Top Ten Reasons Why Public Bathrooms Suck

Public Bathrooms suck. They suck even more if you're a guy. If I missed a point please add it

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1 Nobody bothers to clean it

I remember seeing a crap in a urinal, it stayed like that until somebody filed a complaint - Yatagarasu

I feel sorry for the person who has to clean it - TwilightKitsune

2 It seems like every single person misses the toilet
3 They smell

They usually smell like either poop or butts. That is really gross. - PhilTheCorgi

Even if they look clean, how much they stink is still enough to put me off going in them. - Entranced98

Oh yea baby man mama

4 The toilet paper there is like sandpaper

A few of them have had paper that's literally like tracing paper. My ultimate workaround is to always have tissues on hand. - Entranced98

5 The stalls are covered in swastikas, phone numbers, and other scraped out drawings in the paint

In the bathroom at school, I see the stalls covered with words and hearts saying "(girl) + (girl's crush)" forever! "

People really love to draw dicks on the stalls. - Popsicles

My favorite one I saw was:
"Here I sit, broken hearted
Came to s-t, but only farted" - cjWriter1997

They usually write F-bombs, "______ was here", and they also draw male body parts, which is pretty disgusting. - PhilTheCorgi

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6 The lines are always super long

Whenever I go on a tour with old Asian people, the lines to the restrooms are always long, and you have a time limit to pee

Mostly just for girls though - Yatagarasu

7 The water in the sink is either like lava or like ice

Or sometimes the water doesn't work

Damn you, day you'll pay for scalding my hand in front of ten people! - Entranced98

88% of time ice
5% lava
7% no water at all - Alkadikce

8 Broken doors
9 There are no lights, just that wavy glass window

Another case is when you turn on the lights and some funny noise is coming from above. Since you have no ideas where it comes from, you will think it would lead to an explosion. - Alkadikce

10 The hand dryers don't work

Much more common mistake is when there are no hand dryers, - Alkadikce

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11 Hand dryers are extremely loud

You just don't expect it.

12 Limited time in stalls or urinals

While on a Chinese tour bus, you only have 5 minutes to pee

13 The "out of order" sign can be found in nearly every corner
14 The door is like 100 pounds

It's a bathroom, not a bunker, nobodys gonna break in there - Yatagarasu

15 Urinal problems

One time I saw a cigarette and gum and a pencil in one urinal in a Super America - Datrandomdude

16 People don't bother to flush
17 You keep on having to pump the tap, so you get your hands all dirty all over.

Damn you Chicago Faucets

18 They’re unsanitary

Germs everywhere, unflushed toilets, and trash all over the floor

19 Extremely thin toilet paper

No matter how much I use, they always rip and I end up getting pee all over my hands

20 People who vomit, but don't flush the toilet
21 Running out of toiler paper

And then you have to awkwardly ask the person next to you for some

22 Used Pads and Tampons
23 People hate hand driers
24 Fire alarms and the loud flush
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1. Nobody bothers to clean it
2. It seems like every single person misses the toilet
3. Limited time in stalls or urinals
1. Nobody bothers to clean it
2. The toilet paper there is like sandpaper
3. It seems like every single person misses the toilet
1. They smell
2. Nobody bothers to clean it
3. It seems like every single person misses the toilet


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