Top Ten Most Peaceful Religions

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1 Buddhism

Most other religions spreader and teach by force or killing other religions. For example we lost huge knowledge by vandalism of University Nayland a which was a Buddhist university gathered lother of knowledge. In Sri Lanka missionaries came to the island such as Francis xavior who spread cruelty for spreading religion. Buddha invite people to listen and understand the teaching.

Buddha teaches peace and gives a vision of seeing reality. He teaches how to see the things in a way without any milestone and tell everything is within us, he teaches believe in ourselves. Make the branch of love continuous.

I believe consciousness and presence are two important factors for any action. If a person is conscious it is very difficult for him or her to indulge in any harmful activities. Despite being Hindu I think Buddhists are way more strong believer of Karma

I knew this would first, Buddhism represents peace, love, happiness, good fortune, and the the Buddha was a great man, also I'm Hindu and I still support, and vote, and actually Buddhism and the Buddha himself originated from India, search him up his name is Siddhartha Gautama, I also have a statue of him in my living room. Go Buddhism ☺️

2 Hinduism

Hinduism, like Buddhism, Jainism, and other Eastern religions, teach you Karma (treat people the way you want to be treated) and if in doubt follow your inner consciousness to determine what is right and wrong, not some misleading Abrahamic prophet. because of this, its only factual that Abrahamic religions are full of misunderstanding and misuse of power which has, and STILL leads to violence in the sole name of religion.

Mother of all religions is hinduism.also hindus always wanted peace and wanted to live a peaceful life but due to some islamic extremism we have to defend ourselves. We are peaceful that's not mean that we are weak. We are also very powerful. Actually our religion name is not hinduism its sanatana dharma I am very proud to see all the top peaceful religions are from india. Proud to be Indian. Jai hind

You have the option to believe whatever you want to. You even have the choice to be an atheist and a Hindu. It doesn't get any better than that to be honest.

Hinduism is the best religion because hinduism always respect other religion except Islam

3 Islam

Islam has been misinterpreted in so many ways and its sad that muslims are mostly to blame for that. Islam truly does preach peace and love. The Quran says "If you kill one human, it is as if you have killed the entire humanity, and if you save one person, it is as if you saved the entire humanity. "
Islam does not preach killing non-muslims, heck it even says that during war do not harm crops, trees, animals, women, children, those who surrender. And treat prisoners of war with respect.
Its sad that Islam is portrayed in such a way but no doubt it is a group of Muslims who misinterpreted it which resulted into this. If only they realise that Islam is so much more than praying 5 times a day, fasting, hajj. These deeds won't matter at all on the day of judgement if muslims have hurt other people. The Quran says that the only sin that is unforgivable other thsn shirk is hurting someone's feelings, nobody can enter heaven if they have hurt someone (and the person didn't forgive ...more

Lmao since when this camce religion became peaceful see most of the terrorist came from thsi religion look at french some islamic terrorist kolled a innocent french teacher necause he showed a cartoon pic of their prohphet which he didn't do in reality n he was killed for a thing he never did wake up humans wake up lets come forward to fight against this religion n its followers

Islam teaches the best way, don't judge islam if you don't know islam at all, learn it first then comments, don't talk like you guys know everything about islam, just because someone islam make mistakes then you guys blame the religion. How pathetic you guys,blam the person not the religion.

Islam may be a peaceful religion, but the people those who are following Islam are not the best examples till now to be said as peaceful religion. Islam can become peaceful if some of the followers stops terrorist activities.

4 Baha'i

A wonderful religion with the most amazing followers
I live in Iran, I'm an atheist, but I know some Baha'I and they are the most peaceful people on earth,
they suffer a lot, some people don't know anything about it, and the children read in the school that Baha'I is a faith created by the British!
But they never give up, they go through all of these, and they are still the nicest people you know.
My Baha'I brothers and sisters, I love you, I love you so much, you're amazing, I suffer as you suffer, I cry as you cry and know this, even if the world end and everything turn into ashes, I never stop loving you :'(

Reading their scriptures and authoritative commentaries makes it clear that a peaceful world, united under one God, is the goal of this religion. In the face of unmitigated persecution for 40 years, Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'I faith told a British scholar in the 1890s: "These fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the 'Most GreatPeace' shall come."

