Top Ten Most Misunderstood Religions

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1 Islam

Tit for tat. Let this thread be a loving one where we share good Islamic teachings and the rich history of Islam. Let it be a slap on the faces of the thread on worst religions. I encourage you all to read about Muslim Spain and the immense goodness that has come from Muslim rule, where Jews and Christians were treated like brothers and allowed to govern and carry out important responsibilities in society. I dream of that kinda society today. Islam is an ideal way of living, and I understand people have pressing questions about certain things but why not go about learning, finding out why all those Moose limbs say Islam is peaceful and the one true faith? No wonder the first word revealed in Islam was Read

Those who are true in their way they have to face problems in life and same way Islam is facing problems. Islam is most misunderstood religion because of some violent terrorist who don't know Islam and they are not Muslims. In the name of Islam they do anything they want and people blame Islam for it but in reality they don't have to do anything with Islam. Islam never believe in war but it is a religion of peace. And if Islam is spread by the sword and war then the whole India should be Muslim because Muslims ruled India for many years. Isn't that true?

2 Judaism

It is disgusting how much people hate Jews for no reason. they are just worshiping and have been constantly persecuted throughout even though they did nothing.

They have many haters because they're saying about themselves that they are the chosen ones. And many of them truly believe that as a fact. Does that make them superior, special or what? It's like saying that of all humans living on this world they are better. They should stop thinking and saying that about themselves because that's the kind of attitude why many people hates Jews.

As a Jew on Thetoptens, I see a lot of mean stuff about Jews and Israel and I really don't like that. There are al lot of haters for no reason. We did no mass genocide, we didn't try to convert any nation to us and I as a Jew never did anything RACIST or RUDE or GREEDY like everybody thinks Jews are. Go watch Inglorious Basterds...

3 Sikhism

There is no discrimanation between a boy and a girl and also the gurwara is open for all casts and religions. Also Sikh follow the concept of giving and forgiving...

I am a Sikh and I proud to him.

The 5th largest religion.

4 Wicca

A cult invented by a sex addicted and fetishistic weirdo, with the most obvious fake origins, it isn't misunderstood if anything it's popularity shows how some people are desperate to find meaning in spirituality and will believe everything without reading about its origins or thinking deeply what it entails.

First of all; Wicca is not a religion. A Wicca is Pagan, but not all Pagans are Wicca.
Wicca is mostly misunderstood because it violets the Christianity's Magick prohibition terms. As being a Wicca, I have experienced that it does no harm, it has nothing to do with Satan, it is not bad at all. Wiccans practice white magic as you all know, we have a motive which goes like "An he harm none, do ye will (Since I am Scottish and I heard this accented motive in covens, I have no idea what is the explicit one)". The motive itself is self-explanatory.

Wiccans are so misunderstood. People are ill-informed about us, and make up myths about us that are not true. They just like to say how so very terrible we are, being devil worshippers. (Which isn't true, Satanists are. ) Honestly I can't stand that. Wicca has good meaning, it teaches us to respect nature and all that is in it. How is that so terrible?

5 Hinduism Hinduism is an Indian religion or dharma, a religious and universal order to which Hindus abide. It is the world's third-largest religion, with over 1.2 billion followers, or 15–16% of the global population, known as Hindus. The word Hindu is an exonym, and while Hinduism has been called the oldest religion in the world, many practitioners refer to their religion as Sanātana Dharma, which refers... read more

People judge Hinduism bad, because of some fake Sadhus, who think they are god. But I think they should judge religion by it's teaching, holy books, and gods. In this things Hinduism is always no. 1, and always will be. There is no fear and depress in Hinduism as in Islam and Christianity about Hell or Heaven. Hinduism is only true religion, because it people doesn't force other people to be in their religion as Islam and Christian do by showing them fear. People also think how can Hindu have thousands of god. And answer is because we believe that god have many avatars. We believe god is only one, but he have many forms and avatars. So we have god or goddess of Knowledge, water, fire, air, earth. Veda and Geeta have the best path of teaching than other holy books like Bible and Quran. Hinduism is most peaceful-best religion on this earth ever.

People don't even read Vedas, Bhagawat Gita, and talks about Hinduism, I feel pity on them.. Hehehe..

