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A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart.


No cinderpelt she as my favorite character and was a good medicine cat stupid badger go kill some one else she died saving poppyfrost! The stupid cinderheart came along!

Cinderpelt had so much heartache in her living life, not being able to live as a warrior- or to have mates and kits like she wanted to. She had to give it up to become a medicine cat because of the monster that crushed her leg. She died saving her brother's kits- her nieces and nephew. Cinderpelt was one of the most noble cats in the series, and was always by Firestar's side on his first call. Sleep tight, Cinderpelt, we'll miss you- even if you are Cinderheart. You're not the same cat as you were before. Goodbye Cinderpelt.

Cinderpelt wanted to be a warrior, but then she broke her leg. She became a medicine cat so she could still protect her Clan, but she never had the role she wanted. She lived a medicine cat, and she died a medicine cat. Erin Hunter must have thought that this was too sad also, because she brought Cinderpelt back to life as Cinderheart. However, Cinderheart doesn't even remember her life as Cinderpelt; she should have gotten the chance to be a warrior while she still lived her first life.

It was so sad when Cinderpelt died! Especially her being my favorite character. I think Leafpool (don't make fun of me) was a little bit of a jerk when she left for Crowfeather. This is why I hate Leafpool. Although Cinderpelt was only about four years old when she died, she still had her whole life ahead of her. Now I think badgers are my least favorite animal now. :(

She was a nice, loyal cat who always wished she could be a warrior, but were ruined by the evil Tigerstar. His evil plans caused a life that was unwanted. When she died, she was defending Sorreltail and her kits against a badger. The badger killed Cinderpelt, but was then fought off by Leafpool and Crowfeather. - addisyn00

She had a TERRIBLE life and became something she didn't even want to be and because of that she couldn't end up with fire star, and that picture of her on the screen, she shouldn't, be smiling, while her friends and family became warriors, she just watched from her lozey den sorting herbs and she was kill protecting her second mother (Sorrel Tail) while fighting a BADGER and even in her second life, it was a close call for her and she all most lived that TERRIBLE life agian but eventually things worked out. But still after her first death a lot a cats would say "She lived a long good life", well news flash, THINK AGAIN!

Cinderpelt wasn't meant to die! Although she wanted to become a warrior when she grew up, she was a noble medicine cat. She died a sad way of helping Sorreltail give birth to her kits, then got killed by a badger. Then Cinderheart came along. Leafpool loved Cinderpelt and so did Firestar. We should always remember Cinderpelt's death!

This was the only warrior cat death I cried about except maybe Hollyleaf and Feathertail. We met her when she was an apprentice, Firestar's apprentice, and then she was maimed on the Thunderpath and would never be a warrior. She was such a gentle, loving medicine cat! But then Starclan came and rocked her world, telling her that she would die soon as a still young cat. Then the badgers came and Cinderpelt saved Sorreltail during her kitting and was fatally wounded. But what was really sad was when Leafpool spoke to her mentor for the last time. Leafpool tried to hang on to an impossible hope, that she could heal her mentor and that everything would turn out okay, but Cinderpelt told her the truth: that Starclan had prophesied that this would happen and that nothing could change that. Leafpool was forced to watch her mentor die. Cinderpelt was, howerver, given a second chance to be a warrior as Cinderheart.

Cinderpelt is my all time favorite character. She is SO enthusiastic even when she's doesn't get to become a warrior like her brother, Brackenfur. The especially sad part of Cinderpelt's death is that Leafpool blamed herself, poor girl. And Cinderpelt was told about her death. Heartbreaking!

Cinderpelt... such a noble cat. I mean she tried her best to save silverstream and after the accident she chose the path of a med cat then pushed her dream of becoming a warrior aside then died fighting a badger while protecting kits I mean so sad.(but I'm so glad she had another chance, I mean...right! )

This cheeky mischievous young apprentice was near death, after her thunder path accident. Luckily, instead of becoming a lone soul, she found another way to live while helping her clan. She died a most noble death even though a med cat she died a warriors death, protecting a queen giving birth, she is a hero

I can't even write a heartfelt message without crying. But let me say this...

Nothing can compare to everything she contributed to ThunderClan and what she did for Leafpool.

