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21 Baby Wordsworth

I think those mice belong in Kansas, because Kansas has lots of tornadoes - Officialpen

The dog puppet scared me a bit.

The mice Turing in to tornadoes

The kitty is adorable! I love all her parts! But the mice are scary. I hate the time the turned into tornados.
Pen from bfdi

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22 Baby's First Sounds

This one is scary. There's this dancing chick puppet (it's eyes look poseced) and the sheep in the box returns. (Both of those toys where seen in baby macdonald.

The return of the sheep in the box. Dun dun DUUUN!

23 Numbers Nursery

There's a video on YouTube called "flower murder". Where a young baby is watching this on her computer and horse and the flower scene come on. Then, when the horse ate it, the baby threw a HUGE meltdown! Her parents couldn't seem to calm her down! Anyway, the creepy scenes are the flip-flop mouthed people. (They look creepy and possessed! )

This one is creepy. During the part when the animals stick their tongues out, it makes Bard look genius. Also, the giraffe covered spots makes it look like it has grouchy eyebrows. Like, Lizzy (the tiger puppet) is actually pretty cute, but a little creepy in the same time. Nothing really scares me in this episode, exacpt for the train. It's so ANNOYING!

The flower and horse puppet show is so! Creepy.

24 My First Signs

The otter and the duck having fun.

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25 Wild Animal Safari V 1 Comment
26 On the Go

The horse opening scene is a little creepy

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27 World Music

I made a mistake on the spelling on the comment underneath

When will Bard learn to stop scaring babies?!

Bard The Green Dragon Sneaking At Jane

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