Ten 10 Reasons Why the "Buttercup is Better Than Rainbow Dash" List is Wrong

I don't want to be too offensive on Buttercup, but i really dislike that list. Sorry for commenting ;/

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1 Buttercup and Rainbow Dash are equivalent

No they are not, no one is the same, they can be similar, but not equivalent. They are both very different people and have some differences. - AnimeDrawer

They're Actually Quite Different

They're the same. It's hypocritical to hate one and like the other.

They actually different. Buttercup is nicer tomboy while Rainbow Dash is meaner tomboy - ChatNoirFan18

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2 Rainbow Dash is not a bully either

Well, at least it's a neutral reason. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

3 Rainbow Dash can also be apologetic
4 Buttercup sometimes forgets her lesson, same as Rainbow Dash
5 Buttercup actually gets upset if she loses

Yes, she does, but she does not whine rudely and say "Hey, that is not fair! " if she loses. But of course people are going to get upset if they lose. But Buttercup actually never gives up in order to win, not stay their complaining. - AnimeDrawer

6 Rainbow Dash is cuter than Rainbow Dash

Excuse me, this is supposed to say "Rainbow Dash is cuter than Buttercup". This was all a written error, and needs to be fixed by the Top 10s Staff! - RB-Number1-fan

Lol. If I was making a list about another list being wrong, I would at least put good reasons on it. - TwilightKitsune

Really? Rainbow Dash is cuter than herself? What the heck is that? - Chromium


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7 Buttercup isn't funny

She actually is funny, one time she made a joke about a guy in a movie and said "Yeah look at him, where does he get his mustache wax from his ears? " and I laughed so hard. But everyone has a different sense of humor though. - AnimeDrawer

8 Buttercup's voice is worse

Actually, Buttercup has a better voice because it is more sweeter, Rainbow Dash's voice is too raspy and not sweet enough, while Buttercup has a raspy, but sweet voice. - AnimeDrawer

Rainbow Dash's voice make my ears bleeding. But, Buttercup isn't because she has sweet voice despite it can be raspy but doesn't annoys me - ChatNoirFan18

9 Rainbow Dash slapping Appplejack is a too random example to compare her with Buttercup

This is not a good reason - TwilightKitsune

10 Rainbow Dash is cuter than buttercup

Really? No matter how much I like Dash I will never say she is better than Buttercup. You have to accept her flaws. - Neonco31

Both of them are cute. -applejack fan

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11 Rainbow Dash isn't trying to imitate Buttercup
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