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1 People Consider Him the Greatest of All Time

Cena of today is the biggest joke of WWE!

He does not deserve to be considered the best of all time

Cancer professional wrestling

Every time he is on television, he plays the role of a superhero for children, teaching them to stand up for their beliefs, and to never give up. Cena doesn’t just preach his positivity on screen, he actually goes and visits kids, most famously having done over 400 Make-A-Wish appearances for sick and terminal children.

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2 He Has Been Given Titles Left and Right

Think of this: Ric Flair wins 16 titiles from 1981-2000
Triple H wins 13 titles from 1999-2009
Hulk Hogans wins 12 titles from 1984-2002
And Cena wins 12 titles from 2005-2011!
And look at this:
Cena's wins 4 titles from 2005-2008 and wins 8 titles from 2009-2011!
Thank God CM Punk came along and actually managed to be champion without having to lose and regain the title like Cena has. Too bad that Cena will be champion again at Wrestlemania 29.

Cena will eventually beat Ric Flair's record. Bo!

I really HATE to hear "The champ is here" every few months.

WWE is giving him unnecesarily titles.

3 He Can't Wrestle Well

A lot of theses can be put on the lists of other great superstars, so I cannot give a lot of credit to the other ones, but this is an easy one, he is just not that good of a wrestler, and nothing has ever changed that. At least the Rock, who is a lot of these things, can wrestle well.

Brock Lesnar dominating Cena's ass and Cena crying for mercy was the best moment in his career. The Beast rules.

John Cena always sucked at Wrestling business.

He can't wrestle

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4 He Has a Limited Move List

5 moves of doom! And he can't sell.

But that ain't Cena's fault though

5 Super Cena

Your right cena is a guy that has been knocked out more times that I can remeber but he is a guy who always gets back up

This guy is even worse than Superman!

The guy who never tapped out

He tapped out 3 times actually to Chris jehrico, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle

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6 He Thinks He Funny

He is so cute in cool so kid please

7 Leader of the PG Era

So weird how I thought I was the first/only one to refer to wwe's pg era. Guess not. So sick of kindergarten wrestling

8 In the WWE, Cena Calls the Shots

Name a face of the company from any era that didn't exert some control over direction, but I still think its more of a case of the company pushing Cena than Cena pushing Cena. Love him or hate him he sells, at least to the kids.

9 If He's Fired, He'll Come Back In a Week
10 He's Overrated

The most overrated wrestler of all time

Everybody knows that he is overrated. Make him underrated - bugger

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11 He's Nothing But a Hype Man
12 He Gets Weakened by One Punch

He's the only wrestler that gets weaken in 1 punch - s646463

13 He's Annoying

He's worst then the Annoying Orange

14 He's All Talk
15 If He Wins Against an Up Coming Star, He Buries Them Right In Your Face
16 Super Fugly

Hmmm, what does"fugly" mean

17 He Always Gets the Spotlight
18 When he tries to rap, he copies other great legendary rappers.
19 He Was in Fred: The Movie

One of the worst wrestlers in one of the worst movies

By the way I don't like that movie

20 If He Loses, It Is to the Wrong People
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1. He Has Been Given Titles Left and Right
2. He Gets Weakened by One Punch
3. People Consider Him the Greatest of All Time
1. If He Wins Against an Up Coming Star, He Buries Them Right In Your Face
2. He Has Been Given Titles Left and Right
3. He's Overrated
1. People Consider Him the Greatest of All Time
2. He Can't Wrestle Well
3. He Has Been Given Titles Left and Right



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