Top Ten Reasons Why Santa Claus is Satan

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1 If you move the "N" in Santa to the end, you'll spell out Satan

Because he is based on Saint Nicolas a real man who gave presents to children.

Santa actually means "Saint" in Spanish (though admittedly, a FEMALE Saint). - clusium

Santa is a communist like the teletubbies - TwilightKitsune

His real name is Father Christmas.

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2 Santa made us forget about Jesus Christ, which sounds like something Satan would want to do

The real reason Christmas exists was because of Jesus, but children don't even care about him anymore because of Satan Claus.


When Jesus wasn't even born in December.
Christmas was originally a Pagan holiday called Yule.
There was more than three wisemen, and they came after Jesus birth.

3 Santa wears red, which is the same color of Satan

Satan must be pulling another one of his dirty tricks onto the children.

4 Santa is a pedophile

Santa is a pedophile he comes at the night to come through the chimney to rape your child. Watch out he got big bick to attack you with.

5 The Santa Myth caused parents to lie to their children

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Don't be silly its just some fun.

6 Santa forces children to be his slaves
7 Santa has to torture reindeer to make them fly

He literally whips his reindeer over and over again to abuse them.

8 Santa forces people to worship him by making christmas movies about him

You've seen the Rankin/Bass films like Rudolph and Santa's coming to town.

9 Santa didn't vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election

Or he's supposed to live in the North Pole.

Because he's a liberal satanist.

10 Santa was one an outlaw that kept breaking the "No Toys" rule

The Burgermeister was the real good guy in the movie.

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