Top Ten Reasons Why Republicans are Better Than Democrats

The liberals who can't handle that I support Trump are aggravating me. So here's a list why Republicans are better than Democrats.

The Top Ten

1 The most effective presidents have been Republicans

President Trump is the best thing that happened for the United States. When people want the American dream and, some American do no appreciate the opportunities they have. why the liberals should take a one way ticket to Venezuela They will be eating dogs. See if The girl from NY and the other two friends like it. They should love the country that open the doors to the and gave them the opportunity to participate in this great democratic experience.

Every time a republican gets in office, we go into recession, Democrat always has to clean up republicans mess

Reagan brought down the Berlin Wall, Obama put men in the ladies restroom with little girls. Which one is better hmm? - bobbythebrony

Actually, Reagan did not end the Cold War. Several factors have been bringing it's demise years before his presidency. He just may have accelerated the process. - Alpha101

I agree

2 Republicans will use the military as a first resort to end a potential threat to the nation

I totally agree!

Okay I don't understand why this is being considered a positive especially in the age of nuclear warfare. If we were to attack or invade a country that had nuclear weapons we would be pretty much guaranteeing a nuclear war that could end the world and kill billions. This is also a bad thing because why should we have countless american troops killed in vain over something that could have been resolved with diplomatic affairs. I don't understand why people are willing to end the lives of so many american citizens without exploring other options first. - anni

Bill C when 9/11 happened wanted the military to shoot 1 missile at the last second. So do you guys want another 9/11? - spodermanfan1000

China executed all their refugees and now they don't have a problem anymore - bobbythebrony

When there's something threatening our country, we need to stop them immediately - myles0404

3 Republicans recognize that marriage should stay between a man and a woman

That's bad whoever thinks that gay marriage shouldn't be legal is is coming in-between basic human rights and that's a fact deal with it. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

I'm straight, and I do not see an issue with gay marriage.

Listen, I'm about as right-winged as anyone from my area comes, and this might sound bad, but I never understood why gay marriage is a bad thing. I am pro-gun and pro-life, but I'm for same sex marriage, just simply because it's not harmful to anyone.

People should be able to love whoever they want. - Luckys

4 Republicans don't support a healthcare that is like Obamacare

We have an equivalent to Obamacare in Australia and it works amazingly well. You guys need to stop being so opposed to socialism.

Thanks to Obamacare, hard working citizens can't afford to go to the doctor - bobbythebrony

Thanks to Obamacare, MILLIONS of people have been saved due to it, including babies... whom not under obamacare were denied coverage because they were quote on quote "too fat" - ARandomPerson

LIE! No one can afford health care due to Obama care

Bro, shut up. I live in Australia, we have universal healthcare, and it is amazing. - coolguy101

5 Republicans don't make strict gun regulations

My city banned guns completely until it was ruled that it violated the 2nd amendment.

If you take away guns from the people the robbers/murderers will still get a gun either way.

We shouldn't take away guns but we should take away certain kinds of guns made for war, the only use for large automatic weapons like that are mass killings and crimes - anni

If I owned the biggest blacksmithing company in the world, I'd want to make sure my company's creations (swords, knives, battle axes, cast iron pans, stainless steel pots, Uranium great swords (it'll happen! )) don't end up on the black market. (notice I said "If")

Ironically, they won't shut up about how they are "pro-life." - owlro188

And it's also ironic that liberals want to ban guns, but they encourage women to kill their own babies. - crazycat99

6 Republicans believe that those who work harder should get paid better, and shouldn't have to pay more simply because they have more money

You mean just like in the great depression when the government stayed out of the economy? Also it is a complete lie to say corporation owners work harder than other people. - owlro188

Stupid logic! Not everybody gets the chances in life to pay expensive studies or to find a descent job. How could it? If everybody was rich there would be no more rich people anymore ( is also why comments like " socialism makes everybody equally poor " stupid unlogical comments ). Who will change the oil of your Rolls Royce or whatever big expensive car? Who will serve your coffee? Who will cleaning the toilets on your work? Everybody is needed in a society. The master-slave mentality is over but it seems that republicans are willing to get that back again. In a society that is a " correct " society it's normal that the ones with more money should pay more than the ones with less money. For instance, someone that is earning 8000$ a month has no problem to pay a insurrance for something of 500$. A person who earns 1000$ a month is losing half of his pay for the same insurrance. Is that a " sane " society? Why should the guy who have no problem with the 500$ insurrance be rewarded?