5 Jainism

Most peaceful as trying to do not any harm by intention to any leaving organism by any how and attend nirvana for himself by leave everything.. That is Jainism..
Proud to be jain...

I am a Hindu but I have so much respect for Jains. If I made this list I'd put Jainism as #1, with Hinduism (specifically Hare Krishna) following.

Being a Hindu, I could have voted for Hinduism. I just can't get over the fact of how peaceful Jain's are though.

Why is Jainism below Islam
Instead they should be on top
Comments a Hindu

6 Church of England

Christianity is the best , as Christ taut those to love your enemy and neighbor as your self we have no wars at all however many other religions do so yeah BOOM!

7 Judaism

Yes, stealing land is so peaceful.

It is the best religion ever

Very peaceful

8 Taoism

Altho religions may preach peace, we know that almost all major religions were involved in wars, and no, they were not all defensive wars as apologists like to claim. It's ludicrous to believe, for example, that the massive expansive battles of early Islam were all defensive. You don't grow massive caliphates just by fighting defensive wars. It is the same with most other major religions. Judaism has been pretty peaceful for the past 2,000 years, but just like Islam, there were a lot of wars in its early days, altho admittedly not as much as Islam & Christianity.

9 Christianity

I love Christianity because I can make homosexual people angry, their just so easy to have fun with, their such a snowflake generation persons yet their also very boring. I mean, their just angry because I'm telling the truth like your a transgender female but if you die, your souls still a man, such a waste of money. But hey, at least I'm being me and not the kind of person who hides at the curtains when they saw homosexual people, you guys are just being like chickenturtles. Stop hiding and just speak it. God gave us free will, right? So use it before it's to late

I know that Christianity has caused a lot of destruction over the years, but true Christianity is peaceful. Jesus tells us to love are enemies and be peaceful and stuff like that

Christians should not be forcing people into their religion. They're actually not. It's only those bad groups. Also, I am sad that there are many homophobic Christians. But anyways, Christianity is a very peaceful religion.

Jesus Christ is the One who taught to "love your enemies". Indeed, despite having an impressive 2.2 billion followers, Christians are persecuted worldwide. This is because Christianity is not a religion of expansion and violence but a way of life that preaches unconditional love towards others.

10 Sikhism

Sikhism is the most peaceful there has never been a religious attacks from Sikhs, Buddhism should not be first because of the Myanmar genocides from Buddhists, Islam promotes cutting hands of, and Sikhism is the most reasonable because it accepts everyone and feeds 37,000,000 each year. Tell me which religion is more peaceful

Sikhism is the most peaceful, tolerant, human & nature loving religion ever. Most violent one is Hinduism, just read history since they are ruling India how innocent christians, muslims, dalits, sikhs and other minorities have been burnt alive by these monsters.

Sikhism is Religion of Love, Goodwill &Peace towards all Creation including Humankind.It cherishes Equality & Equal Opportunity for all irrespective of race, religions, gender, ethnicity, nationality or socioeconomic status.

Sikhism is a religion based on God existing in everyone and of universal brotherhood. Sikhism has always protected and not actively caused aggression against others

The Newcomers

? Mormonism

As strange as there beliefs are, the people are actually very good, very healthy (no artificial stuff, tobacco, cannabis, alcohol, caffeine some even vegan/vegetarian, exercise) & nice people
However Mormonism is very much like a cult I’m voting them for peaceful since they are very passive/peaceful people,
personally I’m Eastern Christian but Catholic & orthodox have too much history of going against there own rules (killing & sexual abusing children are both one of the worst sins yet you see orthodox conquering & some Catholic abusing children) for me to vote for Orthodox or Catholic but again it’s not so much religion than people like Hinduism & the caste system

