Most Romantic Things to Text a Girl

Want to brighten that special someone's day and let them know you are thinking about them even when they are not with you?

Text is a great way to reach out without being intrusive. Plus, it gives you time to compose exactly what you want to say. Just make sure you use that time wisely and say the exact right thing.

Here are some ideas to get you started.
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1 If I had to choose between breathing and loving you I would use my last breath to say I love you

I hate whoever put this one on this site. I had already come up with this and you stole it. I told this to my one true love, and a few months later she Googled it. This site came up, and now she hates me. She thinks I'm a liar. I'm a writer and a poet by heart, and now she thinks everything I ever wrote her I stole off the internet. Thanks a lot you asses.

This should be number one I love it but The problem is I'm scared to tell a girl I just want to go slowly without she is feeling nothing how do I do that?

This is so touching, its between life and death, its about love...

Beautiful just beautiful

2 Every time I see you, my heart stops; and every time I kiss you, I come back to life.
3 You are the most perfectly amazing person I have ever met and nobody will ever be better than you. Your smile is the greatest thing God made. He made you and said I made perfection and I believe nobody will ever be as beautiful as you.

I told a girl that liked this and she said this:that's not true but thank you so much.

If you do, you will want to marry that person. Why else would you?

Told my girl this she said it made her day. This is a great one.

This would be good if you wanted to marry that person.

4 Everyone says no one is perfect, but you're perfect in my eyes..

Say it to my girl all the time and she tells me that an ignorant bastard

5 They say people only fall in love once but I fall in love every time I look into your eyes
6 Holding you is the place where I find peace. Loving you right here is the place where I belong.
7 No matter what anybody says I will always be the one who you come back to.

It really is beautiful

8 I love you.

Really awesome made ma girl to love me more..

I guess that's all you really need to say.Still, though, I would prefer something more romantic.

I love seeing this on my screen. Aww... I'm really in love!
Beautiful list, visitor!

Always go to the original!

9 You deserve the world... I can't give you that but I can give you the next best thing... My world

Just used it it works

10 Life is beautiful because of you.

Most of these sound like crap but work very well!

The Contenders
11 Good morning, beautiful.

What better way to start the day than with a thinking of you message and a compliment?

Short, sweet and adorable. This is a compliment that will stick around in her head throughout the day.

Amazing, it makes you feel so special and loved to hear it.

Ah yes, with the flirty reproach. I hope you don't say it at lunch time.

12 You always ask why I stare at you, it's because you're so beautiful.

In my opinion respect is the best thing a man can give to a women rather than telling her how much beautiful is she...

13 When you ignore me, don't reply back to my calls or messages, I just keep on wondering what wrong I did today. Leaves me upset and heartbroken and then somehow I make myself calm by saying it to my heart that I wouldn't have done this to you.

I'm always stuck sometimes with what to say to a girl that I like and so I thought I'd search up what cute messages to send and came across this site. I saw this message above and thought I should send it - so I have. I really hope it works!

Every thing on this site works I've tried 2 and they are making her wonder where I get this stuff from.IT WORK TRUST ME.

Perfect. Something to fall in love with.

It worked unbelievably well thanks!

14 I love you. And it's not because you make me happy, not because you make me feel special, nor because you're the sweetest person ever.... But because I just love you. And I don't need any reason for that.

This is so GOOd! I love this one

They need more like this

This made my girlfriend so happy, she like broke down blushing

This is great

15 My life is wonderful as long as you're in it.

It's not to simple

This is a great one

16 I've been smiling all day thinking of you.

I don't know she could take it as you being a creeper but if shes not dumb she will understand.

Best one sound real!

17 Miss you.

I think this is the best way to describe her that you love her enough to let her be in your thinkings every time...

18 I would write you an essay on how much I love you, but there just isn't enough paper in this world.

Looks like I'll drive trees to extinction to do it, theN.

SAID this actually to my boyfriend and he started crying. Cutie

I will be using this. - D. N.

It's so SWEET I can't believe how much I loved this message it is so cute

19 My day does not start without saying your name, and I cannot have a goodnight nor sleep without doing the same.

That's a wonderful thing to say to your girlfriend, I did it to mine and she LOVED IT!

This is like poetry. Girls dig that.

My girl loved this one so much she started to cry when I said it to her

Use this. Just do it.

20 Baby you're so hot you take the place of the sun.

Guys, really. I grew up in a house of girls. I know what is good to say and not so good things. Trust me, girls hate the words hot and sexy. And I agree with them those two words are probably the stupid things to call someone. Stick with beautiful.

My girlfriend loves being called sexy and hot. Why wouldn't a girl like it?

This is only good in certain moods.

I agree I prefer calling my girlfriend beautiful instead of hot or sexy

21 Baby your smile lights up my day but you just light up my world
22 Don't be in my head for 24x7 or else i will end up kidnapping you and keep you with me for eternity.

I LITERALLY couldn't think of a worse thing to say...wait I could, it was your line. Honestly that was so cheesy and awful, I don't even think Hiliary would have used that in her e-mails that were leaked. by the way, who are you voting for? I suggest you don't vote for yourself because you are awful. LITERALLY the WORST pick-up person EVER

If someone sent me this, I would block them.

My girl was like "yes you MUST! "

Nice its really good

23 You have my heart, please keep it safe.

That's cute plus if you see those eyes you would start kissing no joke and a relationship isn't about being sexual its about LOVE, love ever heard of it oh you know what sexual is I know.

I used this one on my girl and she freaked out and said next time she see's me she was going to kiss me, she did.

What safe then because they wont be with you that long only if they love you, if they know what love is.

I texted this to my girl on our second date and in no time we were kissing!
All the messages in here are good. Very powerful romantic messages. This works! No joke.

24 To the world, you are but one person. To this one person, you are the world.

The girl I said this too said "when did you get all hallmark on me? " Then said " that's so cute" I added by saying, and I'll wait for you until you feel the same and she loved it

That's cute. Really cute. I could love for someone to say this to me! Boys, defiantly say this to your girlfriend!

Holy crap this is clever...

Holy damn this is nice

25 Your name is written all over my heart. There's no space for any other person.

I said this to a girl who we only been texting each others about a month, when she read this, she called for the first time.

This is the best thing I have ever said to my girlfriend and she was in tears it was that cute

This is the sweetest thing to comfort the doubt of your loyalty to your girlfriend

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