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Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet


I cried for ten minutes when Firestar died.

"I gave him a life for nobility, yet Firestar was born with more nobility than any cat I ever knew."
-Bluestar (StarClan affiliation) at Firestar's death, The Last Hope

"You will be a great leader. One of the greatest the forest has ever known. You will have the fierceness of fire to lead your Clan and the warmth of fire to protect it. You will be Firestar, the light of ThunderClan."

Bluestar's dying speech to Firestar, A Dangerous Path

It's obvious why Firestar was the bravest, noblest, wisest, greatest leader ever. Well, Tallstar, Bluestar, among others can rival my opinion too. I love every good cat in Warriors. I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR ESPECIALLY! And I also hate Brokenstar, Hawkfrost, Darkstripe, and all other Dark Forest Cats. Also Breezepelt. And also especially Mapleshade for killing my beloved Spottedleaf. *sniffles* I cried as hard as I did for Firestar when Spottedleaf died for a ...more - aurorablue01

He died as he lived. He devoted nine lives to thebones he cared about. We know him better than any other cat. We learnt all we know about him. He started it all. Eight of nine lives spent protecting those precious to him. He had the opportunity to live longer and lead a better life for himself. But instead, he respected the lives he wasted, unable to help more cats and serve his clan longer and spent the rest not at all for himself. He understood that fate was calling better than anyone else. He accepted his death but still wished to serve his clan longer. He died as he lived, losing him was like losing half the forest. He was a hero, destined to save the clans, and he accepted his destiny bravely. It's because of him we are who we are today. Even with him gone, we still read his thoughts with understanding, and see the huge impact he left on the clans. So many cats owe him. But he expects no reward. Rather than purely looking at his strengths, he lools more at his weaknesses, and ...more

My gosh, out of all the warrior deaths Firestar's was the hardest, and the one that ultimately made me quit the Warrior's series altogether.

I (being me) read all sorts of spoilers for the Last Hope before it came out, and knew he was destined to die. My friends and I thought it fitting, and decided that in the end, it would all come down to a final showdown between him and Tigerstar, both valiantly fighting on throughout several pages, and that neither would survive.
And at the time of my reading his death, it seemed as if he defeated Tigerstar and then a tree fell on him? What! This is what? The second time he's lost a life to a tree?
Nevertheless, I was cuddled up next to my mom as she and my sister watched T.V.. Despite my being between 13-17 at the time, I leaned into her and sobbed my heart out.
The next day, my friends and I, all finishing the story the night before, wearily trudged onto the bus and sobbed, then, near lunch, began ranting of what an unworthy ...more

"Fire will save the Clan" I never thought that the five words that started it all would ever return. I never thought there would be a time when we had to say goodbye to our Fire. I finally understand why the fourth arc ended with his death. I finally realise why all the cats that gave Firestar his nine lives appeared when no one else's did. Firestar is ThunderClan. He is the heart of Clans and "if you have half the courage and loyalty that he had, you would make a great leader for ThunderClan" but he didn't. No one ever did and no one ever will because he is our Fire. And our Fire, our Rusty Fire, has saved the Clans.

Firestar was the most bravest a noblest cat I have ever known. When I found out that he dies, I cried the whole night. I just wish he could've lived to say goodbye to sandstorm and his kits. I wish firestar didn't die. I mean, he died saving his clan like bluestar did, but no cat could have ever died such a noble death. Firestar killed tigerstar in the final battle, and rid the forest of tigerstar. Firestar is my one and only favorite warrior cat, and I don't know why he's rated 5 on the saddest deaths. I mean, he should be at the top. This is really sad. Firestar died because of tigerstar, and sandstorm and all of ThunderClan were depressed. No cat could have ever been as good as firestar, and I believe he acts a lot like Thunder, or Thunderstar. I love firestar, and he is the best warrior cat in the world R.I.P. firestar.

