Top 10 Reasons Why Terrorist Attacks Keep on Happening in the European Union

Terrorism is everywhere. But why is Europe the biggest victim of these? Knowing about the millions of times England and France were attacked, I bet these are the reasons

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1 People fight terrorism with hashtags

How will a #PrayForParis hashtag fight terrorism if we're not doing anything to prevent it? - 2cool4u

2 The governments do not implement stricter border controls

They even want it to become more open so they won't get accused of racism and xenophobia - 2cool4u

3 Governments want more refugees in the country

For some strange reason, they don't care if 20% of these refugees actually support wars in the name of their religion - 2cool4u

4 Governments who implement strict border controls are called xenophobic

People think Poland is xenophobic, but look at why there are no terrorists there - 2cool4u

5 Every decision involving tighter security after a terrorist attack is called "opportunist politicking"

Basically why nothing is happening. Some countries are too blind to notice the problems of their nation that I don't see why other people should still give a damn about these attacks. - 2cool4u

6 People care more about diversity than their own security

Basically why they allow refugees in their country without worrying about them potentially being refugees - 2cool4u

7 Governments spend too much on welfare for immigrants and refugees

Now refugees are so busy sucking up welfare while being a burden to the host country, instead of the government using its own money to help its own people and protecting them from external threats and liabilities. - 2cool4u

8 People care more about emotions than safety

Look at how some people care about muslim feelings more than those of the victims who died in terrorist attacks. This is not a racist remark; it simply shows how they are not really inclined to solving the problem of terrorism by demanding tighter security. - 2cool4u

9 The European Union dictates things upon its respective countries

How will the countries secure themselves if they are forced to comply with stupid EU security policies? - 2cool4u

10 People want the terrorists to get their 72 virgins

If they didn't, then they would have prevented them from doing so. - 2cool4u

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11 People are bored that they kill others in the name of religion
12 People in Europe want to play CS:GO in real life
13 People love Allah
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