Top Ten Reasons to Hate Taylor Momsen

This 16-year old Gossip Girl star is completely unstandable!!! GRRR!!! We'd love to state down ten things we HATE and DESPISE about her...

The Top Ten Reasons to Hate Taylor Momsen

She tries to be a 20-year old ADULT

Well now she actually IS a 20 year old adult.

She is getting close to 30 years old.

What does she and Cristine Reyes have in common? NOT BEING TEEN-FRIENDLY (in terms of image, I think? ). - sdravenson

How can you even hate someone without PERSONALLY knowing them, Have you listened to her voice?
All the reasons that whoever made this list stated is personal things that only Taylor can decide if she likes to do it or not, Instead of hating on her go get a life.

She smokes

Smoking is a bad example to her fans, despite saying she's not a role model. She's just trying to be some hard rock chick who doesn't care what other people think. Poser.

Plus smoking is bad for you.

She's so self-absorbed

Completely self-absorbed and try-hard.
its pathetic.

I hope she doesnt come to the uk

She is too greedy and self centred.

Well unfortunately she is coming to the uk n I have to watch her as the support act for fallvout boy 'ugh'
On a plus side though, FALL OUT BOY 17TH MARCH 2014 MANCHESTER ARENA... Can't WAIT!

She doesn't care about Haiti

Haiti is a developing country. Come on, what if Missouri would be struck by earthquake!? -

Oh, come on. At least Angelina Jolie helps, right? - sdravenson

She's never been a role model
She made Jenny Humphrey a complete (I mean, total) IDIOT

ı don't think that she ruined jenny humphrey but maybe she could have acted better

She followed the script 😂

She's 16 turning 46

Actually she's 21 going on 22

She's too flawless

That's a good thing

What's wrong with that

Jealousy, I see

She's a poser

Yeesh, she tries SO hard to be this gothic/punk queen as if she's trying to be the next Siouxsie Sioux (she will NEVER make it their) the way she copies her dark eye makeup, provocative look and whatnot, she really fails to it

Come on, she's never been a Disney star

Okay, there is other stars that were never a Disney star. Examle: Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars never was a Disney star and people don't need to be one to be famous - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The Contenders

She'll never be as famous as Dakota Fanning or Miley Cyrus

She's better than Miley Cyrus!

Being more famous doesn't mean better. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

That's because she's not a pop star she's a rock star that's 100% better

She dresses terribly

Dressing like a skank/slut/hoe/slag/whore doesn't make you cool.

Who are you to say what looks good and doesn’t?

Her sister Sloane is way better than her

They're so different they can't be compared and why do you even think that and what does it matter if her sister is better at some things that's completely normal?

She does awful things in her videos

She always includes sexual things and also uses the religion in bad ways in her video clips.
m y ass is better than her face

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