Top 10 Reasons Why Terrorist Attacks Keep on Happening in the European Union

Terrorism is everywhere. But why is Europe the biggest victim of these? Knowing about the millions of times England and France were attacked, I bet these are the reasons

The Top Ten

1 The governments do not implement stricter border controls
2 People fight terrorism with hashtags
3 Governments want more refugees in the country
4 Governments who implement strict border controls are called xenophobic
5 Every decision involving tighter security after a terrorist attack is called "opportunist politicking"
6 People care more about diversity than their own security
7 Governments spend too much on welfare for immigrants and refugees
8 People care more about emotions than safety
9 The European Union dictates things upon its respective countries
10 People want the terrorists to get their 72 virgins

The Contenders

11 People are bored that they kill others in the name of religion
12 People in Europe want to play CS:GO in real life
13 People love Allah
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