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1 They haven't done anything to you

You know, besides trying to shove your fandom down our throats.

Not really, only a few people are like that, the majority of us are normal people like you and me, we just have different opinions on a show. - JacTheBrony

Aside from shoving the fandom, yeah they did nothing else. At least no brony actually tried to kill a hater - pcn

We're just a simple group of people trying to get along whilst having different interests

I honestly don't like MLP, but the hate against every SINGLE brony is literally getting out of hand! - IcetailofWishClan

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2 People are calling them "gay" and "autistic" just because they like a girls' show

Well I never! That's downright rude and I am ashamed to think that anyone would think of me as autistic. I'm not lesbian but have nothing against it, but I still find it quite offensive that you're stereotyping me before you've even met me. I'm embarrassed to live in a world where people can't just accept each other.

Some might be, but not all of them are.

It's not autistic to like a girly show. My brother has autism and likes manly stuff. Stop stereotyping autism, it's disgusting. - Stevenuniversefangirl

Go back to G1-G3. Think how many male fans existed?

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3 Most Bronies are nice people

Just like me, I'm nice. - Pegasister12

There's nothing wrong with having an opinion but you can't be so opinionated that tou can't accept people to be nice.

No this is not true there is bronies that are very rude to people and to other bronies!

I have a few friends who are bronies and they are actually really nice. They are okay with the fact that I don't like MLP. The hate against the nice ones needs to stop. - IcetailofWishClan

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4 Obsessing over Bronies is ridiculous

And obsessing over a show intended for little girls is not ridiculous? Quite a double standard you got here.

Its not that we obsess over the show, we just like it, nothing more. - JacTheBrony

Hating on someone because they like something you don't is really pathetic - bobbythebrony

I don't obsess over Bronies. Its just weird, and Bronies are the real bullies they bully people who dislike Bronies just because someone thinks its weird.

It's my own bussiness - pcn

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5 There won't be any internet fights if people stop hating Bronies

It might not be the only thing people fight about online, but there would be significantly less arguments

"The so called cancer of the internet" can be cure if all those haters just shut up and move on and like something that like

People fight about more things on the internet than bronies. There would still be a lot of them even if people stopped.

Kinda... - pcn

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6 Girls can like Transformers and TMNT, so why can't a guy watch an episode of MLP?

Society can be pretty hipocritical. Just saying'.

Agreed. - King_tnt2


Its not the same! Its difrent

7 Bronies might become your best friend

My favorite YouTube user is a brony, but he is a very nice guy. - anonygirl

I have a friend on YouTube who is a Brony. - EpicJake

I have a friend who's a brony,we get alone very well,and she doesn't really shove it in my face. - SamuiNeko

8 Brony haters are mean

Can't we all get along? I mean, a lot of bronies are cool people, and same to non-bronies. I'll admit, there are a few "rabid", if that's the right word, bronies, and there are a few "rabid" non-bronies. It's one thing to dislike the show, but to hate on every fan of it when a lot of them are harmless is stupid.

I've never been mean to a non brony. The only thing I've ever done is stand up for myself against bullies. There's a difference between non bronies and brony haters. Non bronies are simply innocent people who don't have interest in the show. Brony haters are people who deliberately try to find reasons to hate on people who do happen to like MLP:FiM

I'm an innocent non-brony, you bronies are a bunch jerks and meanies for bullying anyone who doesn't like the show so much!

You base the generalization on the ENTIRE fandom, not your targets - pcn

Spingebill for example? Look at his remix and you'll see

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9 You shouldn't hate someone only for liking a show

Yeah. You should respect them for what they like. - Ghostbunny

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10 Some of them can be your friends

My friend is one and she doesn't shove it in my face. - SamuiNeko

Yep. A brony can be your close friend - pcn

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11 More positivity

Well that was rude. I'm completely aware that hate is and always will be a part of this world but saying to people that there's something wrong with them is not Ok. Everyone has flaws including you DubstepLover, and there's no reason to hate them for it thank you very much

No hate leads to the lack of knowing what's wrong with you - DubstepLover

12 Most bronies watch shows other than my little pony

I also watch Spongebob - pcn

I watch to many other shows like supernatural, Steven universe, adventure time, stranger things,
And a lot of r rated movies like trainspotting or shame, ( which contains sex scenes but are for the focus of the story )
So I am not a man child for liking mlp I just like everything that's good no matter how raunchy nor how cute and innocence can be.

13 Hating on Bronies is a waste of time

If you don't like a show, that is fine, but stop saying an entire fan base is bad. Please, you are making yourself look ignorant.

Mlp is a better show than many of the other shows for kids. It has incredibly good looking smooth animations, fight scenes, and jokes about alcohol and other references. For example, in " Owls well that ends well", when Spike the dragon fell asleep in the punch bowl, Pinkie Pie says "It looks like the punch has been 'spiked'"

If you don't like them, then why waste your time bullying them?


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14 Some boys are just interested in ponies

"I wonder if my pony can fly? " - GrapeJuiceK

15 It's pathetic

What I mean by it's not cool is, it's not cool that you use other people's interests to put them down and put yourself in a pedestal

Most brony haters are just trying to make themselves feel better. News flash, it's not cool

16 Most Bronies are not perverts/pedophiles like people believe they are Most Bronies are not perverts/pedophiles like people believe they are

That is true

-2% of them are pedos
-15% are gay
-10% transex
-73 a really really not grown up boys

17 Hate is a strong word

I agree. I get uneasy when the word is mentioned or when I'm about to say it. It feels like saying the word or using it on someone is... a bad thing to do, and I disappoint myself when I say it...

Hate Is Not A Strong Word If It's Dora The Blind And Deaf Idiot Or Caillou

18 You should treat others the way you wish to be treated

If you don't want bronies harassing you, then you should respect the fact they like My Little Pony. - anonygirl

19 If you do, you will be ganged up on

You have no right to harass us for being unique. This is our choice and you may not have a say in it. I watch mlp. So what. If that gets me bullied, then that bully is going tigger his ass kicked

Agreed. We Are Unique In Every Way. - King_tnt2

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20 Generalisations are horrible
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1. They haven't done anything to you
2. People are calling them "gay" and "autistic" just because they like a girls' show
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1. They haven't done anything to you
2. Obsessing over Bronies is ridiculous
3. There won't be any internet fights if people stop hating Bronies

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