Honestly just good Christians, Buddhism & to some extend Hinduism, Judaism & Zoroastrianism are the only peaceful religions besides peaceful irreligous

Only things are Satanism itself is pretty much just all sins of Christianity, however most satanists aren’t really bad people but again they’re ...more

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11 Aboriginal Australian
12 Zen Buddhism
13 The International Society for Krishna Consciousness
14 Paganism

Pagans don't have an extreme dogma, we only wish to live in peace and harmony in nature. We encourage carving your own path and the acceptance of others. A beautiful and loving way of life

We promote harmony, towards nature as we are part of it. This harmony with the universe gives me faith, and the universe rewards me with luck. Nature, universe and it's elements are our gods and goddesses, as both male and female are equally important. We accept the duality of man, we are not a "religion of light", we are a religion of humanity. Equally light and dark, for one cannot exist without the other

Paganism, with no hierarchy, is a very peaceful and one with the earth religion. Paganism celebrates the fact that, we do not rule the earth, but are a part of it. Paganism looks down on the abuse of animals. It focuses on the law of "never hurting anyone." That means animals and humans.

Depends on which you follow as well as in which ways if necessary. Compare Alto Saxon (Germanic) Paganism to Roman.

15 Satanism

Satanism, the world's most misunderstood and wrongly accused religion.
never in history has Satanism been involved in wars, terror and mass killings like Islam and Christianity.

and ironically when christians are confronted with questions and ideas different than their religion they turn mean and foul-mouthed.

Not only has a satanist never killed anyone (that was almost always the D.H.U.A framing them), they actively oppose the most violent industrialized entities in the whole world. Peace be satanism; peace be the world!

This and Hinduism are the only two most peaceful religions I've ever heard of. That is why I'm a Satanist myself.

This religion, Paganism/Wiccan, and New age are the most peaceful religions I know of. Blessings for all whom support.

16 Zoroastrianism
17 Wicca
18 Vaishnavism

It is the top most peaceful religion of the world specially the KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS FOLLOWER. The never heart any entity till an ant. They are fully vegetarian never take any non-veg food, not do any type of intoxication, never play or take part in any gambling, and never have any irritative sex. And distributing delesus PRASADAM all the people and million of people got daily PRASADAM cost of free. There is always a large crowd around any ISKON TEMPLE they spatially survive on PRASADAM. These secipal principle makes life of a person very peaceful. I am very thankful to SRILLA PRABHUPADA GURU to spread this most peaceful religion all over the world. I Confidently tell that no any religion is peaceful as this. This brought many terrorist type, non aimed people to right path. If any have doubt then search ISKON on google, all things you got, or meet a people that this following you know all about this. ~ HARE KRISHNA.

19 Shaivism
20 Sufism
21 Roman Catholicism

Satanism doesn't believe satan exists (excluding Theistic Satanism, Luciferianism) they're just atheists who respect satan, pretty much opposite of new age which does everything satanic except talk about Satan but again they don't believe good or evil so you can kill & that's not bad (doesn't mean all kill)

Islam is not a religion of peace, Mohammed says if one leaves Islam you must kill them, he himself raided cities spreading Islam, killed dogs, told little boys that if he sucks there tongue they'll go to heaven, sharia law (technically Mohammed should be killed according to sharia law that he invented for being a gay pedophile) & all that. Most Muslims are actually better people than Mohammed himself which people are supposed to be like

Being Mexican-American from Mexico paganism is not peaceful as in my town pagans do animal sacrifices & back then they (well technically I'm Nāhua & Maya) would sacrifice people by ripping their heart out & chopping of their head, but ...more

Honestly Catholicism is very peaceful along with Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Mormon, Baha’I, Taoism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Jehovah, Hinduism & Jainism. If you think about it most religions are peace oriented. People who kill or whatever that belong to some religion but religion is for peace, that person is not following religion, so it’s not that the religion is bad, the person is bad

22 Shinto
23 Nichiren Buddhism
24 Jehovah's Witnesses
25 Lutheranism
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