Top 10 Reasons Why It's Easier to Think that God is Just Impotent

This list is not an attack on God. It's just a list of reasons as to why it would be much easier to think that God is just impotent (meaning he doesn't have enough power to stop all the evil and suffering in the world). Certain religions state that God is all-powerful and omnipotent but if he really is then why would he allow bad things to happen? If he is all-powerful but takes no action in saving people then he's not loving. If he does want to save people but can't save all of them then he's not omnipotent.

I quote this from famous atheist Sam Harris:

"Either God can do nothing to stop catastrophes, or he doesn't care to, or he doesn't exist.

God is either: impotent, evil, or imaginary.

Take your pick, and choose wisely."-Sam Harris

If I were to believe that God is real then I would rather go with the fact that he's impotent because there's no way that I would wanna believe that there is a god who has all the power but chooses not to prevent tragedies. That to me is honestly not how one should view God.

The Top Ten

So We Could Stop Blaming Him for Everything
It Seems the Most Plausible
It Wouldn't Encourage Misotheism and Maltheism
So We Don't Waste Time Trying to Defeat Him
It Would at Least Be a Good Reason to Know He Cares About Us
It Would Give Him a Bit of a Break
It Would Give Theists a Reason to Appreciate Him
It Would Explain Why He Doesn't Reveal Himself to Us
It Would Prove that the Bible, the Quran and Other Religious Books Weren't Written by Him

How about religions before Christianity?

To much impossible things in the Bible. Why didn't it say Satan it just said Serpent, Ages of people, Eve born from the rib of a man! One man knew how to build an ark and it could sail in a flood of the world and could get 2 of every living animal, one man could survive in the stomach of a whale and giants! This so called Rapture all the signs are nothing new. (Wars, weather)

People Say He's Omnipotent but There's Still Evil Going on the World
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