Top 10 Reasons Not to Date a Promiscuous Person

This list isn't meant to offend anyone, I just really hate people (of both genders) who are sexually irresponsible. I've known quite a few, and they've always treated others badly. They would only care about you if you're attractive or would sleep with them. And this applies to both slutty girls and manwhores. So if you've encountered one - or worse, dated one - feel free to say the reason you can't stand them. Unless you liked it. In that case, move along...
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1 They're disloyal and would probably cheat on you.

They're really not devoted to anyone. They're just worried about being in everyone's pants and what they get out of everyone they date and/or sleep with. They don't have real, genuine feelings.

You wouldn't know this about them soon after meeting. And if it was someone you knew did this and you started a relationship with them... Well... More fool you.

2 All they care about is sex.

It's like this: "You're not good at sex anymore? I'm leaving, goodbye." That's when you know you're too good for them.

Sex was given to us, humans, as a gift from our Creator! Use it wisely and enjoy!

3 They're extremely judgmental.

Can't deny it. They go around judging people constantly. If they find you attractive, don't expect a good relationship. Expect it to last just as long as they're sexually satisfied, which for them, isn't very long.

Don't judge, lest you be judged! Per Sacred Scriptures.

4 The relationship would be mostly, if not entirely, conditional.

It's because they're superficial. You could treat them amazingly, and they'll still treat you like crap. The minute you take a moment to be honest - "You need to contribute to this" - they give up. Expect a lot of these relationships to have monetary value.

5 They pretend to know everything about sex, when they really know almost nothing.

I'm 60, and still have lots to learn about the art and craft of loving!

"Gee, I didn't know it would get me pregnant!" Idiots.

6 They're superficial.

"I want a guy/girl who doesn't care about my looks. But he/she has to be hot." Don't tell me you've never seen this before.

Sometimes, we all can be a bit selfish, right?

7 They aren't that attractive.

In fact, their appearance doesn't matter. Sexual irresponsibility can make anyone unattractive. Beauty is about what's on the inside, and anyone not superficial should know that.

8 They expect you to care for them, when they don't care about you.

Had a mistress 15 years ago that I thought loved me. What a joke.

9 If they reject you, they make it everyone's business.
10 They're more likely to give you an STD.
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11 You'll lose the respect of people that know them and how they are.
12 Doesn't feel special to be with them because they'd be with just about anyone that would take them.

It could possibly be interesting to learn to love thousands, but the potential diseases, etc., wow!

13 Lack self-respect and dignity
14 They're embarrassing to be seen with
15 They lack strength of character

It takes discipline to run one's life with dignity and style!

16 They have no honour
17 They flirt with everybody
18 You might develop feelings for them
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