Top 10 Reasons Why Mario Kart Wii Sucks

This game is #5 in the worst MK games

Here's why...

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1 The Stupid Idea of Funky Kong

If you say that Mario kart Wii creating Funky Kong is a stupid idea, you should make more research. However, if you say that including Funky Kong in Mario Kart Wii was a stupid idea, well, it's true that they could have include someone more iconics from the donkey kong series, like Dixie, Cranky or K. Rool, but he's not bad. - Eclipsmon

Everyones so stupid and are like funky kong is just a random character that debuted in this game! Like seriously, he's been a character longer than waluigi u people

Yes, his fan base stinks, mostly the guy who says shock all the time. (Jk I like Troy, just don't like him only using Funky Kong and Daisy) - Maddox121

This Kong ain't a true member of the DK Crew! - DapperPickle

2 Tilt Controls are Crappy

No they are not - Yoshidude

Then buy a classic controller... - darthvadern

I won most of my races with those controls. The tilt is quite smooth, I don't see why you have a problem. The best way to use them is with a plastic steering wheel shell. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 Terrible New Characters

Well, Baby Peach and Daisy are just clones. Funky Kong is cool, but could have been someone else. Dry Bowser is also just a clone, and at least Rosalina is a good addition. - Eclipsmon

The only character that sucks is wario - Yoshidude

They're pretty good ngl - darthvadern

4 Overpowered Blue Shells

Actually, blue shells are not the problem, it's the chance to encounter one. - Eclipsmon

They are the same as in other games but actually rather underpowered compared to its sequels - darthvadern

Then be the quacker (or any ride that has high acclertion - Yoshidude

Oh no I got blue shell! *boom* 35 years later FINALLY I CAN DRIVe AGAIN

5 The Lighting Cloud is a Troll Item

I can put up with everything else on this list but this is what got me

Which is a good thing


6 Crappy Tracks

Personally, this is the third best track selection after 7 and 8. My favorites are Maple Treeway, DK summit, Grumble Volcano, and especially, Bowser's Castle.


7 The Idea of Dry Bowser

While I think that we could have more interesting characters than Dry Bowser, He doesn't ruin the game. - Eclipsmon

Um have you heard a game called new super mario bros - Yoshidude

He's pretty cool - darthvadern

Umm. New Super Mario Bros. (2006)?

8 Bad Wiimmfi

Hey wanna play online - Yoshidude

and - Yoshidude

9 The Babies Cry Way Too Loudly

At least it's better than toadette crying it's like I might have a little crush on her but dang too loud - Yoshidude

At least it's better than the delusional toad shrieking - darthvadern

10 Bad Stat Boosts for Playable Characters

True but flame runner - Yoshidude

The Contenders

11 Hackers on Wiimifii

That's not the fault of the game, it's the fault of the players. - Eclipsmon

Wait 7 days then hackers can't hack - Yoshidude

Hackers are so annoying they are everywhere

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