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61 Nixanity
62 TheRobloxKings

Very Funny Kid Comedy Videos with 50 subscribers.

Your are dodo so cool

63 NeonFlame

I like his music videos

His group is awesome C:

64 Dendilus

He's coolio

65 Snyfort

Snyfort is an amazing animator and by far puts most work into his videos, a true inspiration to roblox animators.

66 x Peachieee x

Shes really funny and always cares about her fans! She is still improving, but I know she will get better!

Das me! Random girl in a random world yo.

Hi You are good can you give me R$ I need it :(

67 Teamsqued
68 Epik n Honey Productions V 1 Comment
69 RGSuperSam39 V 1 Comment
70 RobloxLOLComedy V 1 Comment
71 JustClumsy
72 PinkWinterCapProductions V 1 Comment
74 JacketJeremy

Makes ROBLOX videos but not only that he makes other videos off of ROBLOX.

75 YoungWarlock

He can make some quite good videos.
and don't only make Roblox videos, but also do midi's and other things.

76 Dalrobe V 1 Comment
77 Wessii V 1 Comment
78 SnakeBoy

Snakeboy is chump's friend, and to be honest he is as good as him. He is amazing - Thatoneguylel

V 3 Comments
79 Noooman14RBLX

Great animation maker and cares lot about his fans!

80 kate the llama V 1 Comment
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