Worst Types of Parents

We all know who they are.

Your parents may have brought you into this world, but that does not mean they won't make it a living hell. This is the Bottom Ten Types of Parents.
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1 The abusive parent

My mom gets too mad at the slightest things. She got pissy at my sister for not asking her to turn on the Xbox, which is
1: the stupidest reason to yell at a sister
2: her fault for not having a second TV
No wonder why she and my dad (the actually good one) always argue a lot.
I've been finding help for 2 years, and I've been called a "spoiled brat" or "ungrateful". It seems I feel helpless. She lets my older sister slack around the house and play on her Chromebook, while I am stuck carrying a 45lb grocery bag (Yes it's always the exact weight). It seems like she only does it to be a jerk. Even when I try avoiding her and leaving her alone, she finds a way to make me mad.

2 The toxic parent

These parents are the worst, they scream like a psycho when they get mad at you, they overreact too much, they make really really dumb rules, they are overprotective, they're too strict, they "assault" you when they get mad, etc... these parents should get a taste of their own medicine.

My Mum is nearly all of those things and it's really killing me.

3 The religious fundamentalist parent

I Have to sit In a Church for more than 3 hours and then An Afternoon class for 1 hour and 30 minutes on The Weekend, When I hide something my dad says There Is a God in heaven and he knows what you are hiding. like seriously I have to listen to every children story and attend that boring class, he is the leader of it like bruh he has a job in a Christian school
Me:*Visits Roblox 8 minutes before morning class*
Dad:if you do that again you will not play Roblox.
Me:Just quits Roblox and attends the also 1 1/2 hour meeting
Dad: *Harsh way* Do not Go ON Roblox again before you attend the zoom meeting.

4 The manipulative parent

They force you to do stuff that you don't want to do. My mom forced me on the Small World ride at both Disney Parks in CA and FL and my parents forced me to go to this Chinese Lantern festival that's near my house.

I love my mom, but yesterday my mom got mad when I asked her if the chocolate bar was my dad's, and she said: "Why do you and your dad always care about yourselves? You're selfish.

Imagine just sitting in your room, minding your own business, when they ask if you wanna go outside.
You say no, then they start to complain. When you say no again, they start yelling at you.

5 The overprotective parent

No playing in the rain or you'll get sick.
No violent video games.
No biking with your helmets, knee pads, arm pads, shoulder pads...
No running in the house.
No devices because you'll go blind.
I admit that I've searched online for how to successfully sneak out your bedroom window once or twice...

Your friends have an Xbox One with Titanfall and Call of Duty. What do you have? A Wii with Wii Party and Sims Creator because your parents think "that gun games were designed by Satan" or "your too young to hear swear words" though they cuss every second your around.

6 The nosy parent

Almost a month ago, my stupid mom looked at all my social media. She then yelled at me for "wasting my time on useless things" and also for swearing and posting depressed stuff since I hate myself and my life so much. She even looked at my private discord journal which also had pictures of girls. Thankfully, she didn't talk about that. My dumb dad later interrogated me about it. Like why do you idiots need to know?! It's none of your business, just please stay out of my life! Give me some privacy! When they snoop my personal business and also interrogate me and also say that I'm "too young for privacy" and that I have to tell them everything, it makes me soo mad. I just want to scream at them and hit them hard. Like I am 17 and I will be 18 in less than 3 months! Leave me alone!

7 The nagging parent

Puts me in a bad mood. Tired of hearing constant negativity...

8 The "I'm always right!" parent

This list was made by a spoiled brat. Sure, this kind of parents can be annoying. However, let's not forget that some parents abuse their children in so many horrible ways. Parents who think they're always right or who like to take their kids to the park aren't necessarily bad.

My stepmother pulls this all the time. She even took it to the extreme once and told me that "if I didn't agree with her, then I should just leave and run away." These parents don't make your life a living hell. They make it worse.

Your arguing with your parents because you said what they didn't want to hear. You prove your point with outstanding evidence, but your parents say "I'm your mother/father, so I'm always right." Don't you jugs hate that?

9 The cheapskate parent

My parents are Asian and they are obsessed with saving money. They wouldn't get me stuff cause it's "too expensive", even if it's just for my birthday or Christmas!

My dad never got me a Nintendo Switch because

1. It's "too expensive", and

2. He thought my Nintendo 3DS was enough.

Thank goodness I saved up my money to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite.

I'm 9, And my dad won't let me buy anything over the price of $1 at Walmart.

10 The parent that favors one kid over the other

Comment above/below
You need to get some help, try to talk to your school counceler, maybe they can help you.

