Top Ten Reasons Why This List Was Created With Only 9 Items


The Top Ten

1 Because I can't think of any more items

Or maybe you are too lazy to think of them...

Ok, that's ok. :-) - EpicJake

2 To make trolls think it's funny to put a tenth spot

This is actually a good point! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3 It just does

Is anyone else getting tired of lists like these? - AnonymousChick

4 9 is my second favourite number
5 10 is overrated

This is TheTopTens you're talking about! Ten isn't overrated, it's the basis of the whole website! - Songsta41

10 really is a dumb number. :/ - ShuhBanggg

6 To make people rage about what a dumb list this is

Incomplete lists do anger me, Dapper. One more list like this, and you're dead! - PositronWildhawk

Hah! You really think that I'll rage? Think again... - Delgia2k

I don't care if there are incomplete lists - EpicJake

Dumb, but not in a bad way. It's awesome! - AnnaOfArendelle332

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7 6 is my favourite number and upside down 6 is 9

A very creative list, well done Dapperpickles! - nintendofan126

8 I feel like it

It's okay. I'm not stopping you...

9 So someone could add a tenth item.

Lol! That was genius! I'm laughing so hard right now - AnnaOfArendelle332

And so I can vote the tenth item to ninth place - gemcloben

Lol! Somebody actually added a tenth item. - cosmo

And because of this, the list has lost its significance. - Kiteretsunu

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10 To put Justin Bieber on as the tenth item

Remember that Justin Bieber has to be in this list!

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11 I haven't made a list in ages

Yep. Someone officially added a 10th item. - Minecraftcrazy530

12 Because we are a rebellious people

And.. Top 10 is no more

13 So a twelfth item could be added as well
14 To make trolls disappointed when they see a tenth item was already added
15 So someone could add a fifteenth item
16 So someone could add a sixteenth item
17 So someone could make this list ten or more items.
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