Sati system and Caste is nothing to do with Hinduism, its british who divided everyone and tried to ruin this way of life.. But west is now understanding the truth.

6 Christianity

Oh yea lets pigeonhole all the real Christians with the Fundamentalists ones. I mean they are all the same right? Every single Christian is waiting for the Rapture, reads Chick Tracts (Including the "Lisa" one)

Every single Christian agrees with Ken Ham, is a creationist. They all went to the creationist museum and ark encounters.

Every Christian believes magic, homosexuality, abortion, halloween is evil don't they?

Christians in the past did terrible things but that's the past, and yes we have fundamentalists but you think every single one of them is a fundamentalist.

Christianity is very misunderstood. We are viewed as overprotective, past-loving, stuck ups who try to force our beliefs on others. If someone who has claimed to be a Christian has done this they are not real Christian. We don't believe in abortion because we believe life is a gift and we don't believe in homosexuality because we believe in being happy with who you were born to be and how god created you.

Our beliefs are based on love. Jesus died on a cross so we could live. And think about it, would Jesus really die on a cross for no reason?

7 Satanism

This deserves all the hate it gets, the satanic church promotes social darwinism in its holy book saying that the "weak should disappear", also its promotion of worshiping one-self and ayn rand ideas make them ugly people, if cavemen thought like these people humanity would have been extinct by the prehistoric animals, we always needed the community to survive, we are social animals.

This "religion" is not misunderstood whatsoever. It is literally the worshipping of the evil Satan. No normal person would ever worship something as evil as Satan. Of course the moment they do they are not humans, they are demons disguised as humans so they can wreak havoc everywhere in the name of Satan. Satanists deserve no love because they are evil like terrorists, murderers, rapists, etc. They deserve to be hated forever because of their love for Satan and hatred towards God. They deserve to be crucified and ostracized forever for their stupid utterly useless belief that Satan is good and God is evil.

8 Roman Catholic

I am a Catholic and I do believe this is a very hard religion to understand for two reasons. 1) WE DO NOT WORSHIP MARY! Mary is the Mother of God; therefore, she deserves love and respect. We pray to her and ask for her guidance in times of trouble. 2) we do not hate homosexuals. I think that it is 100% to be part of the LGBT Communtiy. Love is love no matter what. It's just bad to have sex with someone of the same gender because HIV was passed through men having sex with other men. Also, God wouldn't make a bunch of homosexuals just so that they could go to hell.

People just judge based on what they hear about this, what they think is a completely differrent story from what goes on in the catholic church. Trust me I used to judge it negatively but after actually becoming part of the church, I began to understand.. So don't judge before you actually know something

Nah, catholicism isn't misunderstood, I live a catholic country and you wouldn't believe all the sex abuse scandals that appear each year, if you support such a horrible religion like this, guess what? you're also horrible.

9 Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)

I am a Latter Day Saint and I hate just how much people misunderstand us and make fun of us. like thinking polygamy is still around or that we´re a cult or not believing in the Bible and stuff like that. I feel lucky to live in Utah and not somewhere else where we are not understood.

No chocolate, cars, technology... Were Mormons not Amish.

10 Haitian Vodou

Jeez, nearly everyone nowadays thinks Vodou is devil worship or something like that due to crappy Hollywood movies.

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11 Scientology

How is this even a religion?

12 Buddhism

Westerners think buddhism is an atheistic religion when actually they have gods, indian gods played an important part in buddhist legends right from the start of the religion, every japanese buddhist temple has a shrine and other asian followers pray to gods for health,etc.

I'm voting for this one because nobody in the west knows what real buddhists believe.

Atheists and hippies in the west have appropiated buddhism too much that when anything from southeast asia involving religion gets posted on reddit, atheist and new age trolls go and post idiot comments thinking they know better than a theravada monk because they read from a fedora wearing with acne his wrongs assumptions about Buddhism.

13 Seventh-Day Adventist Church
14 Anglicanism
15 Voodooism
16 Eastern Orthodox
17 LaVeyan Satanism
18 New Age
19 Ravidassia Dharam
20 Neo-Paganism
21 Rastafari
22 Peoples Temple
23 Roman Paganism

Who invented Christmas... but was originally called Saturnalia in honour of Saturn.

24 Jainism
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