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81 Skybramble

What is cats have no votes and who the heck is skybramble must have been a sad death if we don't know about it him or her

Why do theses cats have no votes?

Who in the Warriors world is Skybramble?! - IcetailofWishClan

What who is Skybramble

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82 Bright Stream

A cat in the mountains when they were leaving in the Sun Trail. She was picked up by an eagle when they were out trying to get them to leave the mountain cats alone, and she ended up saving Gray Wing by pushing him into a thorn bush. I thought this was so sad.

I was so sad when she died! She was so brave! She didn't deserve to die! I wish Gray Wing had been able to grab the eagle.

I was near to tears when she died. Clear Sky acted like a jerk about it and blamed Grey Wing and it was so sad she was pregnant. Anyway it was Clear Sky's stupid idea to go eagle hunting and so if he hadn't suggested it she wouldn't have died. Personally, I am a supporter of Bright X Grey I liked how calm and modest she was.

Why is she doing down here? When she died, she was expecting two kits... - IcetailofWishClan

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83 Red

The entire goal of everything stick does in this book is to in the end get his daughter back. And at the end he just kills her like wow so sad. This deserves to be like #6

I picked Red because it's so so so sad that her own dad killed her.

I like Stick but stupid Stick for killing Red. Let her do what she wants I say!

104th what the heck this is one of the most sad deaths ever so dumb

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84 Mapleshade Mapleshade

I feel bad for her. She just wanted to be a loyal clan cat and to have kits and a mate but her mate was from another clan and he betrayed her and she was banished and she could have been so much better - Username123

I don't think Mapleshade was evil at first. She was driven mad by her losses: Her Clan, Appledusk, and her kits. She killed because she wanted revenge, hence the name "Mapleshade's Vengeance." I think she became evil from being in the Dark Forest for too long.

Mapleshade is my favorite villain. Now lets focus on her more in crookedstars promise than the last hope.

She only ever tried to love! She was a good warrior, and lost so much! She died for her kits, you know, and gave her last drop of blood trying to avenge their deaths. By the way; she only killed Spottedleaf because the Erins wanted her to die so Firestar could be with Sandstorm in Starclan.
- Sun Star360

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85 Frostfur

She starve when the great journey had started most of the elders stayed behind

She stayed behind so she didn't slow her clan down from reaching their home

Frostfur was amazing I loved her


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86 One-Eye

Wait I take my comment back but there are too one-eyes but we're talking about the she cat who was white eye

One-eye is a she cat the person who said she's a he is an idiot

She died in her sleep write


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87 Micah

! How could you forget Micah?! He was in Moth Flight's vision, a book after Gray Wing died, he was Skyclan's first medicine cat, and he fell in love with Moth flight! Poor Moth Flight, she was so sad!

This death was written amazingly well. Broke my heart!

Micah was such a loyal, sweet cat. It's sad that he never got to return to the barn.

I miss Micah
i meet people named micah and then I cry

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88 Tadpolefeather

What the - who's this random cat? Do cats even know what tadpoles are? I mean, shadow clan eats frogs but...

That's so sad he should have became leader

... The hell is he?

Also, his name's stupid


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89 Brightsky

Do you know what I read a book and said that it was actually mud fur who gave her the sickness he was pretending all the time he fed her a bad rabbit that have been sick and died or else it couldn't be that bad that she died

Poor brightsky! She died along with 3 of her kits! I was shocked when there was a fourth kit, and it turned out to be Leopardstar!

I loved Brightsky she should have lived


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90 Heavystep

I love Heavystep although they said he died in the new prophecy I cried until the next book when they said he was at the gathering and it was sad when he did die I MISS HIM SO MUCH - IcefangWarriorOfNightClan

He died, like, 3 times. What death are we talking about?

He died and then died again... Heavystep's IMMORTAL!

I cried so much Heavystep was awesome but the he reformed! It was awesome! But now Heavystep is with Starclan am I right? Oh and leader, you're just calling him fat so SHAME ON YOU!

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91 Featherwhisker

Oh featherwhisker, why did you die? You were such a gentle, quiet cat, yet eager to help your clan.. his death made me sad, too.. By the way I like your poem

She Dislodged the rock for her love, loved the cat who's shy and alone, and saved the tribe from Sharptooth

Featherwhisker was so cool I loved I wished he never died from green cough

Featherwhisker was the best cat.

