Reasons Why a Fanbase is Not a Good Excuse to Hate Something

Okay guys! Its time to debunk one of my least favorite arguements! No one understand that the fanbase is not a good excuse to hate something!

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1 Not everyone in the fanbase can be bad

Thank you for making this I hate when people just hate something because of it,s fanbase cause if you still like that thing despite no matter how good or bad it gets how does the fanbase ruined it plus if it is just a few in the fanbase why would it be a issue

2 The fanbase does not affect the quality of something

People keep hating this like Undertale because of its fanbase, which is sometimes the ONLY REASON people dislike it. It annoys me to no end. Hating on something because of its fanbase has been a dead horse since late 2015, and there is nothing new that can come out of it. Seriously, anyone who hates something for its fanbase shouldn't be allowed online.

Hating on something solely because of the fanbase is like hating the car model because a person you hate is driving it. - yungstirjoey666

THANK YOU for this list! - DaisyandRosalina

3 It's not good to make generalizations about a fanbase based on a majority of people

Fanbase-ist to say that all Sonic fans make porn. - DCfnaf

I hate when people stereotype a fanbase! It's so annoying when people say "OH BOB SHIPS PINECEST SO ALL GRAVITY FALLS FANS ARE DISGUSTING"


4 The book, game, movie, show, or celebrity might be actually good
5 It makes you seem like a hypocrite

Ties in with #4. If you're a fan of something else, there are obviously bad people in that fanbase too.

I mean, I love Avatar the last airbender, but I know that there are bad people in that fanbase who get into stupid shipping wars.

6 If you're a fan of something, you don't have to interact with the bad fans

Lets say you like MLP. You don't have to hang out online with the crazy bronies. Its not your obligation to do so.

7 It makes you look like a bandwagoner
8 There are good and bad people in every fanbase
9 It's not good to judge a book by its cover

People haven't even read the book or played the game or seen the show/movie and they judge it off the fanbase and that's not good.

10 It is way overused

Everyone uses this excuse. It's stupid, really. Come up with better reasons to hate something.

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