Reasons to Hate John Cena


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21 He is the Longest Face of WWE

Retire already cancer

22 Doesn't Allow Anyone to Get Over Him
23 His Moves Look Fake
24 He Buries Talents
25 His theme song sucks

And people get obsessed with that stupid ass theme song.

His theme song never change

You would think if there is a theme it would be at least descent but no... if you listened to it all it is, is a theme that lasts 3 seconds and people love to replay it over and over and over

26 He Defeated Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules
27 He Thinks He is Better Than Stone Cold

Stone cold Is the best Cena sucks


28 He Botches New Moves
29 He likes Justin Bieber

Wow, now everything is clear. No wonder why Cena sucks.


30 My Bro Loves Him
31 You can't see him

We don't want to see you!

32 He Gets Way Too Many World Championship Matches
33 A Lot of People Think He's the Best
34 He Really Is Not That Good of a Wrestler

I mean common! This guy said he was gonna kick CM Punks ass at night of champions... But he got HIS ass kicked and even stole punks move!

35 Has Very Few Losses
36 Shows Off Too Much

Cena is a showoff

I hate John Cena. Why do WWE keeps overpushing this idiot. There are tons o wrestlers better than him. And the worst is his annoying childish baby fanboys and fangirls. They just won't shut up about him.

37 He Thinks He is Awesome

And I think he is failure

38 He is Always the One to Save Anyone
39 His Superman Gimmick

Worst gimmick ever

40 He Won Royal Rumble Twice
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