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1 Change in Characters Personalities

Squidward is a guy that hates his life and would just isolate himself from the entire world
SpongeBob doesn't make good lame speeches, but just goofs around with Patrick and cause trouble to Bikini Bottom (but mostly Squidward).
Patrick isn't funny and is boring and nowadays breaks stuff.
Mr. Krabs... A big villain and if you look at season 2's Welcome to the chum bucket's song, that was a good moment for him, even though he can't sing though well, but hey, he's old. I mean, in SpongeBob, you're fired, which is using so many episodes, including no weenies allowed, any episode SpongeBob gets fired, krusty dogs, pizza delivery, and more, he just fires SpongeBob over a damn nickel!
Sandy is still good, other then squirrel records. But nowadays she only focuses on science. Where's her old Texas lifestyle?
Plankton is now used as a torture plot hole to get hurt.
So there you have it.

So true. There's this episode where Krabs dressed as Pearl just to scare Plankton. He was so horrified that he actually lied on the road for a bus to run him over. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE! And you sympathise with Plankton. Your not supposed to sympathise with Plankton. He's the bad guy. You should be against him. Instead we're against Krabs because he did this. And the voice actors were reluctant on doing this episode because they know that's not how the characters are supposed to be. The voice actors have been voicing the characters since the show started so they know who and what the characters are supposed to be. The writers have been on SpongeBob for only a few years.

Mrs. Puff (1999): Teacher who is sick of SpongeBob
Mrs. Puff (Any episode after "Demolition Doofus"): Teacher who wants SpongeBob dead - CommentandList

SpongeBob: used to be a happy go lucky everyday sponge but now, he likes to goof around and be an annoying crybaby!

Patrick: used to be stupid but nowadays, not only that he is stupid, he destroys a building or a city in 11 minutes!

Mr. Krabs: used to like spongebob and money but today, he is super duper greedy and all he cares about is money

Sandy: all she cares about is karate and Texas!

Plankton and squidward: Super evil and mean

Mrs. Puff: the worst one yet. She used to like spongebob but after demolition doofus, SHE WANTS TO KILL SPONGEBOB!

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2 Squidward Torture Porn

Squidward used to get mad and annoyed from SpongeBob, but now he's depressed and in one episode Squidward was about to commit suicide by hanging. The writers of this show are so messed up now, using suicide as a joke.

In my opinion, creating a character who only exists to be tormented by the other characters just to get a cheap laugh automatically makes any show bad. It's even worse when the characters tormenting him/her get little to absolutely no repercussions or comeuppance whatsoever.

They make Squidward a pitying character!

That makes me really mad. because of my sympathy for Squdiward, I wish that he'd retaliate at all who wrong him and get rewarded for it.

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3 Bad Writing

I think Nickelodeon doesn't give the writers enough time writing an episode now, so maybe that's how we get bad episodes. But for some gems like "Sand Castles In The Sand" or "It's A SpongeBob Christmas" maybe the writers wrote those episodes in their free time.

The original episodes were fun silly humor now the writers try to be cute with stupid theme episodes.

This makes things like Sword Art Online's writing look flawless (and I love the show to be honest). Compared to SAO, SpongeBob (well, at least Modern SpongeBob) now has bad writing and tries to rely on stupid morals, toilet humor, and torture porn episodes, and is objectively more bad when it could have stayed the same way it was with its writing in previous seasons before the movie. Way to go, Paul Tibbitt.

I thing this is true

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4 The Idea of Nickelodeon Continuing The Show After The Movie

Compare Disney Channel to Nickelodeon. So which one has better shows. So if Nickelodeon were to cancel SpongeBob Nick would go straight into the crapper or find another show to woo like Breadwinners or Pig Goat Banana Cricket (which has coloring that looks like vomit). And if Nick did cancel SpongeBob children could go watch Gravity Falls (which is the only good cartoon that came from Disney). But wait Disney stopped making Gravity Falls sadly. And the poor poor children would be stuck watching Pickle And Peanut (Which is the show made by a mentally ill weirdo. So that's what would happen if SpongeBob was cancelled.

Nickelodeon is OBSESSED with this show! This stupid network keeps cancelling all its others shows and treating the people from the other shows like crap but it wont let go of SpongeBob! Nickelodeon sucks and so do the people who run it!

No they continued it because of the good ratings the movie and the show got - sryanbruen

Actually, that was a good idea, it sucked recently, but is now getting back to being good again, Plus, if SpongeBob ever were cancelled, then Nickelodeon would go out of business, and we would never see any more good shows, not even 1.

