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61 SnakeBoy

Snakeboy is chump's friend, and to be honest he is as good as him. He is amazing - Thatoneguylel

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62 Noooman14RBLX

Great animation maker and cares lot about his fans!

63 x Peachieee x

Shes really funny and always cares about her fans! She is still improving, but I know she will get better!

Das me! Random girl in a random world yo.

64 kate the llama V 1 Comment
65 Golden Bling

Duh. She is on YouTube but not that famous yet but I'm a fan so what I'm going to make her happy lol

Hey Guys I'm Golden Bling as you noticed not many people has seen my channel

66 ISoy V 1 Comment
67 SilverWOLF

Even though she is a starter at making roblox videos, she is pretty good at making videos.

68 Lados2009

A thai/british youtuber.Smart and bossy. No one seems to know her very well. be sure to be lucky because you'll meet her friends. Ak her to know and become her friend! - Lados2009

69 CrazyGameDev

CrazyGameDev is a ROBLOX YouTuber that does funny ROBLOX videos! He just hit 1.1K subscribers!

70 XbotterNobot

I would vote xbotternobot and voidtexx but since xbotternobot is not on this voidtexx because he makes videos on a good schedule, and trys his best to make original content

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71 Formal Slime V 1 Comment
72 Amy Lee33 V 1 Comment
73 Robloxgamer45 V 1 Comment
74 Michael P
75 Epik n Honey Productions V 1 Comment
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