Top 10 Reasons Why It's Easier to Think That God is Actually Dead

Just like my list of reasons to think that God's impotent, this list is NOT an attack on God. It's just an idea of why he never reveals himself to us or saves us from certain danger.

Most of us may be familiar with the quote "God is Dead" which was said by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. What he meant by that is that the Age of Enlightment had "killed" the possibility in a belief in any god having ever existed.

Most of you are probably not familiar with the concept of Theothanatology (the belief that God may have literally died). I personally think it's one of the simplest and most logical philosophies because it makes sense how God never takes action in helping the world considering how he probably died during the beginning of creation anyway.

The Top Ten

It Actually Makes the Most Sense

People killed him for no knowledge of the Bible. He doesn't like people who don't read the Bible going to Heaven so they killed him many humans.

It Would Explain Why There's Still Evil in the World
We Would At Least Know That Heaven Does Exist
We Would At Least Know That God is Already Dead So We Don't Have to Try to Kill Him All the Time
It Would At Least Explain Why He Doesn't Introduce Himself to Us
It Would At Least Have Us Mourn for God
We Would At Least Know That He's Not Actually Out to Get Us
We Would At Least Know That He Didn't Actually Come to Earth and Destroyed It a Few Times
We Would At Least Know He's Not Responsible For All the Evil and Suffering Going on In the World
We Would At Least Know That He Gave Us Some Power
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