I think it will end after season 12 or 13 because Nickelodeon is starting to show new SpongeBob episodes less often and air The Loud House along with sitcoms more often. I hope Nick doesn't turn into Disney Channel. - Kid_ethinederland

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5 Weak Humor

The humor of SpongeBob today has become horrific to witness. At least back in the old episodes it was more subtle.

True. Even I couldn't bring myself to watch it. Long story short, it's just terrible.

The writer has no sense of humor at all. I mean Patrick was like: "Once upon a time there was an ugly barnacle" and became "Your genius is showing". It became super dry.

What completely turned me off from SBSP was this one episode... I don't even remember the spafics of it because the episode in whole was so HORRIFYING to me. Spongebob & Patrick were helping squidward move his couch. But since they 'didn't have their brains' they rammed it up against squidward's toenail & ripped it completely off. Thankfully it wasn't too graphic, because that alone MADE ME SICK! AND I WAS AN ADULT WHEN I SAW THAT EPISODE! I can only imagine like an 8 yr old watching that probably screamed their head off with that scene. That's NOT GOOD for a kids show. Gross 'humor' like that I'd expect from South Park or family guy, not a kids show.

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6 Gary Almost Getting Eaten by Puffy Fluffy and SpongeBob Blames Gary for It

Seriously that was one of the most HORRIBLE and HORRIFYING moments in SpongeBob SquarePants history!

No, it isn't one of them, it IS the most horrible moment - so unwatchable the episode is - sryanbruen

SpongeBob just literally didn't hear the woman and bought that so called dangerous weapon.

A sane writer would have SpongeBob follow the lady's warnings, get a safer pet, and if that safer pet caused Gary trouble, he wouldn't blame Gary for it, but instead the other snail. Zeus/Casey are not sane writers.

I love me some spongebob but, WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE SPONGE WE LOVE? - Adventurur2

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7 Weak Plot-lines

SpongeBob Threw A PRISON GUARD In Jail, Not Because He Did Anything Wrong, He Threw Away A Stupid Krabby Patty! What Does SpongeBob Want, Everyone To Have A Heart Attack From Having A Krabby Patty?! SpongeBob Is A Workaholic! He Should Go To College And Not Just For A Few Episodes, But For A Few SEASONS To Be Rid Of His Stupidity, And Later Get A GOOD JOB! He Would Say "The Krusty Krab Is The Highest Paying Job Ever And Mr. Krabs Is A Good Man! ". His Salary Is A Nickel, And Mr. Krabs Fired Him For 5ยข!

Shuffle-boarding what more can you say?

Some plot lines are really amazing, but the people that make the little details and add them to the big plot just HAVE to mess things up for the rest of us, don't they?

In my opinion, some pre-movie episodes have extremely weak plot, like Nature Pants, but the detail people knew what they were doing that time, like the jellyfish jelly scene.

Writer: hey gaiz, I got a GREAT idea for a new plot! It will focus on mr.krabs obsessing over a 'penny' that he saw spongebob pick up & for some reason doesn't believe him when spongebob says he doesn't have a penny.

Other writers:... well good enough no one can think of anything else. GREAT IDEA DUDE! Let's do it!

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8 Characters Becoming Unlikable

SpongeBob: An annoying idiot that you just want to punch in the face.

Patrick: He went from a hilariously dumb character to a complete ass who bullies anyone in his way.

Mr. Krabs: A greedy restaurant owner who would put his daughter into prostitution for money and has a criminal record longer than the Eric Cartman and Grunkle Stan combined.

Sandy: She used to be a genius that could solve as many problems as you need, but that's also her downfall. She only cares about science and I bet if she saw Steven Hawking, she would beat the crap out of him for being smarter than her.

Compare the mainly fun Super Mario characters to the overall unlikable SpongeBob SquarePants characters.

