Top 10 Best Things About Roblox Jailbreak

Roblox is basically a platform consisting of thousands of different games all using the same engine, and one of these games is called "Jailbreak", which is basically a cops and robbers game. Personally I think this is one of the best games on Roblox, so I that's why I made this list so with that being said, let's get started.
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1 So much effort was put into it

This is by far one of the best things about jailbreak. From the small prison cells to the huge city, the detail included is unquestionable. The great amounts of detail not only proves the huge efforts put into this award winning game, but also fits the place they're in more than anything else. Congratulations to the creators of Jailbreak, asimo3089 and badccvoid, or simply just Badimo. Another great success that proves worthy of their effort is the humongous map and the creativity of different robberies. Even better, the city is filled with different apartment which you can rent. So much effort was put into the game to the fact that hugeness of the map often confuses players in the way. Impressing effort.

2 You can actually do stuff after escaping prison unlike other Roblox prison games

I haven't played a lot of other prison roblox games. I tested a bit of Prison Life once, and before Jailbreak I played a lot of Redwood Prison. I enjoyed that game but man it was lackluster. That game didn't really have an objective, you'd just escape prison and do nothing after that in fact the map is so small. With Jailbreak you can rob places, do quests, and a lot of other stuff which is just great.

Unlike Prison Life where you just get a gun and come back and shoot everyone.

3 The game is constantly receiving new updates

With loads of updates comes patch fixes and new features, and in Jailbreak the updates do not disappoint at all. In fact I always get pumped up when a new update comes out. There's one in particular I just loved that we'll talk later about on this list.

EDIT: Meh the newest updates of 2020 ruined the game.

The updates are always so op but one was just a dumb sword and a whatever I don't want to talk about it. I hope the nexxt update brings like a teleporter or something

Only happening because of competition.

4 The world in Jailbreak is huge

Unlike a lot of other prison games which only has a relatively small map in which the prison takes up basically everything, the world in Jailbreak is so huge you could most likely fit twenty prisons in it and still have some room left. That's how big it is. It contains a city, museum, railways, train stations, a military base, a fire station, you name it. It's great.

This is true! The map is one of the biggest on Roblox, proof that asimo wanted to make this game beyond what other cops and robber games were planning, and they have done this amazingly. With further updates making the terrain more detailed and larger, its definitely one of the greatest aspects of the game.

5 The game motivates you to play the game through quests, etc.

So much stuff motivates you to play this game, such as the daily quests for both criminals and police that offer you a lot of money once they are completed. Police are also motivated to catch the criminals with the highest bounty. These guys are also usually the ones that are the hardest as they have managed to survive for so long without getting arrested a single time. The criminals get motivated mainly to rob the most rewarding places such as the museums and passenger trains in order to get money.

6 It has interesting and fun places to rob

Yeah sure Donut Shop and Gas Station may not be too exciting but they are great places to rob if you're a noob or just trying to get money quickly, Donut Store even offers a donut for healing so there's that. Aside from those simple places, there are four others that require a lot of skill. The bank is like the easiest one of the three "buildings" you can rob. You need a keycard for it and requires some skill but overall it's simple. The jewelry store and museum, which are harder require no keycard but a lot of skill. Then there are two types of trains as well, the cargo train which is basically a bank on wheels as you just wait until you have enough money to leave the train, and the passenger train which is like a museum on wheels as it's about collecting items you sell later for money. In fact, the police technically can "rob" the passenger trains as well and I appreciate that as a guy who usually plays on the police team.

7 The game is generally balanced

Some may disagree but overall I think it's pretty balanced. You may complain about camper polices and how they are given somewhat of an advantage when it comes to arresting people, but honestly if you'd actually have to TOUCH a criminal in order to arrest them, it would've been more or less the criminals who have an advantage. Besides there is a mini-map and it's about making sure you are safe when you are a criminal. It's about skill, a skill you can master. But cops have to master skills as well. As a roblox jailbreak player since Nov 2018 I have learned to master the cop team, it's hard first but once you master it you know what to do.

8 The "Fire Update (03/01/2019)" was awesome

By far my favourite update in the game. It's out of the blue and super obscure but that's what I love about it. It basically added a firefighter theme to it. You can buy your own firetruck now at a fire station and extinguish fires to get money. Something I don't really like about this update though is that the firetruck costs 100 000 jailbreak cash, but for every fire you extinguish you only get 100 cash. Still it's an awesome update.

9 It's fun to play
10 It uses fitting music

Funny enough music was a very late feature added in this game, in fact it was added just a few months ago from what I remember, and the music is only used when you start heists as a criminal. But I can safely say that these tunes really fit the heists and are great. The bank one is my favourite. It's a bit hard to explain but it got this nostalgic and memorable theme. It's sorta basic but AMAZING! The jewelry store has a more chaotic theme that makes you feel very stressed and puts a lot of pressure on you, as it's the hardest place to rob. The museum has a more calm theme but despite being calm it still puts some pressure on you. I love how all the music is fitting in this game.

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11 The HD Update

I agree, even though the game was already a masterpiece this put the cherry on top of the cake.

12 It features a wide variety of vehicles

Compared to Redwood Prison there were only four types of vehicles. The cars, the vans, the helicopter and something else I can't remember. In Jailbreak there is so much. Camaros (standard cars), pick-up trucks, firetrucks, ATVs, helicopters (loads of different types as well), military jeeps, dirtbikes, dune buggies, and much more. A lot of vehicles costs roblox cash but if you don't have it then earn the money to buy it.

13 Camping cops
14 The amazing backstory

I really liked the plot twists!

15 The expansion of Jailbreak
16 Some vehicles are fast and worth the price

Also, the turpedo car is one of the best dope car in the world of jailbreak. Because it will cost so much money like 700K cash but it's really worth it becuase this turpedo car is the king of all vehicle in jailbreak with 370KPH.

This is true. The lambo, insanely fast and only 100k, The Tesla, like the lambo but we only 16k. The Bugatti, 500k. No explanation. The volt bike, and military helicopter. Sooo good and only 1 Million dollars. Yeah that's a lot of grinding but it's worth it.

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