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What's the best Sasuke female hetero ship? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list. (Note: I didn't add Sakura since they became canon. )

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1 SasuHina

Sasuke and Hinata have similar life experiences and can empathize the most with each other. She wouldn't be interested in him for his bad boy attitude or looks but who he is inside... and she is kind and loving enough that she is able revive his dead heart...A very relaxed and understanding relationship that will help the both of them to mature. Only problem is finding a spark to initiate their relationship

I dislike how Naruto paired a bunch of bright haired people with dark haired people. Though, just the thought of bubblegum pink (Sakura) and that bright yellow (naruto) makes me sick. The indigo (Hinata) and navy (Sasuke) complete each other. I have more opinions but don't feel like typing anymore.

This is perfection! There are many reasons they should be together and they have so many similarities. Their attitudes are opposite but the similarity between their attitude is both of them are calm and quite. And there are many many more more reasons I swear

If one eye was byakugan and the other sharingan, that would be amzing. Also, hyuga and uchiha were neighbors, and they both have same hair colors. She has long hair, sasuke never hurt her, and their genes are a perfect mixture. They always wore the same colors in shippuden, lavender. And, they were both from powerful clans. Their blood types are perfect! Why didn't sasuke go to his bestie's wedding? probably cause he was jealous! See!

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2 SasuIno

Total fluffiness... When Ino does her best to cheer him up in stories, it's very sweet and Sasuke and Ino are wonderful together be it an angst a fluff or crack. SasuIno to the end of the world!

Ino would be a perfect wife for sasuke for sure better than that flat chested sakura and shy hinata. The sexiest kunouichi in Naruto!

I would’ve lol’ed so damn hard at that dumb shallow b***h, Sakura if KM had sasuke marry ino in the end. After all, ino wasn’t the one who destroyed their friendship because Sakura developed a shallow crush on him! And sasuke never tried to kill ino herself � -

Oh well. I’ll settle for sasuke running away from the annoying b***h (Sakura) after dumping her with a kid, & refusing to pay child support 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

3 SasuKarin

Karin has always cared for sasuke even though he behaves totally out of place with her. Karin always let him bite her arm to heal his wounds even if she suffered from a lot of pain. SasuKarin rocks;) by Aasees Kaur

It still sucks, but makes the most sense out of these. - Goku02

Of all the Hetero Sasuke ships Karin is the best choice and should've been Saradas mother (what was up with that plot point? ) I feel like she and Sasuke have more in common than sasuke and Sakura and she is more respectful towards him than Sakura even with all the fangirling ridiculousness.

Sasuke cared about two females: Sakura and Karin. They are very similar, because of Sasuke's love for them. By that I mean Sasuke's loyalty and risking life for all of his teammates, included the two girls. So both pairing is simple, based on affectionate, moments Sasuke generally has with people and on the romantic and,beautiful" love of the girls.

But the two pairing is also very different. While both relationship lacks in development, Karin is clearly in a better place. Look at Naruto. Before shippunden he was the same as Sakura, he was selfish. He didn't understand Sasuke, but pretended he does, he wanted to tie him down for the sake of HIS. Because Sasuke was unhappy there, but nobody cared. But things changed, Naruto said,I thought I understood him but really I didn't. No wonder nothing I said to him got through..." and that's the point where their relationship begin its huge progress. But sasusaku? After the war it's still the same thing.,Sasuke I love you and I miss the ...more

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4 SasuKonan
5 SasuTema

I know SasuTema is a crack ship, but I think they are extremely underrated and would actually make much sense.
Read my text why:

1. That's now more general; I was never a big fan of "opposites attract", but "similar/the same attract" each other since it makes more sense and is more realistic. Science proved that the relationships where the people have things in common have the highest chance of success.

Well, I thought that too since I saw Sasuke and Temari the first time appear. They have both this kinda cool, strong, arrogant and badass attitude, which I find quite sexy.
And since both are clever and like to analyze their enemies in battles and find their weaknesses quickly, they must be on one level according to intelligence. :)
As you earlier mentioned, Sasuke needs someone who can be quiet but also who isn't afraid to put him in his place. I am sure Temari can fulfill that. She's not that talkative and if she speaks, she is type who ...more

6 SasuSaku

Worst ship ever. - Goku02

This ship is cheesy, has terrible development, and is one-sided. I think sasuke only married sakura to revive his clan. End of story.

Sakura always loved Sasuke no matter what. Her trust in him was beautiful.

No, just no

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7 SasuKushi
8 SasuTen
9 SasuMei
10 SasuUltear

She's not even in the Naruto series

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11 SasuAnko
12 SasuTayuya
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