Top 10 Reasons Why YouTube Should Either Be Defunct or Have the Ownership and Rights Back to It's Original Founders

11 years has been since google bought the ownership of youtube, which damaged the site's reputation for many, to the point of seeking youtube alternatives, and/or just making their own website, so what are the most valid reasons as to why youtube should either be defunct, or at least have it's ownership back to it's original founders?

The Top Ten

1 Its Copyright Policies are Bad

Copyright in general is bad.

2 Fake Users, Scammers, Fraudsters, Fillers, and the Likes
3 Little to No Attention for People with Less Subscribers
4 Fixing Things that Aren't Broken
5 It's All About Drama, Attention, Money, and the Likes, Instead of Making Videos Just for Fun, and as Part of Being in a Community of People
6 YouTube Has a Great Sense of Censorship

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7 Google Introduced YouTube Heroes
8 False Flagging
9 Google Forces You to Use Google +, Among Other Useless Stuff
10 They Don't Respond and Take Criticism Properly
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