You're basically defending Communism. We all wish we could get stuff for free, but that's not how the world works, and it will never work for the foreseeable future. Competition is the key to advancing the economy. Harder workers get rewarded and that motivates others to work as hard as them. Whether you are smart or not, you can still make enough money to live stably. When you asked who would do simple low paying jobs, those jobs would simply pay more because they would lack workers. The guy who has no problem with the $500 should be rewarded because he/she works harder and BENEFITS SOCIETY. Learn how the economy works. - og214

Damn your right! Democrats just think that people who don't work need money. So they give OUR money to them but we work for that but they don't? what! I know something to the people who don't have enough money... GET A JOB! - spodermanfan1000

Obama is giving welfare and government benefits to illegals while doing nothing for disabled veterans - bobbythebrony

Wait, I thought Republicans didn't care about disabled people? Your president, after all has mocked them before. Also, you hate paying taxes for healthcare, so how is paying to help disabled people any different? - owlro188

7 Republicans try to expand the military, which will make the U.S. a stronger nation

I can not stand how certain democrats don't care about the military. It makes me sick.

Maybe because certain democrats would rather spend money on saving lives (healthcare), rather than pointlessly killing people in the Middle East so we can steal their oil. - owlro188

My father was in the military when 9/11 happened and bill clinton said only shoot one missile (which missed). That makes america and the military weaker. Oh yea and Obama is doing nothing. - spodermanfan1000

Obama is looking to destroy America and doesn't give a damn about our military - bobbythebrony

We need our military to stay strong for if any other country tries to threaten us - myles0404

8 Republicans handle foreign policy better, and don't let other nations walk over the U.S., unlike Presidents like Obama

Trump is letting Russia and North Korea walk over us

Owlro188 and alpha101 are both libtard idiots who need brains, they do not understand anything and are completely anti american, obama's middle name is hussein for 1 thing, he never properly dealt with terrorists and allowed protests against the war, he supports Black lives matter and antifa which are muslim-atheist terrorist organizations, while also calling his support out for them in the funeral of the dallas police officers, while blm clearly supported the attack and armed the shooter, obama made no progress in the war on terror, bin laden was killed under the orders of the pentagon, not obama, he let hezbollah off the hook, gave iran billions and attempted to give them nuclear weapons, which would have made iran create a larger muslim only macedonian empire, what else? he not once commented on liberal attacks on cops and conservatives, showing his support for them, need I mention isis is supported by antifa, blm, and liberals?

I know the current chairman of Foreign Policy, Ed Royce, and he's good at his job being the chairman of Foreign Policy, and he's a Republican - myles0404

While Isis is killing Christians and causing terrorist attacks, Obama is saying they're misunderstood. Not to mention Obama and his brothers are trying to force Islam on everyone - bobbythebrony

ISIS is killing Christians just like we are killing Muslims. What's the difference between ISIS and us, really? Also, Obama is a Christian so your post makes literally no sense. - owlro188

1 Comment
9 Republicans have helped the country's economy, Democrats have put us in debt

Please research American job charts before voting for this post. It is a complete lie. - owlro188

Democrats think everything should be free and they don't understand that it doesn't work that way - bobbythebrony

Actually... putting us in debt has nothing to do with improving or worsening our economy... - ARandomPerson

*rolls eyes* And Obama also reduced unemployment and dealt with the Bush deficit. But it is true he hasn't done anything about our federal debt, I'll admit that. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Because of Obama, America will become a Chinese colony sooner or later. - 1337

10 Republicans hate abortion

Abortion is an evil crime against God.

This Should be top 5. Abortion is murder. - dkmec42

The libtards think killing innocent lives is perfectly fine. How sick are these freaks?

I actually agree on this one. - owlro188


The Newcomers

? Republicans are against communism/socialism, and they follow what the founding fathers wanted

The Contenders

11 The two presidents who were impeached were both Democrats

Andrew Johnson was a conservative. So, technically, one conservative was impeached, and one liberal (and I use the term loosely) was impeached. - Alpha101

Oh yes Bill Clinton. He promised everything Bernie is promising and he caused my mom to lose her college scholarship. Not to mention he had a mentally retarded man executed just to further his presidential campaign - bobbythebrony

One was incredibly ineffective, and the other was busy cheating on his wife rather than running the country. - Therandom

I did not have sexual relations with that woman - Puga

12 Republicans are politically incorrect

If you want to forcibly change how people think, forcibly change how they speak. Their thoughts will follow shortly thereafter.

Absolutely not! It's Democrats who are politically incorrect because they're too tolerant. And political incorrectness is no way to get rid of terrorism, violence, and deadly outbreaks because it supports those things.

If you want to rid of terrorism, violence, and deadly outbreaks, being politically incorrect is the key to stop it all.

Honestly, Republicans made me hate white people.

13 Republicans follow the Bible

All heads will bow

Does it matter? religion did not prove climate change...

Yes, and FYI democrats, seperation of church and state doesn't mean everyone is athiest.

Which is why I want to kill myself...

