I was literally crying it was so sad she was just so caring and gentle I loved how she saw the good and caring side of Crowfeather she is defiantly one of my all time favourites because she died not only because she loved the clans and Crowfeather but she also died for the tribe of rushing water I haven't read a lot of warriors I am only on the 4th book of the prophecy called Starlight and I think she deserved a lot more then she got especially because of the way she was treated as an apprentice just because she was half clan doesn't mean she is not loyal to riverclan and how stonefur was killed right in front of her that was really upsetting as well and she proved her loyalty in more then one way I could go on forever on what I think of warrior characters but I won't and by the way R.I. P Feathertail we will remember your big sacrifice forever and ever

Firestar was so special, he started the whole series and we followed him through his eyes. He saved all of his clan and fought courageously for them too. He is a beloved cat with the kindest heart ever, no other cat could ever fill his paw steps. I can't believe Erin just decided to kill him off! It's just plain horrible! I'm so glad that she decided to end the series at that though, because I wouldn't have read any more of the books knowing that Firestar is dead :(

This RiverClan cat loved Crowpaw (now Crowfeather) of WindClan. When they were at the Tribe of Rushing Water, she found out she was the cat to kill Sharptooth and knocked down a stalagtite, but died in the process. - addisyn00

Feathertail had an innocence and and a caring heart for those in need. Her death surprised everyone, and it was almost too much to bear. The way Crowfeather felt, his loyal companion gone like that. Stormfur probably wished that it was him who died. When Feathertail's death left a hole in our hearts, it brought some of us closer together. May she walk in StarClan for eternity, right alongside the Tribe of Endless Hunting.

I loved Feathertail. She died trying to save Sharptooth and saving the tribe. She wasn't meant to die. Besides Feathertail was so beautiful, she was one of my favorite warrior cats. And it was also sad when Crowfeather was literally like crying. She died as a noble warrior. We should all remember Feathertail's death.

When she died Graystripe was heartbroken. Feathertail looked like her mother and was like her. Honestly I think she should have survived the fall and then only Sharptooth would have died. IT WAS SO SAD WHEN SHE DIED I CRIED FOR A HOUR!

I think her death was Erin's biggest mistake. Her death left me crying for 3 days straight! I felt so bad for Crowfeather, they were the cutest couple! Not to mention poor Graystripe, he felt like he lost Silverstream twice. WHY ERIN! WHY!

I loved her she was amazing. Crowfeather and stormfur were devastated. I mean after that gray stripe was take away, so storm fur doesn't have any family by his side anymore. She didn't deserve to die but the Tribe called and she decided to help them. She was a kind-hearted warrior. Poor Feathertail.

Agreed but Feathertail was not much of a warrior but more of a Tribe Cat. Her life was fine she was raised by wonderful queens that probably kept it a secret about the Kit's mother. Stormfur did not die like Mistyfoot/star brothers did. Also falling in love? I call it puppy love although I have strong respect for her, Crowfeather has shone his love in a way to Leafpool he never did to Feathertail. Again just my opinion.

This is the first one I actually cried to on this list. Whenever someone mentions Feathertail or Graystripe (after I read he got taken away) I started getting all teary eyed. To this day. I say to the Erin Hunters: I would hate you even if I hate you. But your books are good. - Gingersplash

Okay I'm gonna be honest I didn't care for her death.

I mean who would be dumb enough to save cats they didn't know and kept as prisoners, will they help THEIR clan or the TRIBE? Feathertail is the death I hated more,

'Oh this is for me to do, oh, and, like, I saved you once, like, I shouldn't save you again...'

"I Hated when Feathertail died she was my FAVOURITE character she was so young and she did it for her love I mean how sweet is that but what is not fair is that she was not even buried in her CLAN she missed wonderful moments. We'll miss you Feathertail!

At least she died a warrior. In the end, all that matters is that she killed Sharptooth. If he'd still been alive when the a Clans crossed the mountains, think how hard the Great Journey would have been. Feathertail died to save the Clans. She truly died a warriors death.

Poor Feathertail! She died being loyal to her Clan, not to mention the Tribe although she was not from it. She didn't deserve to die, she should have lived! But she died helping the Tribe and a few of the Clans. Feathertail's death should be higher ;(

She died so young. It wasn't fair! Crowfeather grieved over her his entire life, and Graystripe felt like he lost Silverstream AGAIN. Stormfur was alone and lost without her. She was so kind and didn't deserve to die! She was really brave to do what she did!

She was brave, passionate, and noble warrior. She didn't care that she had to die, and she saved everyone. "This is for me to do." Every time I hear those words I start crying. Rest in peace, Feathertail.

She died too young and too suddenly. And everyone (except Crow) pretty much ignored her for her brother up until her death. Seriously, they were both silver cats - not once did you think she could have been the cat in the prophecy?

She didn't even get to be buried near her clan. She helped find the lake, but never got the chance to live there. She died so young, and was important to a lot of the characters.

This amazing cat saved her life for a tribe she didn't even know, that's brave and loyal. She was loving, caring, and I actually think she would have made a great leader

I loved these books! It was an emotional ride for me, but the only time I EVER cried during them was her death. I wasn't even really attached to her, it just took me by surprise! *Rivers of tears.*

omg why did she have to die! :( she was my most favorite cat and so was is crowfeather. I feel so bad for crowfeather:( OH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GOFEATHERTAIL? ;(

She sacrificed herself! Overall, she loves Stormfur (her bro) and Crowfeather so much! She went back to save her brother because she thought he was the one that was meant to kill Sharptooth. Then she realized, she was the cat from the tribe's prophecy and sacrificed herself... Poor Feathertail.
I also think other sad deaths were Tallstar and Cinderpelt - Cometstar

"I saved you once, don't make me have to save you again. "
At this point in the book, I was bawling my eyes out. She didn't deserve to die like that, but she knew that it was her time. In my free time or when I'm bored I always try to picture what crowfeather and her kits would look like. She is my favorite character.

I cried! Poor graystripe! He first lost silverstream, then feather tail, and then stormfur, his only reminder of them, left him to be with brook

Feathertail's judgement could never be doubted. She was a noble warrior who had the bravery of a lion. Even though she died in Moonrise, it is one of my favorite books