SpongeBob SquarePants vs. Super Mario

SpongeBob loses!
Super Mario 64 is the top 1 best video game ever, period (due to its nice, clear, 64-bit graphics/visuals/level backgrounds, very fun levels/courses/secrets/missions, its beautiful music, its precise controls, its flawless boxart, its voice acting, its characters, its creativity, its useful power-ups, its gameplay, its boss battles, its Bowser stages, its high nostalgia/inspiration level and its release in the fifth generation era of video games). Another thing about good ol' Super Mario 64? It's underrated as heck. Why do people prefer all other video games over this? Super Mario 64 was the epitome of fun on both the N64 and the Virtual Console. There's nothing wrong with Super Mario 64 at all.
Other than that, I do not trust the not-so-creative "Most Underrated Video Games" list because of ...more

Actually, a better comparison would be between SpongeBob and Phineas and Ferb. The latter has a lot of likable characters, ESPECIALLY Phineas. The former has a lot of UNlikable characters, ESPECIALLY Patrick. - TENFLAKE

SpongeBob and Patrick shall be forever be hated. In the new seasons, they act like my baby nephew. a lot

Let's talk about these characters time lines sb a loveable sponge and always cheerful new sb a annoying laughing monster Patrick the best cartoon character ever dumb but funny new Patrick a know it all dumb guy mr Krabs a good boss sometimes cheap but good new mr Krabs a 100% cheapskate not caring for his employees and tourers plankton squid ward well he is the same

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9 The Toe Nail Scene

This made me not watch the episode till I was older and I still curl up when I see it.

I felt bad for Squidward. - Minecraftcrazy530

I can usually handle gore (like dissect a cane toad in science without feeling sick) but I can't handle this. That's how bad it is - Lunala

HAHA I love how one scene in one episode is #9. But yeah the toe nail scene is gross ๐Ÿ˜‚ - DivixBucti

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10 Gross Out Gags

If you don't understand this one, watch these episodes: The Gift of Gum, To Love a Patty, Fungus Among Us, House Fancy, The Splinter, Pineapple Fever, Barnacle Face, Accidents Will Happen, and Face Freeze. You'll definitely understand.

In "Nasty Patty" it was actually funny. "Oops! I dropped it in the toilet! " "Well fish it out, and I'll dry it with me gym sock! " That was real comedy. They were aware of what they did and it was hilarious. - Discord

Duh! If gross out gags didn't exist in Sponge Bob, episodes like Face Freeze and The Splinter wouldn't be so terrible like they are!

Another infamous scene because of a gross out gag is the toenail scene in House Fancy.

Face Freeze, The Splinter and the Squidward toenail thing - Lunala

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11 I Guess Crying Does Solve Your Problems After All

So are you saying that if I get a F on my report card I just cry and I'll feel better? NO NO NO! Crying at a funeral maybe but not all problems you yellow idiot - Chaotixhero

Be A Man SpongeBob, You Act Like A Spoiled Toddler!

Do they know that 5 year old children watch SpongeBob? This will influence bad behavior - FlakyCuddles43

This line came from Stuck In The Wringer when Spongebob used his tears to melt the forever glue. Tears are salt water. They live in the Pacific Ocean. Oceans have salt water. Anyone else see the issue? - IHSCOUTII1973

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12 Everybody is Stupid

Old man Jenkins isn't stupid.

Everyone are stupid idiots

They even make squidward & mr krabs stupid. The only non stupid people now r sandy & Karin. The rest mostly act brain damaged. Before, it was just mostly Patrick that was really stupid, with spongebob just being childish, but not too dumb. New episodes he's mostly as dumb as Patrick.

Anonymousxcxc, I'm with you the whole way. To be prove it to you, I declare that Squidward, Sandy, and Plankton should team up against Spongebob, Patrick, and Squidward.

As for you, Goatworlds, I can't believe that you dumped on Squidward. SpongeBob provoked him into behaving like a jerk he (the sponge) because wouldn't stop irking him. I mean, wouldn't you do the same thing if you're in that situation?

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13 Every Character in the Show Cries too Much

It's not just SpongeBob that cries too much. Every character on SpongeBob SquarePants cries too much. - anonygirl

It's so annoying

Like in the old spongebob they cried but not intill it gets annoying and takes up the time in the episode such as in spongebob your fired he crys for a long time! Also, all that glitters is not gold he crys and its very annoying and stupid!

14 The Episode "A Pal for Gary" Exists

This is actually the worst Nickelodeon episode of all time, even worse than those in the Nick live action shows. And this is a reason why I hate SpongeBob SquarePants.

Why are you guys talking about it, even the cast knows the episode is crap

This episode should not exist!

A Pal for Gary is the worst episode on Spongebob

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15 Awful Musical Numbers

Look at "Krusty Krab Pizza Song" "This Grill Is Not A Home" and "The Fool Who Ripped His Pants". Those were GOOD! And now look at "Musical Doodle". No. Just no. - Discord

Gary come home and the wishing well song were good, but musical doodle and Rodeo... Sigh

The musical doodle was stupid, but managed to make me laugh. But it's still not as good as The Krusty Krab Pizza Song.

