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41 Financial problems

Finances- the world runs only on money. Without it you lose constantly. People say find happiness, but when you can't pay for basic necessities...( I don't mean a cellphone or internet- I mean food, and a roof over your head during winter in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.) There is no end of the bull in sight. When you take your free time to collect recyclable cans and bottles to make extra money and the people at the recycle play rip you off, (You get a ticket for 17.25, and the cashier gives you 14.75, and you photograph the ticket and prove they ripped you off, but they respond- 'you altered the photo, you leave my store now! ' - I mean this world's evil is money. It feeds you, shelters you and clothes you. Without it you die. I am below poverty and over 40 years old at this point...I will die in a shelter most likely. (Yes I work a full time job, 40 hours week, a 2nd job at 18 hours a week, and try to make extra money) Because all of that at Minimum wage...don't get you a place to ...more

This make up most of the suicides in my country

Lost my job, my licence,i'm in huge debt with child support...i've lost everything

42 They're offended V 1 Comment
43 Being bullied

My brother, sister, and these people who I thought were my friends, and people at school constantly bullies me everyday. I suffer from extreme depression. I think about committing suicide all the time. There's times where I actually pick up a knife and put it to my wrist. I have a note I wrote that says "I can't stand living on the cruel world anymore. I feel like I'm not loved. I get bullied by my own siblings everyday. Hope your lives will be better without me." I told my mom about this once. Another time I told her about this she just told me I'm trying to get attention. I talk to my school counselor she just says do something you love to do. I don't do anything I love to do because I don't have anything I love to do.

Don't commit suicide because of her. She won't go anywhere in life with that kind of attitude. You should just turn toward the Lord and He will be your friend when no one else is. Remember to stay strong. You will go far.

I have a sister who constantly picks on me, and blackmails me. Everyone at school thinks she's a badass and She's the reason I have no friends. Ease tell me how to commit suicide.

This is so bad it's on the list twice... - yuki-blue

44 Life puts too much pressure on them
45 Paralysis

I have this, on a wheelchair right now... This sucks

46 Boredom V 1 Comment
47 Cyberbullying
48 Opinions
49 Social Anxiety
50 Offended by the way of the world

We live in a world where reproductive abandon feeds violent abandon from the amoeba to the man. This in the context of universal self absorption expressed in diseases, predation, violence and war. Still, there are very good reasons to live and the best one is taking the sad song and making it better.

51 They're suffering from cancer V 1 Comment
52 They are too scared to live on earth V 1 Comment
53 Loss of job and reputation V 1 Comment
54 A psychological disorder
55 They will die soon anyway


56 Conflicting emotions
57 They feel like they make the world worse
58 They don't want to be seen as bigoted
59 They're being discriminated against just because of their own race or gender
60 They got told that they're overweight

No one commits suicide after just one simple insult. It's more complex than that. - JakePlaid

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1. They're bullied too much, and they can't take it
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3. Depression

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