14 Republicans are better at economics

Trump's economy is doing amazing - CartoonistKing

Ronald regan tripled the debt from 900$ million to 2.1 trillion, good economics? Also republicans cut taxes on the rich which then allows the save billions to "spend" on their workers and companies. If you are somewhat aware these rich bastards keep the money for themselves to keep getting richer while they create low paying jobs that then put people in poverty. WHAT A JOKE

Ronald Reagan help our country expand our economy.

Depends on who you're talking about.

The economy was well under Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush Sr. The economy was horrible under Nixon, Ford, and Bush Jr. So it's about split up the middle. - Alpha101

15 Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, and Theodore Roosevelt are considered the greatest presidents of all time.

One, Lincoln and Roosevelt would, most likely, be Democrats today. They both identified as being Progressives. Two, Reagan is massively overrated. - Alpha101

I don't care -.- leave me alone mommy \_{-_-}_/

16 Republicans don't support terrorism

Finally, something on this list I can agree with! (other than "those who work harder should get paid more"). Also, how come SO many of these are just the opposites of what's on "reason's why democrats are better than republicans" list? I'm not saying that this is a copy, because I have no idea which list came first, and don't think either are a copy, but what I am saying is that they have so many opposite listings
Examples: The democrat list says "Democrats are not homophobic" and this one says "Marriage exit between a man and a women" the democrat list says "Democrats know military action should be the last resort, not the first" and this one says "Republicans will use the military as a first resort to end a potential threat to the nation" the democrat list says "democrats had more effective presidents" and this list says "republicans had more effective presidents", etc. - scienceLover10

Uh... news flash but neither do Democrats. - owlro188

Terrorism needs to stop immediately! - myles0404

Republucans make terrorisma priority, this is why we need a expanded military innthe U.S. We need a stronger force to fight terrorist. We actually care about our people and put problems as priorities

17 Republicans don't lie

Hell yeah

Ha! How many lies has Trump told since being in office? Who's paying for the wall? Not Mexico Liar. Did you sign up for trumpcare? Nope because there's not one. LIE. Where's the 10% tax cut for the middle class Trump was talking about to buy votes? There never was one. LIE. Who was in control of the house and Senate for the past 10 year's? Republicans! No other President in history has been so blatantly racist, bullying even his own party, insulting leaders of other countries and praising dictators!
Trump was a Democrat before he ran for president. When he was asked during an interview if he would ever run he said if he did it would have to be as a Republican because rhey believe everything you say. The one true thing he's actually said! He even insults his followers and you still support him! Surprised people still support him knowing he's not only a terrible President but a person as well! by the way how many lawsuits are pending against Trump, his family, his foundation, and his ...more

The reason a lot of Trump's campaign promises haven't been fulfilled yet is because the Democrats in Congress won't let him do crap. - crazycat99

What are you talking about? Many lie!

Unlike Hillary Clinton, who for example "accidentally" deleted 3,000 emails, then lied to the FBI, Republicans are politicians you can trust. The Washington Times wrote a list of some of Crooked Hillary's many lies, including, "Was removed from her House Judiciary Committee staffer job because of incompetence and lying." The sad thing people actually voted for her, knowing all these facts.

Hillary lies. Trump lies even more. Don't trust Republicans. Don't trust Democrats. - owlro188

18 Republicans don't whine and protest, they actually go to work and do stuff

thanks. - dkmec42

I honestly dislike Trump and conservatism, but after he won, the entire Hollywood and liberals were acting like crybabies. But it is their fault that Hillary did not win, they kept on telling us to vote for her when they did not even bother to vote the entire time! Smh...what do people not understand about practice what you preach.

Yes because winning by three million votes and then losing because of gerrymandering was because people didn't vote... - ARandomPerson

So when was the last time did the Republican party made a group similar to AntiFa? When was the last time that Republicans caused much trouble after a Democratic inauguration as AntiFa did?

Yesss roast those democrats

19 Republicans put facts before feelings

Ben Shapiro for 2020 - Joeljohns249

20 Liberals are super immature

They can't handle one disagreeing with them. - 1337

Trump is actually an amazing example of showing how immature the liberals are. Instead of just accepting what's going on, they all have to go on their stupid protests of IMPEACH TRUMP!

The worst part about this is that people online who are liberal use this immaturity to manipulate arguments. - Nonpointed

Oh really? What about Trump?

21 Rednecks love Republicans.

I love republicans


22 Republicans hate other foreign countries.

Build the wall! Inguess

23 Democrats use the race card


They appeal to minorities just to get more votes, and they do hardly anything for them! It's absolutely disgusting.