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11 The stupid parent

Dad barged into my room without knocking last night. I told him politely, "Hey, you forgot to knock, maybe knock next time." Then he just said, "You're 16, you don't need privacy." First of all, I'm 15, not 16. Second of all, A child needs as much privacy as you do, no matter how old they are. His only excuse was "I'm going to smack you." Help.

Imagine your 25 years old and a technician, living far away from your parents. They call you up one day and ask you to fix their appliance (for this, we'll say microwave). You drive 15 miles to their house to fix it, only to realise the didn't plug it in... Really?

12 The parent that yells at you for a small mistake

That's mine! Once I got yelled at for eating snacks!

13 The parent that finds fault in everything you do

I was at a piano competition once. On the previous ones I won a statuette and a medal, my parents were proud but it wore off after a few hours. Back to topic, the most recent one as of 27/04/2019. I didn't win anything, and my parents yelled for hours on end before we even got home. I asked my dad why he was being so critical and negative and his reply was "I'm giving you motivation." Yeah, right. His "motivation" actually did anything BUT motivate me. In fact, it even made my secret self-loathing even more extreme and made me question why I even exist if I'll be reprimanded whatever I do. GOSH, I CAME IN A GOOD PLACE IN BOTH OF MY PREVIOUS ONES! WHY CAN'T YOU APPRECIATE THAT, GREGORY? (Gregory is my dad's name) This is one of the vigintillion reasons why I resent my father, and I'm super glad to get that off my chest. Rant over (for now).

14 The anti-vaxxer parent
15 The active parents that drag you to the nearest park

Say, your playing Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto V, and your mum has to go do outdoor work. What does she do? Drag you to a five hour job whilst you could have rocketed up your character and game progress.

My dad likes to do tai chi and he forces me to do it with him. It's boring.

16 The "Veggie Royals" parent

Fruits and veggies are good for you! I think you should be lucky that you guys eat fruits and veggies because you guys will live longer lives.I'm unlucky myself because my parents always give me junk food and I want fruits and veggies.

You love meat. You can't get enough of Pepperami. You adore the taste of Pepperoni pizza. However, your mum and dad constantly shove fruit and veg down your throat because "mega is murder". Classic vegans.

I agree, except for me, they want me to have so much meat and not vegetables. The meat they make is often horrible sloppy messy crap that was probably in the fridge for ages.

17 The sociopathic parent

This is my mom...she blames almost everything on me and she would tell me negative stuff like "you are a disgrace" :(

18 The parent who blames the eldest child

My mom and dad blames me for everything because I am the oldest. "Your sister is young and you need to take responsibility sometimes..." I am the most responsible than any of then, PSHHH I am the most Mature!

u should be more responsbile. I'm thinking in my head(u should shut your mouth). But I just tell them I H8 responsibility and am not responsible for every single mistake everyone around me makes. When me and my friends beat up a group of bullies I got yelled at for not stopping the fight. But I'm not a hippy like my parents so yea.

19 The confusing parent

This is my mom. So she tells me that it's OK to enjoy dessert in moderation during parties, so at 1 party, I enjoyed dessert and then at another party I enjoyed dessert again and then she was like "you shouldn't eat so much dessert".


To make it short, they tell you to do something, then tell you to stop doing it.


20 The emotionless parent
21 The "back in my day" parent
22 The parent that restricts your freedom

That's my mom.

Me: can I go to the dollar store that's across the street from home?
Mom: no
me (when I was 18): can I go to NYC for a school trip with my chorus class?
Mom: no
Me: can I walk to McDonald's?
Mom: no

EVEY SINGLE TIME! And I'm 26! Very annoying! >:(

Same if your parents are not like bullies, your lucky.

23 The entitled parent

This is my mom. If I don't do stuff exactly her way, she gets really mad at me.

24 The overly high expectations parent

This is actually true, This applies and well known to Asian Parents as they always believe that pushing into next levels quicker is a good idea yet they do not. They also shout at you every time you get something bad. I got 5 but the Years Expectations is 6 and my Mom shouted at me because of it. It was just not THAT bad, at least calm down for once. Not the infamous 'end of the world'. Giving your child to a breaking point that the limit of studying is insane is awful. Oh yeah, signs you up for a lot of classes that you won't even use much in the future. That's how desperate they are for them to succeed and it fails.

25 The parent who claims their generation is the greatest

No. Your generation is living the simple, old fashioned, and immigrant life. We live the American way with education, entertainment, and electronics. Our generation is WAY better than yours.

This is extremely annoying. I feel though when I have kids I will be telling them things like how I used my legs for getting around as a kid

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