Most Underrated Robloxians

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1 Diddleshot

Diddle diddle diddle... OH SHOOT! I got a shot on my LEG!

2 hollywoodundead247

You can only have 200 freinds will the dude below me quit unintentionally insulting poeple like a careless bully

Geez poeple these days are toxic

2000 plus friends in 7 months,3 groups with 20 plus members in each group, and 90 place visits RIGHT NOW imagine in another year how much friends and place visits he will have

... he can only have 200 friends what is the idiot down below saying

3 Patacorow
4 XiaoXiaoMan

Raging Roblox Reviewer

Who even likes him -_-

5 miked

pee pe

Dicks vagina sex ass fu penis.

6 monkymonkry
7 JJ5x5
8 justgoaway1
9 Jacobxxduel

Yes, this guy hacks I'm not even joking search his name on the page of roblox on people you will see that there is Robloxians with the same name has him. Or manybe it is a glitch I'm not sure

10 logitech101

Logitech 101 is a super underrated Robloxian. Why, you may ask? Logitech 101 made two of the best zombie games in Roblox history! Project Lazarus and Call of Robloxia - Zombies are both incredible games that add high tension and well-done action! No other player will ever be like him.

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11 Leeav
12 SpiritualSavedboy
13 werwereop

He was an arcane glitcher. Few people know about him but he is actually writing article on some website about Roblox. He did not give credit to himself in the writing. A lot of people who seen him have considered him a hacker but it was actually all a glitch.

Who here is his friend👋. He once supported me when I got bullied. He also advised me what to do in Bloxburg since I’m new at it

14 Miles77
15 xjack1233x
16 Maelstronomer

A great builder and scripter, and the only robloxian who asks you to send another PM if he ignores you by mistake.

17 frogmama8

I am the best

18 anaders43

Shes more underrated than anyone

19 PowerfulTekin
20 Tanaf123


21 ryder3428753194

'the only reason I can think for this kid to be here is because he's deaf.

22 MuffledSpeech

His new art and old ROBLOX videos are my favorite videos on YouTube overall! They always make me laugh or smile. He also doesn't get a lot of recognition.

23 Rockstargabbie

This is me please follow me I have like two followers

24 Rolijok

Yep - Urutano

25 Jellybeancat4
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