Then you realize that republicans constantly suppress minorities in favor of whites (which is the majority here) and that is why they often win. - ARandomPerson

24 Republicans don't like socialism

You are partially correct about the United States being in a bad financial situation currently, that's why we should stop letting the democrats spend our nation's budget on nonsense... first 100 days after our last Democrat left office not only did our Nation's stock market jumped up 5% and six months down the road we continue to better that number, our unemployment rate has hit a record low that hasn't been seen since 2007...numbers and actual fact checking will prove that democrats are the downfall of our country

Um, it was Obama who started the trend of the rising economy in 2010. Trump isn't even raising it as much as Obama was for a while. - owlro188

Yeah! That's why the United States is the worst country of all socio-economic countries in the world in matter of Healthcare.

25 Republicans realize that Common core is stupid

I did great in school until common core came along.

Actually, Common core is GOOD. - ARandomPerson

Schools should not be run by Government, it should run by the district and city because the gov dose not know how much money the school can fund and work with

26 Republicans are pro Constitution

You do realize that Trump's only three months in, and he's already violated the Constitution? - Alpha101

Republicans support EVERYTHING in the Constitution and so do I - myles0404

Unlike Democrats who try their best do deligitimize the constitution in leglislation they pass and support

27 Republicans love America

I'm a democrat (I'm probably gonna become independent) and I love america - Luckys

Actually, when compared to other first world nations, America sucks in healthcare, crime levels, and education. People who choose to blindly love America are the reason this country never improves. - owlro188

I hate people who say America is a bad country (mostly Liberals). “America is racist” << Obama was elected TWICE. “America is homophobic” << At least you won’t get killed like you would in Islam countries, and plus, I’m sure most rightists aren’t homophobic. “There used to be slavery in America” << It was abolished 165 YEARS AGO, and if you didn’t know, there is slavery around in other countries so there is not much to worry about here.
You see, America is a good country because you are allowed to say here “America is a bad country” (free speech is a good thing about living here).

28 Republicans have faith
29 Republicans are braver

You know democrat Bill Clinton dodged the military draft and moved to Canada while Republicans like James Garfield, Ulysses S. grant, Rutherford B Hayes and Theodore Rossevelt bravely held high ranks in the army and fought and I forgot to mention Gerald ford and George bush

30 Republicans don't push their liberal views on our nations youth

It appears that collages in general are strongly influencing students towards democratic thinking. The students love to hear that the dems want to pay for their collage. But think - when has anyone ever paid for something without wanting something back? Yes - if government is paying for your college, they will then eventually have the right to start governing how many students will be eligible for specific paths of study - mandating certain percentages of students for each major. Government management - a certain pathway to socialism and loss of freedom.

They target autistic kids and brainwash them into thinking they are the opposite sex because autistic people have a tendency toward trans behavior.. the educators are exploiting the most vulnerable.

31 Republicans are at least honest about their backwards beliefs
32 Republicans don't think everyone needs to be atheist

No. They just think everyone needs to be a Protestant. Since when did Democrats say everyone needs to be an atheist? Plenty of Democrats are religious, they just don't bother trying to force their religion down everyone's throat. - owlro188

Well, they get mad when Christians say anything slightly religious. I was the one who added this by the way. - crazycat99


33 Republicans don't race bait to the extent liberals do

If a black kills a white Obama and the liberal media don't care and stay silent. Oh but heaven forbid that a white kills a black in self defense! If so they riot in the streets like a bunch of morons. What about black on black crime? What about the fact that more whites have been killed by police than blacks. What about the fact that the first slaves were sold to the colonies by a black man? Get your damn brains working! Obama, you and your butt buddy Sharpton caused this. I hope you're nice and scared when you leave the white house with no more bodyguards. - bobbythebrony

What are you talking about? republicans use dog whistle politics to bait white voters - RecklessGreed

34 Republicans like to lower taxes

Yeah the like to cut money from healthcare that would save many lives of the poor by giving billionaires huge tax cuts. - owlro188

Unlike Democrats whom raises taxes the Republicans lower taxes.

35 Republicans don't support illegal immigration

Libs whine about how Trump's racist trying to keep illegal immigrants out. This is totally false. Republicans have nothing keeping hard working legal immigrants out. It's the illegal immigrants who want to come and live off the government we want to keep out.

36 Republicans care about the nation
37 Republicans don't pay lip service to free speech while doing everything in their power to suppress speech they don't agree with.

While concurrently extolling the virtues of free speech, Democrats use ridicule, bullying and mob rule to intimidate and/or drown out proponents of viewpoints that aren't in lockstep with their narratives. This is true in the media, public K - 12 education, social media, entertainment, the arts, academia and now they are bullying their way into science and the judicial system. These vile hypocrites know silence eventually morphs into acceptance and they want to silence everyone else to the point where no one dares speak up.

38 Republicans Believe Less in Separation of State and Church
39 Republicans support life
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