Good songs: Krusty Krab Pizza, Fun song, Campfire song song, Gary come home, A Greasy Spoon, Squidward's Tiki Land, and Never Give Up

Bad songs: Musical Doodle, Toy Store song-ish thing, Rodeo, To Love a Patty, etc - IHSCOUTII1973

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16 Mr. Krabs Is More Evil Than Plankton

Mr. Krabs is getting away with the evil rotten things he does (most of the time)because he doesn't have a conscience and he has no shame. This criminal scum would sell his own mother for a nickle in a heartbeat! He could care less about SpongeBob and does not appreciate his hard work or his loyalty. Mr Krabs has no problem cheating and overcharging his customers and his a horrible father to his daughter Pearl. He makes Plankton look like a saint in comparison. Mr Krabs is pure evil! Enough' said!

Mr. Krabs has quickly become one of the most easily unlikeable characters in the show, and retarded SpongeBob supports the prick. The writers just exaggerate his lust for money to the point where he doesn't give a single damn about anyone or anything as long as he has at least a penny. A penny. I think Plankton deserves to have the Krabby Patty formula way more than this ass. - Mcgillacuddy

He basically drove plankton to nearly kill himself

Well, for about 2 years, I thought Plankton is the evil guy. But now, my opinion has just changed. Mr. Krabs is the true villain, he sells Krabby Patties. What are they made of? Fish food! In the episode "Texas", Sandy refers to them as fish food. In "SpongeBob's Place", he tried to stop the customers leaving his restaurant by making a moat and filling it with molten lava. The customers used him as a drawbridge. I wish he was dead. Seriously, I wish he didn't survive! The list would be huge if I would list his whole criminal record. You can find his criminal record here : - Flamer310

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17 One Course Meal

Another Worst episode ever.

This is the worst episode of ANY SHOW on Nickelodeon! It hit kids with suicide, Mr. Krabs wanted Plankton to die, SpongeBob has died these days, but is thankfully getting better, thanks to the return of Stephen Hillenburg.

This is the worst. Even when I was 9 and first saw it I didn't like it.

I liked this one. - LordDovahkiin

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18 Mr. Krabs Is Greedy

I used to like mr Krabs he used to be funny but nowadays he's just a heartless cheapskate who only cares about money! He even fired SpongeBob in that one episode called SpongeBob your fired all for a NICKEL!

What's worse is how Krabs gets away with being greedy.

me mum

He's always been kinda greedy, but now his only personality is greed. - LordDovahkiin

19 Boredom

A lot of episodes these days are just dull. I know with a good episode, I am able to watch the whole thing uninterrupted. With some of the newer content, I either need multiple sittings on Youtube or something else to do when the episode plays.

This show has started creeping into the boredom factor since season 5, but it didn't succeed until season 6. - Goatworlds

Toy Store Of Doom


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20 The Cruelty

The reason why SpongeBob caught on so well for kids is that it seemed like a friendly world to them. Kids wanted to believe they can find Bikini Bottom so they can say hi to Patrick or even do a funny dance with him, karate spar with Sandy(good luck with her), See Squidward get a tan, Have a Krabby patty while foil Plankton's plan. In the modern seasons, Bikini Bottom isn't that place anymore, it's a place of hatred and EVIL! Not only everyone is a jerk but more than not, people who wrong others get off free while the innocent get blamed. I don't know what kind of kid would live in a place like that.

I always thought Bikini Bottom people are so mean when I was little. This is an unnatural world thinking the natural, is unnatural, such as Squidward, Plankton, Mrs. Puff, and Gary, (possibly Sandy). These characters are just regular human-like creatures, but people in and some people out of this show, fail to see that it isn't their fault they acted like a villian. When I was little, I always thought if I was on SpongeBob, I would gather a lot of people as much as Bikini Bottom, and then go on a rant about how much Bikini Bottom is mean.

In 1998-2005 (development was done during 1996 or 1997 until 1999), the show was very funny and there were no torture porns of innocent characters such as Gary or Plankton. This all started after Skill Crane when they torture Squidward before it was too much since the year 2005 until now the show sucked. he only deserved it for 6-9 years but they still do it from 2014-present

"Your body isn't the problem. It's your heart! You've gotten what you deserved! "

That's cruelty to SpongeBob while he's stuck in the wringer. - anonygirl

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