Top Ten Reasons Why American Politicians Suck


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1 They are racist

I wouldn't think racial discrimination is the major factors to hate American Politics because it's just everywhere. This reason is just not crossing the bridge because for one, the United States is a multiracial country and for two they had a Black President. Even though democrats haven't reached a lengthy leadership in the past, they aren't the ones to blame

2 They cause terrorism

These people sieged Iraq for no real reason other than money and attention - Hoxton

3 They intentionally antagonize someone for their agenda

Let's see Saddam Hussein, Rodrigo Duterte and even Hillary Clinton get antagonized by idiot politicians like the Prince of Hell which is Donald Trump - Hoxton

I'm certain Trump has been antagonized more by the media than Clinton ever had been. - NuMetalManiak

4 They are corrupt

Donald Trump, George Bush are prime examples of corruption - Hoxton

This coming from a resident of one of the most historically corrupt hellholes on the planet.

5 They cause nothing but problems

Let's see Police Brutality, Racism, Ineffective Drug Wars against Mexico and many others - Hoxton

6 They are stupid

What should you do if you are attacked by drugs if people don't fear death do you

A.) Harm Reduction policy

B.) Hard line Policy

C.) Build a million dollar wall at the border of Mexico

D.) Risk over the economy by limiting supplies

And due to how stupid Americans are they chose B,C,D please do A because people don't fear death unlike in the Philippines were people fear death then yes B is a clear answer - Hoxton

7 They don't care about domestic terrorism

Here's a basic commonsense question Should KKK be labeled as a Terrorist group similar to the likes of ISIS? Yes they should but what's their response well they said "White Supremacy exist and can't be stopped" dude. - Hoxton

8 They only care for the elite class

Listen we need politicians to care about low class citizens and suppressed people not screw them over - Hoxton

9 They are ignorant

I thought these people oppose Muslim, Black, Asians ignorance not discriminate them - Hoxton

10 They lie

ALL politicians lie. It's in their job description. We shouldn't hate them for sticking to what they do best. - Britgirl

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11 They only care about money
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