat station.

Service 5: Left the oven door open and didn't know the pastry she served was raw with a raw pear.

She had five dinner services, and all five of them were shocking.

This lady can't cook. She claims to be a culinary instructor, but when she appears on television, there's the irony. She is oblivious to whatever she makes. I believe many students don't like her because she can't cook anything. Environment in culinary school and restaurant are different, so experience is different. No chef experience means no survival in the kitchen. She along with Lacey are the worst participants of 5th season. That's what defines her.

She still has her cooking school and a year after Hell's Kitchen she was on a show judging steaks? How can you if you couldn't cook one and she chose her winner due to grill marks instead of taste. She and raj should be together.

Colleen was a train wreck on the show. She is the worst contestant on Season 5 of Hell's Kitchen, and she is easily one of the worst contestants in HK history. How is she not in the top 10?!

19 Tiffany - Season 10

Tiffany was disrespectful and cared nothing about cooking. There was a reason Sous Chef Andi kicked her out of the kitchen and it was because her attitude sucked and her cooking sucked. She didn't even care to be there. She was just a lazy pig and cared nothing about cooking.

Look up "White Trash" in the dictionary and you will see Tiffany! Calling Barbie the "C" word is so disgusting just goes to show what kind of person she is.

Lazy, dirty, fat, and blames others for the teams problems. I feel bad for Barbie having to deal with her good thing she was eliminated before her. I bet she works part time as a prostitute

20 Scott - Season 7

One of the most disrespectful and arrogant chefs in the history of the show. Surprised he doesn´t get as much hate as Russell or Elise

Scott was one of the most cockiest chefs I have ever seen. Blood Sausuage and Prunes? Really?!

This guy got D-Stroyed by Ramsay. "You're not as good as you think you are."

Guy thought he was better than Ramsay!

21 Brendan - Season 9

He sucks badly. He takes a piece of fish out of the trash, serves it to Ramsay, and then when he asks Brendan about if it was the same piece of fish, he LIES about it and ends up being one of the first to leave Hell's Kitchen Season 9. What a moron. Even Brendan said himself that he was blowing smoke up Ramsay's ass.

Although I ended up hating Paul, I didn't like how Brendan bullied him by calling him a 'meatball' then repeated it over and over as if trying to get a laugh for it. It wasn't funny, he wasn't funny and he came across as an utter child, looking for attention.

He didn't do fine on his first service either. He burnt the potatoes without realising it.
Him, Chino and Monterray all should've went home before Steven.

Chef Ramsay should've fired his ass in the middle of service after that stunt.

22 Sabrina - Season 8

Sabrina is stupid as well. In team challenges, she would lose her point but would blame the last person up if they lost their point. She couldn't grasp that the team challenges are about total team points, not which order. every time she lost a point she should be blaming herself.
Beyond that, she reminds me of my old roommate who was massively selfish and blamed everyone for everything that was her fault or "just an accident." She would lift a finger to save a live, but I don't think she would raise 2 fingers to save a life.

Ghetto Trash!
I'd love to have seen Nona plant one of her big man-fists upon the end of Sabrina's ugly, big-arse chin that seems to jut out even further, the angrier that she becomes...
When the limo' arrived on their 100th anniversary, containing 4 past winners, before they exited the vehicle she was hoping that it was "Diddy"...ffs! Can anyone say "wigger"?!

Why Jillian stood up for Sabrina on several occasions, especially in the first episode, I'll never know. Machamer winning for her potential will save you my ass!

For my opinion, she is the worst. Look at her smile when she done something so evil and of course she can't even cook.

23 Paulie - Season 16

Insufferable in every way. He's a brownnoser towards Ramsay, he consistently performs poorly in services, and is arrogant and delusional to the point where he refuses to own up to his mistakes. Also, he can dish it, but he can't take it. Every time one of his teammates says they're going to nominate him or if they try to call him out on his mistakes, he acts like a whiny baby and throws a fit. He has no business being in a black jacket, let alone outlasting Devin and Wendy.

Why do you guys still have a grudge against him? He's dead. If he's that bad, then forget who he is. There's no point in criticising someone who passed away. We have to move on eventually.

I honestly never really saw him as a front runner, especially not after that last service. Also, his talent isn't matching his arrogance.

He was clearly bipolar. It's a shame Hell's Kitchen has an eye for troubled, unstable people. Better chefs get shafted from a great opportunity.

24 Frank - Season 15

He's sexiest, horrible and who cares if you're a marine. I respect the marines. How is he a marine? Aren't marines meant to be really team originated? Just cause Amanda was the first female on the blue team it seems like he's had it out for her since then.

He didn't even seem sincere in his apology video! Mainly because he probably wasn't and got ordered to do that or else he'd be sacked.

He had a cushy job I respect all jobs in the marine corps. But I do not respect him or anyone who thought that what he said is correct in what he has said. Both me and my boyfriend love the show and he wanted me to rewind to hear the comment.

He is now in the marine enlisted aide program. Which means that he has gone from cooking for the commandant to cooking for basically paid army interns. He's an idiot, bully, no pallet and creativity. How he made it so far in the competition baffles me in my honest opinion.

I'm suprised Frank wasn't higher up on the list. He was incredibly sexist and arrogant. He passed blame on other chefs when he was at fault. It was like he hid behind others when he was unsure about his food just Incase it was sent back. Like most the times his food got sent back to him he had sent it up with someone else. That way he could say it wasn't his fault. Part of his strategy? It was shady. To top it off he was the biggest cry baby. Dude it's a comparison. You didn't get "stabbed in the back" when you were put up for elimination. It's part of the game. Someone has to go up. Don't take it personal. NOT a team player!
The sexism pissed me off the most. There have been quite a few sexist men on that show and it is infuriating.

Frank is turning into Russhole 2.0. He treated Manda like crap for no reason last episode. When she was clearly in pain due to a back injury and discombobulated during service, he flat-out refused to communicate with her simply because he doesn't like her as a person or he's just a misogynist douche.

I think it's only a matter of time before he turns on the rest of the blue team soon to get ahead. I can just see it now, he's going to have a bad service, blame Manda for everything and do some kind of smarmy, underhanded tactic to try and get her eliminated.

Horrible palate, not creative and is a giant coward for making other people take his food up so he doesn't have to be responsible for it.

He was disgraceful as a teammate, extremely overly sensitive, and a sexist ignoramus!

I respect his service for our country - but that is all I respect about him.

25 Jeff - Season 1

Was an absolute disaster in the entire time he was in HK not to mention rumors he was trying to pick a fight with Ramsey (outside) in which he apparently injured himself - so indeed he had a terrible attitude and should be much higher than 76th. He was probably the worst of the first season.

Gordon Ramsay: Are you gonna run?
Jeff: No. I'm gonna stay and finish up service.
Gordon Ramsay: Oh really. Why?
Jeff: Because I'm not a quitter.
A few seconds later, he walks out. He was useless anyway.

The only reason he's this low has to be because of how long ago season 1 is. For those of us who remember, however, we know he should be much higher on this list.

I don't even want to meet this person because he does not belong in the restaurant business. Nowadays he's into sales and keeping low profile.

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