Top Ten Reasons to Hate Megan Fox


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1 She can't act.

She seem like she could be a very sweet person, but being "hot" should not get be the reason you are an actress.

She's such a horrible actress that when you see one of her movies, you should be given one of those caps with flaps over the ears so her utter vapidity won't make your brain cells dribble out and run away shrieking.

She's still new to the business world... and admitted that she can't really act that well. Now why is she still being arrogant and boastful? -

Aw, she isn't THAT bad

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2 She uses the F word in every single sentence.

Very true, and she has no manners

Megan is worse than kim she doesn't swear, megan is just iseless, swearing is too, come on angry birds, destroy megan

So... Megan Fox is bad because she said the f word every time but sam jackson and robert de niro are gods of acting? Can we live with that levels of hipocresy?

No,everyone says she's nice!

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3 She underwent plastic surgery.

She looks beautiful back then, but now it's time to put Old Foxy Yeller out of her misery for good.

Obviously, you can see it in Transformers 2 that she had huge fish lips! But not as bad as Angelina Jolie's nor Jessica Simpson's. -

4 She's overrated.

Everyone just likes her because she's hot. She's the NEXT Jessica Alba, not the next Angelina Jolie. -

Hold up! Don't Diss Jessica alba she's awesome! Rather watch her (as I do) than Megan Fox any day. Don't rate her, she's not a bad looking lass but there's no substance there, she's just... Well, good looking.. Usta be

Jessica Alba can act. And more sweet rather than hot.
Bad comparison. I'd suggest Sasha Grey

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5 She's arrogant.

She's a certified narcissist. What's new? -

I know she, s arrogant to the extreme

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6 Her fans

These Megan Fox fans sure loves their favorite heroine, but they should've think what they're seeing and hearing about her.

Fans sure love their precious Megan Fox, but why? Hollywood actresses nowadays are losing their touch.

You fans sure love Megan, don't ya? Should've invented a Foxy fan holocaust.

The fans always try to defend Megan Fox and bash anyone who doesn't like her.

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7 She stated that It's a little f--- you for those who tell me not to get a tattoo.
8 She's "Sexy"

What the hell does sexy mean anymore? If it means Megan Fox, then the world is officially over.

Fake must be Sekt to people now. Personally, I find her overrated.

All these ugly people are just jealous that she was successful off her looks.

Someone who made this rating should go to the jelly school - EdgyDoll510

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9 She is plain ugly

I love reading all these comments from jealous women saying stuff like "She's ugly" or "She's fake". Ladies, she's prettier than you. Deal with it.

This is bull she is HOT

Uh, she is literally the exact opposite of ugly! She is SEXY!

Stop dowing her there is no reson to abuse her

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10 She has toe-thumbs

That's just funny

Toe thumbs are disgusting. Look at those things--EWW!

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11 In most interviews, she acts so unprofessional.

In the extras for Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen she either causes or says f**k every other sentence.

12 To be honest, she was never a child star.

Look at her pics as a one-eyebrowed kid! She looks so terrible! -

13 She called the Jewish director Michael Bay 'Like Hitler'

This is why she wasn't in the 3rd Transformers movie; for being a stupid whore.

Ok, I don' really like Michael bay that much but that was just a dick move fox pulled off.

14 She's a Christian

If we really hate Megan Fox so badly, then why would you put this item on the list? Explain me that!

Look's like an raging atheist is here.

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15 She acts like she's the hottest woman on earth

Um yeah, she is the hottest woman on Earth! You all just wish you can look as good and hot as her. Just admit it!

The way she looks at the camera, the way she possess, the way she moves her lips, she does everything to look like a porn star and then says she doesn't like it when people think she's a robot.

Well, to be fair, she is one of the hottest women on earth. Just saying!

Well, it's kinda true

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16 She has small breasts

Everyone acts like she's a D or


He has an E.

17 She is in a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer

You mean Call of Duty: Ghost trailer. Get the facts right, missy!

I saw her in a Call of Duty ghost commercial

18 Only good movies she was in were Transformers, Transformers 2, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It's not because of her! It's because of the fights she is NOT in! Not even funny if you ask me!

19 She has a mean face
20 She's annoying

She has a annoying little personality and we all wish for her to die -bailey

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