When Firestar died, I cried. I don't usually cry in books, The only other I've cried in is "Where the red fern grows", But when Firestar died, I lost it. He's my favorite cat, and if I had gotten my cat Tiger after I had read at least one warrior book, I would have named her Rusty or Firestar. Firestar didn't deserve to die, a TREE killed him, not Tigerstar. He should have lived till Sandstorm went to become and Elder, or longer, or forever! All the new books in the warrior series are good, but they're about new things, and yes, that's interesting, but I loved the clans, and Firestar. The Warrior books were connected to Firestar, and that's how they started. It's roots are Firestar, and then the roots broke! The Plant is going to die! The tree that killed Firestar is going to die!
You think he's never going to die, that he'll be there forever, that the books will end before he does, That maybe he and Sandstrom will have more kits... AND THEN HE DIES! I HATE Tigerstar. I HATE ...more

Firestar started of as a kitty-pet that barly anyone saw potential in. He was picked on by Dustpelt, Sandstorm as an apprentice, and even Tigerstar his whole life. Yet he still saved the clans more than once and didn't hesitate to bring Tigerstar to justice, even though cats said he could never be a true warrior because he wasn't pure bred. But none of that stopped him from becoming thunderclan's leader. He didn't deserve to die after all he had been through. May your spirit run chasing mice through the starclan territory forever. We will never forget you Firestar.

The series stared with him and they end with the death of the bravest warrior the clans have ever seen. Through out the series you go along with him seeing him learning as an apprentice, becoming a warrior, saving sky clan, falling in love, him ganging his nine lives and following his kits journey as they grow. You can't help but feel proud as you read through the series and watch Firestar through the eyes of other characters. When he died the teas came uncontrollably. Fire truly saved the clans.

I think his was the saddest he was amazing. I mean, he helped all the Clans and rebuilt the Clans. He is amazing and he will lie forever in my heart and of so many hearts of warriors and fans out there. He started warriors. He IS warriors. He made the Clans what they are. His stories are our stories, and here's what I have to say to Firestar haters: Haters gotta hate. May StarClan light your path, Firestar, and everywhere you go, the sun will shine on you, the greatest warrior the Clans have ever known. You are amazing. You are the Clans. LONG LIVE FIRESTAR! He is my inspiration. he is what kept warriors going. he is everything to me and all the fans. He is still alive, deep inside the hearts of every warrior, and every warrior fan who every opened the first page of the first warrior book.

I agree with the person a couple spaces below me, we grew with him and learned with him! We fought with him and learned the warrior code, we experienced the happiness, sadness and bravery that he witnessed. And then we experienced being a LEADER THROUGH HIS EYES! He should be number one! If you don't agree that his death is the saddest... GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!

I loved Firestar! This description thing is right. Guys, we met him as Rusty and saw him improve his ranking. We are Warriors because of him. His death was sad and he didn't deserve it. Think about Sandstorm. She is now devastated her mate is dead. He was a noble leader of ThunderClan and he was the only leader who prevented bloodshed if it didn't need to happen, and showed that he was a strong clan. No cat or Two-leg/human could think of a con if they spent enough time with him... and we all have. We have all became apart of him by reading this cooks through his sights. I agree some people may not like him as much as I do, but I think all of us, Cat or Two-leg, loved him enough that we know that he didn't deserve to die. WHO IS WITH ME! LONG LIVE FIRESTAR. LET YOU REST IN PEACE IN STARCLAN

Stinkin evil tigerstar Kill him cause he haated him so much they both died tigerstar tried to save the dark forest but failed firestar succeeded to save thunderclan

I really think it was the best way to close the series by having Firestar die. I was in tears. I love the prophecy at the end, when Dovewing sees Rock and Midnight: There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws. They will find a fourth, and the battle between dark and light will be won. A new leader will rise from the shadows of his death, and he will last beyond the memories of his memories. This is how it has always been, and this is how it will always be.

Firestar is the best cat EVER! His death made me and any TRUE warrior cat fan cry. He made it through like 24 books without dying and then gets killed by a tree. He should have served ThunderClan for many more moons to come. His death should be the top saddest. Every fan knew that he was eventually going to loose his last life, but that doesn't mean that we were prepared or ready to loose him. We could know the exact time that he were to die but we still would not have been ready to lose him. We could have known when he was going to die and we would have completely avoided that entire book just so we didn't have to see Firestar die. RIP FIRESTAR, MAY YOUR LEGACY NEVER BE FORGOTTEN, MAY YOU HUNT PEACEFULLY WITH STARCLAN, AND MAY YOUR MARK IN WARRIOR CATS HISTORY AND THE FACT YOU MADE POSSIBLE THE FUTURE OF THE CLANS STAY FRESH IN MEMORIES AND NURSERY TALES FOR ALL THE MOONS TO COME!

