Top Ten Reasons Why You've Chosen to Read This List

The Top Ten

1 Intrigue

Nosiness in other words; which is OK I guess, but now you're here, please vote! - Britgirl

2 Nothing Better to Do

I don't mind that taking a look at this list is a last thought at all... - Britgirl

Yep. Absolutely Nothing Better To Do - Beatlesboy9

Yeah. I might as well kill some time. - OriginalVisionary

I'm bored

3 You Have No Idea Why

Umm... I understand. Get some sleep m'dear. - Britgirl

Haha, your comment sure is amusing, Britgirl! - HezarioSeth

4 Wanted to Know Who Created It

I knew it was yours already Britgirl. This typically you!

It's why I sometimes click on lists unaccompanied by a username. - Britgirl

5 To Vote

Well, you're here now, you may as well vote on SOMETHING otherwise visiting here will be a waste of your time... - Britgirl

That's what this site is all about! - Curti2594

6 To See What Items Are Added to Such a List

That's the reason why I've chosen to read this list! And I find it brilliant.

Well, see anything you like? - Britgirl

Yep, this is the reason why I got on this list! - funnyuser

Yes, this list. And all the items in it. - funnyuser

7 Clicked On It by Accident

This actually is probably the real reason. Haha! - Britgirl

8 For a Dare

I won a something weird. Actually we have no idea. - funnyuser

You won! What did you win? - Britgirl

9 You Had a Few Spare Minutes

... And thought "Why not? " - Britgirl

10 A List Like This Is the Type You Like

Because I like recursion because I like recursion.

The simplicity of it is what's amusing. Thank you for this list, Britgirl. - PositronWildhawk

Nice list, Britgirl... I really love this kind of honest, funny titles! - HezarioSeth

I always read lists that say "read this".

The Contenders

11 Because Britgirl Told You About It

Well... that's how I first heard of it. But I would have noticed it regardless. I know a Britgirl when I see one. - PetSounds

12 You Wanted to See Why Other People Read It

Well this is why I choose this list. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Yeah, that's pretty much it.. - moonwolf

13 It was late at night and you didn't have anything else to do.

That's me and whoa! I just moved it to spot fifteen. - Darellfat

14 To Procrastinate

I started off seeing what was the top ten Parkway Drive songs. Now I guess I'm here.

15 Because You Were Chosen to Read This List. You Were the Chosen One.
16 Because The Title Isn't Usual

This is the second reason for me... - funnyuser

17 I Heard This Was the Greatest List In the World
18 You Saw a List Related to This List

That's how I found this list - PatrickStar

Yep... That's how I got here. - Minecraftcrazy530

19 You Were Bored
20 Because It Was Made by Britgirl

It's a list made by britgirl and come on they are always good - Gamer4life

21 The force sent you by accident
22 There's this guy that you like and you want to make up some reason for him to get closer to you so you called him over to you to show him this list.
23 You Don't Want to Watch What's On TV

That's exactly why I came here.

24 To see if there was anything about how bad Justin Bieber is yet
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