Top Ten Best Scams Ever

There are some absolutely horrifyingly bad scams out there... But there are some that are absolute genius. These are those genius scams that people and companies have been pulling.

The Top Ten

1 Special offer!

It seems like products in many shops are perpetually on sale... This is especially common with furniture for some unknown reason. There's signs which show that the product has been marked down from a fake price and an explosion shape with the word "Sale! " or "Special Offer! " written inside it. On adverts it claims that the sale will end at a specific day but a day later from the end there's another sale on. What a beautiful trick to fool gullible customers. My hat's off to you dfs :D - Cazaam

This should definitely deserves more votes.
I know scam as well and people still for it.
(I had to work a shop in school...and I wasn't good in it.) - Fretto

2 The Police Virus Scam

This scam was just brilliant. Some sad mofo in Eastern Europe wanted to make money from the more well off people living in the UK. What's so genius about this scam is that it pretends to be your county's police and not just some other company. This scam almost caught out a close friend of mine but I managed to save his bank details and get rid of the virus. - Cazaam

3 How we're paying 20% more for every gram of Snickers


Mars (The company, not the chocolate, well, kind of the chocolate as well) has been wanting to reduce the amount of calories in their chocolate bars (Mars, Snickers etc. ) How do they do it? Reduce the size of the chocolate bar, claim the number of calories and charge us the same price as it was before. That's the un-sweet truth for you. - Cazaam

4 Misdiallers beware
5 The 1,000 dollar iPhone app

No matter what the app, something that's more expensive than the phone is not worth it. - PositronWildhawk

The “I am rich” app

6 Selling "Manuka Honey" on the name alone
7 Cinema Popcorn - Air is expensive!
8 Thar be gold in this mine!

In the olden days, dishonest mine owners would put a few gold nuggets in worthless mines to convince prospective buyers the mines contained a ton of gold and get them to buy their claims. As the story goes, some old-time scammers even used to fire shotguns loaded with gold dust into the sides of the mines. - Cazaam

9 The Pink Premium

Way to stereotype that all females love the colour pink... So if you're a lady, whenever you go and by toiletries you will often be offered a "premium" product for an added price which is just a different colour... Oh geez. - Cazaam

10 Nigerian Prince

The Contenders

11 Payday Loan Companies

Wonga especially. They sound friendly in their adverts, say their interest rates are low and you can pay back early, no problem. But if you're even a second late, prepare for the worst interest rates ever. - Cazaam

12 Critical alert from Microsoft scam
13 Down and Up

They subtly remove the filling or whatnot of a product, and then when it is down a reasonable amount they will say '30% more ______'.

14 Catch My Baby!

A gypsy throws a baby they kidnapped and if you catch it, you will be the one arrested for the kidnapping. It is really clever, and it is the worst scam to fall for ever, plus, the gypsy takes your money after you are arrested.

15 It's 100% Free!
16 Your computer has a virus!
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