It is so sad to find out that she never actually did like being a medicine cat. She always longed to be a warrior. She may have been good with herbs and mixtures, but if it weren't for her leg, she never would have decided to be a medicine cat on her own. I'm only on 'Eclipse' so if Cinderheart's leg doesn't recover, might just lose it. I don't really feel bad for Cinderpelt, she finally got to live the life of a warrior. She has the opportunity to have kits, protect her clan with tooth and claw, and still have a small connection with StarClan.

I just stopped crying. CINDERHEART FOR PRESIDENT 2016!

Cinderpelt was a great medicine cat. Its REALLYsad that she died not having to tell Firestar she had feelings for him. And it was also sad that she did not end up having kits when she was an apprentice I could have sworn she and Firestar would have kits, until that dummie Tigerstar got her leg ran over. And I know most of you are reading this yelling BUT SHE WAS BORN AGIN AND BECAME CINDERHEART! And I know. But before Cinderpelt was Cinderheart, She had NOTHING! No mate, no kits, the only thing she had was a apprentice, BUT SHE HAD A MATE AND A LITTER OF KITS, TOATS NOT FAIR! But to be honest Firestar was a jerk when he started getting with Sandstorm who was a brat. Come on guys Cinderpelt most likely had the most tragic death.

I love Cinderpelt and bawled my eyes out when she died. STUPID, STUPID Leafpool and Badger! Cinderpelt lived Firestar with all her heart but didn't let it show. She died defending her friend and her friend's kits she deserves Lionblaze as Cinderheart! LIVE ON, CINDERHEART! KEEP CINDERPELT ALIVE!

I modeled my life after hers. I memorized all the herbs for her and have tried to reach star clan. It adds to the sadness when leafpool comes back and sees her lying on the floor, close to death and cinderpelt tells her she must carry on. She died helping sorreltails kits come out. Her final good deed. I love you and nobody will ever forget your kindness, love, helpfulness, and resourcefulness. RIP and may you be forever happy in star clan.

I was so sad when that happened. Why! Stupid badger. I loved her. She always felt guilty about what happened with leafpool. Good thing she came back just in time to say good bye. Cinderpelt always loved firestar but never admitted it. I feel so sad that she died.

Cinderpelt was one of my favorite characters because she was so brave even when she couldn't walk! She should have lived longer! I don't think that Cinderheart is as good as her, but both are good, although the whole Cinderpelt = Cinderheart thing is creepy.

Okay, as an apprentice, Cinderpelt was hit on the thunderpath, injured ONE leg, and had to be a medicine cat! Briarlight, on the other hand, was nearly PARALYZED by a falling tree, yet SHE became a warrior! It just doesn't make sense! And yes, Cinderpelt was a wonderful cat, and died a noble death protecting Sorreltail from a badger (I cried) and the clan mourned her for, like, a few days. But we really never got to know how Brackenfur and Thornclaw, as her brothers, reacted to her death. (Don't get me wrong though, I love those two.) Either way, long live Cinderpelt!

I agree. That badger who storms in should have been stopped by Brackenfur. After all where is he? Does he know anything about Sorreltail? Leafpool is the reason behind Cinderpelt death. Had she stayed behind,Cinderpelt would have taken the newborns and Sorreltail to safety. Leafpool should have defense at the badger so the kits, Sorreltail or her mentor wouldn't die. I blame Leaf+ Crow for this!

Cinderpelt couldn't even defend Sorreltail, who was KITTING. Her hind leg was injured permanently, and she couldn't fight him. I sobbed when she died. She was such a determined character, who wouldn't let herself break the warrior code. It just felt like Cinderpelt was so brave, and should've been remembered more often... I was happy for her when she joined StarClan, after Cinderheart let her leave.

So Sad! When I was reading I was crying. She never got to live the life she wanted and then died! At least she died a good and honorable death. There is no greater love then to lay down one's life for one's friends.

Why did she have to die? She was my absolute favorite cat! I brake out in tears every time a cat dies, but when she died, it was un-controllable.
She was supposed to be a warrior, but it's all Tigerstar's fault!

I think her actual death wasn't that sad... She needed to be reborn to live the life she was meant to live. I think she metaphorically died when he was hit by that car (monster). It ruined her destiny. DANG IT TIGERSTAR

She was my favorite character! I was bawling my eyes out when she died. At least she did it nobly and was protecting a fellow Clanmate's kittens. - addisyn00

CINDERHEART IS NOT STUPID! I agree Cinderpelt was great, but Cinderheart is alive, and she's so sweet and, I DON'T KNOW HOW ANYONE CAN CALL HER STUPID!