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101 Rainflower

HATE HER! What the heck she was such a horrible mom! Leaving crookedkit in the nursery alone... Renaming him... Saying oak heart would always be a better warrior... Ignoring everything he did for her... WORST MOM EVER! I HATE HER! Poor poor crookedstar.

Me and my mom fight a lot but when I hit my tooth on a metal bar and totally ruined it and now I look like a donkey when I smile talk or even open my mouth, she still loves me.

Rainflower's death was so sad Crookedstar could've saved her but noo because of Mapleshade. I know she had been a horrible mother to Crookedstar but she didn't have to die

RF ( rainflower): Hey, stormkit! Get out of the rain!
SK (stormkit ) Coming Mother!
*slip* OWWW!
RF ewww! Your ugly now I hate you I'm gonna change your name now to crookedkit so that you can remember what happened to you forever muahaha!

Couldn't be crueler. I seriously think she actually planned that she is that evil

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102 Mistystar

Uh... Mistystar didn't die... Stonefur did..

I haven't gotten that far in the books yet, but I'm kinda sure Mistystar didn't die.

Mistystar isn't dead either...

Were these two bluepaw's surviving kits if so MAY STARCLAN WATCH OVER THEM IF THEY haven't BEEN KILLED

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103 Sandgorse

He was in Tallstar's revenge and it was so sad that he died by a tunnel collapse! I mean, I know he was kind of mean when Tallpaw wasn't made a tunneler but COME ON! THIS IS SANDGORSE WERE TALKING ABOUT HERE!

He died a warrior saving Sparrow from the cave-in.

Died saving Sparrow from a cave-in.

Oh my god, Sandgorse was a jerk, but I couldn help but cry when the tunnles collapsed on him

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104 Whitethroat

It was sad that he didn't even kill Runningwing but he just got there at the wrong time. Then he got hit by a "monster" the last thing he saw in his life was TIGERSTAR like eww who wants to see him last

So sad the last thing he saw was stupid tigerstar!

We do not really know him that much but its still a very sad death

HOW is this BEHIND Rainflower

Poor Whitethroat

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105 Raggedstar

Just why? Why? By his own son it's just AWFUL!

Killed by his own son!

Why did Broken butt kill him, it's so sad.

I voted to disagree. Did you know, he chose Foxheart as his deputy to make Yellowfang jealous? I mean Brokenstar shouldn't of killed him, but I think higher cats are better.

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106 Falling Feather

Sad. Falling Feather and Jackdaws Cry Killed each other as brother and sister

She did die, jackdaws cry and falling feather killed each other

I cry every time I read her death scene

Poor Jackdaws Cry...-WolvesNight

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107 Bramblestar Bramblestar

Man I hope he doesn't die soon but he is going to die sooner or later and we all know it

He was very brave and noble unlike tigerstar

Listen, Bramblestar is a real Warrior Cats character. But he doesn't die.

Bramblestar didn't die. He is still alive.

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108 Smudge

He must have died at SOME point or he's at least really fat and old now, cause if Firestar is dead, guaranteed Smudge's days are numbered.

Smudge was such a happy soul and always there for Rusty. All hail Smudge!

He doesn't die, they just never see him again.

I loved Smudge

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109 Cloudpelt

I agree because he will always be my favorite cat that should of become leader! Cloudpelt will always be with because he has the same name as my kitten! Or at least part of it because it is Cloud!

Cloudpelt was a very noble warrior. I honestly think that he would have made an amazing leader! Stupid Brokentail actually WANTED Cloudpelt to die! Yellowfang was devastated when he died! He didn't even live long enough to fulfil his dream of starting a family! :,(

Poor cloudpelt he was set up to be killed for another cats stupid ambition


110 Jag

Jag is one of the mountain cats

Is he a cat from the tribes

Jag.. R we just making cats up now?

Who is Jag

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111 Snowlight

Who is that. I haven't read the apprentices quest so I don't know. Maybe it fanfic character? Sorry for my bad English I French

um ni

112 Toad

Toad didn't even deserve that death and I wish those dogs will regret it. It almost as worse as the dog pack that struck ThunderClan!

Ahh, Toad. Remember Toad? Hawkwing's Journey? No? Allow me to explain. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Toad was Darktail's friend. But he was nice, he was a loner. And he was killed very, very unfairly and inhumanely which even made me cry.
On one of SkyClan's journey-patrols, Toad was helping and guiding them. He led them past a barn.
There were dogs.

"Two large dogs...two Twolegs were holding them back by long tendrils fastened to their Hawkwing's horror, both Twolegs let go of their tendrils. The dogs were free! "
Hawkwing's Journey, 124

"...Hawkwing's paws barely touched the ground as he hurtled himself toward the copse...Toad was the first cat to reach the nearest tree. Darktail clambered up beside him. Hawkwing...into another tree...Firefern, Harrybrook and Sagenose safe among the branches...The Twolegs stood at a distance, pointing their forepaws and letting out huffs of laughter...his gaze was still fixed on the dogs when he heard a ...more - Naphtali

113 Halftail

Poor Halftail. It's sad how many warriors dies in these books. I don't think that this many cats should have perished. There are no bad cats! (Except maybe Scourge and Tigerstar)

I think it was ready sad to die in a fire. He was a good warrior.

He died with patch pelt

I loved Halftail

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114 Skypool

My beautiful poor daughter was taken too soon she didn't even get to see her kits become warriors she tried to kill the cat that killed her mate beetlewhisker

Stop adding cats that don't exist!

Horrible OC. Glad mine slit Skypool's neck!

Stop adding Oc's...

115 Reedfeather

Did not like his death


He comes back to life

I hated his death

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116 Waspwhisker

I know nothing about him, but okay

He is in the new sky clan and he did not die

He's still alive.

He died, but it was never verified if he was in StarClan or not. - Mylittlepawpatrol

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117 Rosetail

She isn't listed as elder in Into The Wild

Rosetail was an interesting character that I'd have liked to read more about. It seemed as if she would have become a very important cat in thr clan.

I made up that sol and rosetail are mates!

Was sweetpaw her sister or am I thinking wrong cat

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118 Nightheart

Please don't put up your own characters, we're trying to vote on the cats we know and love. It's making me nuts.

Stop putting random made up cats on this list. It is driving me crazy.

In the bonus story at the end of, The Sun Trail, Petal thinks of some cat called Nightheart. But he/she didn't die!

Wow. What the?

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119 Goldenflower

I don't remember the book even MENTIONING her death! I was like "Wait, where's Goldenflower? "

Goldenflower died of old age. Poor Bramblestar (her son)

She died of Old age

I hate it when thunderclan cats die except villains like thistleclaw and tigerstar

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120 Shrewpaw

I... I will hunt down and kill whoever caused Shrewpaw to die... *sees a pheasant* It's THE MURDERER OF SHREWPAW *runs outside screaming*

When I read about shrewpaw's death I thought of killing that person and banning cars!

I think the people should have been more careful.


I don't understand WHY this death is behind cats like Rainflower and made up cats...

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