Top 10 Reasons Why Wars on TheTopTens are Pointless

Considering how I was in a pointless war that's now finally over. I've decided to make a list on why wars on TTT are pointless.

The Top Ten

1 Even when the war is over neither side wins

I think it's obvious why.

Exactly nobody wins in wars only losses - christangrant

2 It causes users to retire due to all of the over-intense hate they get
3 It divides users against each other

It's like Captain America: Civil War but between users.

4 It drags on and on when it could've ended quicker
5 Both sides go too far and cause even more drama in it when they could easily apologize and that would be the end of it
6 Even when one is won another starts
7 It usually has to do with user's differences that can be settled and resolved but usually isn't until the end of the war instead of being immediately when the war starts

I've settled my differences with users so I'm quite sure anyone gets sucked into another TTT war can as well.

8 Both sides of the war are usually half of the time wrong yet still go on at it

Most notably that terrible war I was in that's finally over.

9 They're caused by one list people hate

Most of the time this tends to be the case..

10 All it causes is unwanted drama

Drama that isn't needed or necessary to be honest.

The Contenders

11 War means death

Over 18 million deaths in WW1 and over 80 million deaths in WW2

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