Okay so I just finished the last book and I can't believe firestar had to die I am still crying but who else remembers the prophecy fire alone will save the clans and he did but what I don't get is that he was the fire but fire killed him I guess starclan wanted him the most saddest thing was that spottedleaf said she would be waiting for him in starclan but firestar never got to meet her there I hate tigerstar anybody else

I agree with the poet who wrote of how we grew with Firestar. He was strong, courageous, and the best leader Thunderclan has ever had. We journeyed with him from Twolegplace to the Thunderclan camp to the lake and everywhere he went in between. As he died in the Last Hope, I was crying, but I was at peace. He and Tigerstar had finished each other off, just like we always knew they would eventually. All was well. Firestar was always there for us; his death signaled an ending, but a beginning as well. Fire had truly saved the Clan. Firestar, you were my hero, and your death was noble and brave. It was an end you deserved.

Fire star lost one of his lives because of that bull cat tiger star if tiger star never was in the series first ar would have one life left I mean come on you big dummy tiger star. Fire star was noble and kind hearted never ever dreamed of war like tiger star I cried like forever when he died it was the saddest thing I have ever heard of poor guy he so kind hearted FIRE STAR SHOULD STILL BE LIVING! He was a hero and now should rule star clan with his kindness and loving heart

He is our hero. We learned from him, and learned everything about warriors. He is our link to being a warrior. He is our friend, our companion, and the bravest cat of all. We all became warriors because of him. He definitely died the most heroic death. Saving the clan from Tigerstar... Now that is a true hero. RIP Firestar, our best friend, and may your soul live happy. Goodbye Firestar, the most bravest and loyal cat of them all. May you always be remembered.

He WAS a good leader. Annoyed the heck out of me with how many times he let people break the code thought. He never went looking for fights and he killed ( I'm just gonna say Tiny because I can't spell his other name right.) So he has that going for him. But why, oh, why did he have to be in EVERY major prophecy? Other than the one from the New Prophecy series. The Power of Tree was changed to the Power of Four JUST so he could be in it! Firestar was a good but annoying leader.

His last death was the saddest of all. It was during a fight with Tigerstar and the other Dark Forest warriors. Tigerstar died, but Firestar died from his injuries and was sent off to StarClan. Before he left, he rubbed against Sandstorm's muzzle and went off with Bluestar, Mousefur, Ferncloud, and other StarClan cats. - addisyn00

Everyone thinks he was such a bad cat, since he did all those heroic things. But he was just trying to do it for his Clan in the end, and Sandstorm was so upset when he died! He should be in first place, his was by far the most dramatic and he was the best hero of all the Clans.

Firestar was a well-knowed character. He was friendly and nice. He had a heart for all cats and cared. He never gave up unless if it was the last thing he will do something important. He had a small, calm life that then grew into a big, brave life. He loved Sandstorm and Spottedleaf, and all he's Clan members.
"He had the most bright-red orange pelt I've ever seen."-Smudge
"You saved my life from Tigerclaw."-Ravenpaw
"And how much I wished to be your mother, I didn't had a chance."-Yellowfang.
He walked along StarClan and his family. He didn't gave up on his kin.

What I Know-- Erin Hunter knew Firestar was becoming too popular on the Warrior Cat series, while other characters didn't get to much attention. So she waited for a good moment for his death. And that was with the battle of the Dark Forest.

What I Wished-- I wished people never made too much images, and stories for Firestar. Erin Hunter notices and knows he is too popular.

Firestar deserves to be number one. I cried my brains out when I read about his death, and I still can't believe it. He was always so brave, and he was the best cat until the end. As a matter of fact, he still is. Darn it Erin, what were you thinking? At least his death was that of a true warrior.

(Swallows) I-I hope I'm not offending e creator of this.. But I think that the world should NOT be messing with death... I mean death is a serious matter... It's not just the warriors series.. It is movies... It's the sayings such as "I'm going to kill you! " Or "You're dead! ".. And every warrior book I read has at least on death... The world should not be messing with a sacrifice... Or anything... Life is a world of surprises... Let's not mess with it.. Let's admit it.

Firestar should be at the top of this list, it broke my heart when he died. He didn't deserve to die and was the best. It seemed that erin hunter kinda wasted away his lives, making him lose one whenever the story line got dull. HE SHOULD HAVE LIVED INTO A VISION OF SHADOWS! I guess I might be being a little selfish because his death led to a lot of interesting stuff but still. - Songwind