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21 She's too overrated

She's famous for nothing. Only because she sings songs about Justin Bieber

If you don't let Justin bieber alone I will kill you because Justin bieber is mine

Selina is not famous

22 She wasn't in a music video with Pitbull

That's stupid. I hate her, but I can come up with better reasons.

Umm.. what? I agree with the comment below.

So what?! Most of famous female singers wasn't in a music video with Pitbull. This list proves that people have no reasons to hate Selena

What's the point of hating her? But I hate her anyway.

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23 She's fake

Very true. I find her sweetness to be extremely fake.

Absolutely! I feel like she tries too hard to seem innocent, good and kind. She put so much emotion on display to gain sympathy and at the same time wanted to convey she has been keeping it all inside and staying strong. She seems to be trying really hard to pull the crowd towards herself. Even her display of romance with current boyfriend Abel all seems fake. She really has no personality of her own. Her interviews shows how she is trying to rise above all negativity but all she does is shade others.

She's sucks beliebers and we are more beautiful than her

Yeah... truly she is fake

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24 She flirts with everyone.

She is a cheater and she deserves to die

Selena is a cheater

And it's a crime or something?

25 She is too huggy

Lol nobody doesn't wanna date her. :)))

Dirty Teeth It Needs A Little Toothpaste

She Can't Not Sing

I hate this girl

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26 She's prissy
27 She thinks she's very pretty and laughs and smiles for no reason to get attention from guys

This is so pathetic of her. Her smile isn't even that pretty. Her smoking yellowed her teeth. :))))

No offense but she has yellow teeth does her breath stink? LIKE I SAID NO OFFENSE I don't HATE HER

28 She pretends to adore kids so Justin can like her more

Justin has a kind heart so she acts to be kind in front of him

Come on she is so stupid and she is so ugly

This is really pathetic of her. Ugh. I hate her.


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29 She Posed In Nothing But Her Bra and Tights

TRUE! just watch her new hands to myself video! she is showing nothing but her flat body

Her fans are blind

So what?!? at least she is comfortable in her own body. But you haters, you are not confident because you have a bloated tummy and you are a jealous frog. Idiot!

How about if Selena Gomez posed in no clothes at all?!


30 She is stupid

She didn't go to school, what do you expect?

You are stupid your mean and ugly do not talk to people like that.

31 She has a bad voice

Couldn't agree more

I agree!

32 She's a bitch

She was furious with Justin Bieber because he made out with Ariana Grande, who is terrible enough for his heart. And guess what?! They had a serious catfight over Justin Bieber's heart as if Selena Gomez were Angie, Justin Bieber were Oscar and Ariana Grande were Lola of all Shark Tale characters.

If you're a fan of Selena and if you're reading this. WHY ARE YOU READING THIS IF you're HER FAN. YOU ALREADY KNOW THIS IS A HATE PAGE. So if u wanna fight with us haters don't even bother, cause we haters always gonna hate hate and hate

Selena Marie Gomez doesn't want people not TO say bad language AND not mistreated her for God's sake Selena Gomez is human being TO she wants TO be treated respect is ALL Selena wants people to do that


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33 She loves children too much

No she don't love children she is just trying to show that she is an angel which she clearly isn't!

Umm... I hate her, but seriously?

If she likes children, there is nothing bad?!

What is wrong with loving children?

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34 She needs too much privacy

Lol. She's a celebrity, why would she want privacy? That's a huge part of being a celebrity; you barely get privacy at all.

Seriously what? People needs privacy too, so STFU!

35 She is on drugs

And day by day she's getting uglier than she was

True. Her taking drugs messed her up. She used to be really pretty.

36 She can't sing

True. She sounds so awful singing live. It makes my ears bleed. :(

Autotune. Need I say more?

Wow many people can't sing but You don't have to hate them

Her only good song is the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song, and even that uses auto-tune, obviously. Lmao

37 She chooses Bieber over her friends

Her Bieber-fever will soon grow her apart from demi and taylor

She does not deserve any of her brain-washed friends.

38 She can't act

Her acting is pretty weak. :))

Nope. Not at all.

True true.

Wow Who says?

39 She is all about that drama

She sucks totally sucks its like she always wanna make everyone realize that she is in pain and is very depress in AMA she cried And her Stupid friend Taylor Swift also do! Actually she is very mean and self centers!

And hm? have you notice? When she was giving AMA performance her voice does not match like in the song!

So true.

She is shady bitch and she broke my justin's heart and that's why he was so depressed and sad because of that mexican bitch

Justin is a angel and finally he opened his eyes and he realized that she used him for fame and she is a evil bitch

40 Her laugh is annoying

She laughs like a pig

Eww. She sounds like a goat while laughing. And so deep. :)))

Sage Bliss-I like some of her songs she's not that bad!

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