Top Reasons Why You Can Truly Never Be too Powerful

It is impossible to be more powerful . There always seem to be another that is powerful as you or is even stronger

The Top Ten

1 There's always another more powerful

Then just find a way to kill all those stronger than you. - Catlover2004

There's seem to always be a stronger one. And that come to anything. Games,fighting,powers you name it - Mewtwo_

2 Others will copy you and be even better

Same thing happened with the early boing aircraft when Douglas came in the picture - Toucan

Most Humans copy things they see. And some successfully succeed - Mewtwo_

3 If you can do it someone else can do it

Even if you developed some kind of super power they will figure out a way how to enprint from you - Mewtwo_

4 Technology is getting to where it can do anything and will copy you and the copy will be more powerful

Technology created me it can do it again. It may be awhile but sooner or later technology will be able to anything. - Mewtwo_

5 You can die

You can not be the most powerful when you are dead - Mewtwo_

6 You are only one thing.

Numbers do matter for some things - Mewtwo_

7 Just because you think it doesn't mean it's true

Your thoughts can deceive you. - Mewtwo_

8 Just because someone tells you that you are powerful doesn't mean it's true
9 Rules define you

Rules will provoke you from using your power/ability in public. Do not let them defie you - Mewtwo_

10 You might still have fear

Fear will weaken your power and due to the fear you are currently having you will get weaker - Mewtwo_

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