Top Ten Reasons Why the List "Top 10 Reasons Why Rainbow Dash is Better Than Twilight" is Inaccurate

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1 Rainbow Dash is annoying, not fun

Yeah, she makes my ears bleed and she is a bit whiny at times. Also, her quote 20% cooler is annoying and gets irritating. - AnimeDrawer

Dash was never a fun person. All she does is treat her friends like crap - MLPFan

Nope! Rainbow Dash is 1,000,000,000 times better than stupid know-it-all Twilight! - TheMuslimMemer

I don't hate RD but comparing her to Twilight's everything, she's not my type even though shes my 3rd Favourite in the mane 6 and 4th overall just behind pinkie in 3rd, Luna in 2nd and 1st Twilight Sparkle

2 "Athletes are better than nerds" is an offensive reason

I am kind of a little of both, but this is offensive though, it is like saying athletes are awesome and nerds suck. - AnimeDrawer

It's basically like saying that whites are better than blacks because of their skin colour - MLPFan

Yeah, that's just a stupid reason.

I'm not exactly an athlete or a nerd(I'm an art girl like Rarity),but that is an offensive reason why Rainbow Dash is better than Twilight(which she's not).And how is Rainbow an athlete? Instead of playing sports most of the time,she use most of her time to fly.

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3 Rainbow Dash isn't a great singer

Something we can all agree on

I just listened "Awesome as I wanna be, and it's this described in 6 letters. C-R-I-N-G-E.-Vestalis

I'll fly is a beautiful song.

4 Dash fans are idiot

I'm an exception - Neonco31

So true. They even give Death Threats - TwilightKitsune

Most of the ones I met like Clivenator, but not all of them like Neonco31. They do not respect opinions and fight back way too much, they tell haters to die. - AnimeDrawer

5 Dash is not loyal

Only in the first episode she was really loyal. - AnimeDrawer

She's loyal in every episode.

6 Dash has more attention than Twilight

So true, I mean I hear more people that like Rainbow Dash more than what they like Twilight Sparkle. People often hate on her because they think of her as a Mary Sue. - AnimeDrawer

7 Dash is not funnier

Rainbow Dash never made me laugh, ever. She would be fired if she were to have a job as a comedian. - AnimeDrawer

I have to disagree about that. Twilight never make me laugh before

8 Dash is a mary sue

True, she always wins and she has tons of fans and people that respect her, even though she is kind of a bully. - AnimeDrawer

Spelling? - Neonco31

9 Twilight help her friends, while Dash doesn't

Twilight gives great advice to her friends so she can help them, but Dash does not give good advice and only talks about how cool she is. - AnimeDrawer

10 When Twilight does something good, People bash on her but when Rainbow Dash does something bad, most of her fans justify It

I never do this one because I love Twiligth - Neonco31

This is what I meant:
Twilight-(Lends the crystal heart to Spike)
Viewers-Twilight, you moron! (And a bunch of offensive words)
Us(all of us)-But It was for the-
Viewer-Twilight is an idiot! She might manipulate Spike later! And Spike sucks too!
Rainbow Dash-(Made Fluttershy cry)
Us-Rainbow Dash! What did Fluttershy even did to you!
Viewers-Fluttershy was a crybaby anyway! Rainbow Dash was only telling Fluttershy

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11 Rainbow Dash Did Worse Things Than Twilight Sparkle

Yeah, I don't understand why her "friends" keep calling her a "friend", besides, her name should be "Rainbow Brags"

12 Dash makes everyone look like a loser

Just because someone loses does not mean Dash has to be rude about it. She brags and shows off how awesome she is, making others look bad. - AnimeDrawer

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