Reasons Democrats Are Better Than Republicans


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21 Democrats Believe In Climate Change


It exists so - Lucretia

22 Democrats Don't Watch Fox News

At least, they get their news from multiple sources.

23 Democrats Believe in Natural Rights
24 Democrats Care About the Environment

Liberals are very caring about the environment! Compared to the conservative party, they like to abuse everything they got.

25 Democrats Believe that Everyone is Equal
26 Democrats See America as It is Today
27 They are Not Hypocritical About "Political Correctness."

I mean, seriously, Republicans love to whine about PC culture, yet they seem to be thin-skinned.

Many of them were outraged that a Canadian Donald Trump was "raped" in a South Park episode, as indicated in the Daily Mail comments, saying that South Park is part of the "liberal media." (Last I checked, the creators of South Park were Libertarians, and they make fun of everyone.)

Also, they actually believe that "white culture" is under attack. Whatever that means. At least halal is healthier than McDonald's and KFC.

Or how about that time when they are up in arms, when they are called, wait for it, "deplorable."

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