Reasons Why Today Is Worse Than the Old Days

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1 Music

That's all opinionated

Todays music sucks. - Userguy44

Actually most of the music in these days are dumb as hell. Sometime you can't even understand what the rappers are saying, like have you heard lifestyle? And they only be talking about drugs, sex, being rich. They also be faking. Seriously... Most of them like Justin Bieber, Mikey Cyrus, Nicki minaj etc be talking about sex, drugs, rich, partying, hoes or whatever. Most of them songs be dumb as hell. Like stupid hoe...

You just don't like change (I think, prove me wrong). The old songs were about love and that other stuff too.

2 People

I think the reason for this is because, people nowadays believe that they either have everything, or have nothing. Those who believe that they have everything flex, brag, underestimate and undermine people who they think aren't any better than them. Those who believe they have nothing are always envious, angry and take away anything they can, whether it be a material thing or maybe something that isn't ( like a reputation maybe).But the vast majority of people who are in between these two unstable pillars can be just as bad, usually supporting those who fall unto the two previously mentioned categories, and by being inconsiderate, rude, stupid, greedy, spoiled, disobedient, unmotivated, careless, attention-seeking, and being geniunely not the best people around. I feel bad for the youth and myself (considering that I am a person who could fit in this day and age as a youngster), I don't know what it had felt like to grow up in a much simpler and forgiving time, but I really wish I ...more

Yeah they Suck nowadays - Randomator

Life is far too fast nowadays. People seem to be more aggressive and selfish than they were years ago. I don't expect the younger members of this site to agree with me because they were born into it and they're growing up in this ever-growing, uncaring society and are unable to compare today with yesteryear. It's so sad how bad things are getting and it's mainly due to lack of discipline in homes and schools. I dread to think of how the world will be in fifty years. - Britgirl

Old wise people rule. Now we have Justin Bieber - N64Dude

3 TV Shows

Not all are terrible - Randomator

Oh yay your gonna judge all modern T.V. shows based on what's on MTV and TLC well then let me introduce you to breaking bad and game of thrones and if your to young for those I would recommend adventure time and regular show. - Gamer4life

Now, there is tons of good live action shows like Teen Wolf and Once Upon A Time. But how about cartoons? Most of them are retarded, not because I grew up but because they are worse now. - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Go back to the 90's, or even the 2000's, and not every show sucked. Nowadays, it's hard to find something good. - Turkeyasylum

4 Movies

Movie franchises like shrek are terrible.

There’s a few good ones - Randomator

It's more the magic of how limited they were and how little they could use back then compared to now.
I'm not saying the movies in the modern era are bad because there are a good number of good and great and the best but fact is times are simpler now! - Curti2594

Same thing as T.V. shows. All of them are brainless - N64Dude

5 Terrorism

Terrorists suck - Randomator

I hate terrorism! And damn that pic! - Userguy44

6 Video Game Consoles

Pc is way better than consoles

Um how? The switch is way more advanced than the SNES and NES were - Randomator

Wii and DS were awesome! 3DS is still awesome, but the Wii U doesn't have any Zelda games.

Game Boy Advance was so awesome. The Wii you sucks - N64Dude

7 More Studies
8 Prices

True. But at the same time things back then weren't as technologically advanced - Randomator

In the 90s gas was under a dollar. Now it’s like more than 2 dollars - soccerobsessed

Surely, this is the biggest one. If I lived fifty years ago, the money I spend on school lunch may have got me a T.V.. - PositronWildhawk

In the 50s gum only cost 5 cents which is very reasonable. Now gum costs a whole dollar. - N64Dude

9 Cars

The old sports cars were just plain awesome. Now we have crappy designs like the Nissan Juke - N64Dude

10 Cartoons

Cancel teen titans go and cartoon network maybe better.

Okay this I can agree with - Randomator

I hate todays cartoons. Stupid shows like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. - letdot52

Yes it might be boring. Say to Disney Channel to bring back That's so Raven, Wizard of Waverly Place and Kim Impossible and to Nick to bring back Invader Zim and delete Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig - Princesssmooth

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11 Celebrities

Justin Bieber, enought said - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

12 Bias
13 Politicians
14 Bosses
15 Butt Scratching


I shave my butt every 153 minutes so it isn't so hairy but now I'm not allowed to because shaving is a social construct

16 School Shootings
17 Conspiracy Theorists

I hate conspiracy theories Because they chaning the world

18 Online-Only Video Games

What happened to the old days where you didn't need internet to play video games?! This is all fortnite's fault! >:(

It's either this or no video games at all, you choose - Heneheh

19 Addiction to Cell Phones
20 Dumber People
21 Too Much Fast Food
22 YouTube Challenges

I don't understand why people would want to risk their own lives just because they want views on YouTube. Views and popularity is nowhere as important as your own life. - Misfire

For example some youtubers died from eating tide pods and people do many more dangerous challenges like setting there have on fire and people should stop doing these stuff and be concerned about there health and safety and not make videos for entertainment.

23 Online Theft

With sites like Patreon. The Internet has been a horrible place for content creators.

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