Top 10 Reasons to Love the YouTuber DashieXP


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1 He's hilarious

He is so funny words just cannot describe it.

Dashie is not just the funniest YT gamer, but probably the funniest person on YT. - Mcgillacuddy

You mean Dashiegames? Heck no! I hate this guy because he isn't even funny and he curses like EVERY 3 Seconds South Park is better than this YouTuber. He fails too much. He calls characters bad names like Princess Peach into Princess B word. Even my friend likes Dashiegames - bugger

2 He likes video games
3 His accent
4 "What up?! It's Dashie!"
5 His Barney laugh

I couldn't even get through one Barney laugh without laughing.

I love it man

6 His animations

My favorites are his Ghetto Cartoons. - MorganChambz

7 He hates Donkey Kong
8 He's very underrated despite the fact that he has millions of people subbed to him

He's very very underrated on TheTopTens. - MorganChambz

9 He can rap

He spits so much fire

Like a bawss...

10 His wheezing laugh


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11 He loves Yoshi
12 He's loud
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