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92 Silverflame

Silverflame was a kind, wise elder. Her and Yellowfang, along with Nutwhisker and Rowanberry, were very close. Her death was quite sad and I believe she was a wonderful character.

I grabbed my blanket and used it as a tissue when Silverflame died. Then swore revenge on Erin Hunter.

Silver flame was amazing so sad when she died

She should have never died when yellowfang,nutwhisker,and rowanberry were just kits,she was like there best friends,its just sad.

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93 Daddystar

I was so sad when Daddystar died that I cried for 6 months and then my room was flooded with tears and all my friends where really sad about it too so they cried for 1 million years I was crying so hard I pooped my pants and then my pants where brown so brown that I couldn't even wear them ever again Daddystar I love you

Doesn't exist. Move along. - IcetailofWishClan

Why is his name Daddystar? Is this even real? - tigerstar908

what - Mylittlepawpatrol

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94 Redwillow

Stupid warrior! Maybe he should've fought with his clan instead of betraying it and he never would've been killed by blackstar! He was dumb and too young to die but no one should have sympathy for redwillow's death. It was dramatic and scary, though, and not the way all cats should die. TRAITOR!

Blackstar made a good choice crushing him to smithereens

He's a TRAITOR! Blackstar was right to murder that disgusting cat!

How and why is this sad?

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95 Rippletail

Rippletail was awesome I knew some one should of died on the trip but I had always loved him even if he wasn't in the books much he deserved a mor noble death.

That was so sad!

Rippletail is awesome I loved him cried my eyes out for hours

So sad how is this only 55?

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96 Moonpaw

No! Moon paw was an apprentice in Tallstar's revenge! Don't believe me? Read it again!

Do you mean moonflower?

Moonpaw? Do you mean Moonflower?

Oh yeah... Poor moonpaw. 😿

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97 Tawnyspots

Tawnyspots died from CANCER. This is one of the only mention of other diseases not including flu, sickness, and poison. Though Leopardstar was sad, dying from diabetes, and two more cats had the same demise as Tawnyspots. Except, the tumor that Tawnyspots had? CANCER.

In the wiki it says that Ravenpaw dies of Cancer too

I want to cry. CANCER?! Really? It has killed many animals in my life and it's probably gonna kill me, too. And of all deputies the Thunderclan deputy! Why couldn't it be tigerstar?...

Pebblefur died from a big fat lump in his stomach. Heroic death.

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98 Dappletail

Be nice to her! She was driven mad by starvation she wasn't able to think straight! Just like Bluestar.

Hunger drives organisms to do things they wouldn't with a straight mind and a full belly. The rabbit was poisoned but Dappletaol was too famished to care. She didn't exactly know it was infected... Cinderpelt told her to stop and get away but the elder didn't listen.

It was so sad I was hoping it wasn't poisoned I almost skipped to where she died just because I needed to know I wish the people in the book would just stop it was just sad I don't know why it isn't farther up R.I.P. Dappletail

Ew dappletail

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99 Rainflower

HATE HER! What the heck she was such a horrible mom! Leaving crookedkit in the nursery alone... Renaming him... Saying oak heart would always be a better warrior... Ignoring everything he did for her... WORST MOM EVER! I HATE HER! Poor poor crookedstar.

Me and my mom fight a lot but when I hit my tooth on a metal bar and totally ruined it and now I look like a donkey when I smile talk or even open my mouth, she still loves me.

Rainflower's death was so sad Crookedstar could've saved her but noo because of Mapleshade. I know she had been a horrible mother to Crookedstar but she didn't have to die

RF ( rainflower): Hey, stormkit! Get out of the rain!
SK (stormkit ) Coming Mother!
*slip* OWWW!
RF ewww! Your ugly now I hate you I'm gonna change your name now to crookedkit so that you can remember what happened to you forever muahaha!

Couldn't be crueler. I seriously think she actually planned that she is that evil

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100 Mistystar

Uh... Mistystar didn't die... Stonefur did..

I haven't gotten that far in the books yet, but I'm kinda sure Mistystar didn't die.

Mistystar isn't dead either...

Were these two bluepaw's surviving kits if so MAY STARCLAN WATCH OVER THEM IF THEY haven't BEEN KILLED

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