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121 Seeing Someone That Died a Long Time Ago
122 Giygas Giygas

I voted this because I love earthbound

123 Flying
124 Girls

I'm a girl and this isn't that bad. What's worse is that the psycho feminists are coming to drool all over this.

That's very sexus

125 Being Left to Die and Knowing You're Going To V 1 Comment
126 Seeing a Close Family Member Die Slowly and Painfully

My heart sank. My dog, she was there before I was born. She is dying slowly and painfully we may have to put her to sleep. I feel like crying. I know she isn't a person but truthfully I love her more than my brother.

Please don't die now Ellie! My beautiful black lab mix!

I feel the same. My dog died because of eating disorder and old age. He was more older, When they need the name, We call him Patrick (influenced by Patrick Star) He was so happy. - Princesssmooth

Whoever has a dog: No. 1 They are no more important than your brother. No. 2 They are not in your family and No. 3 IF YOU REALLY LOVE IT, SEND IT IN THE WILD AND DON'T KEEP IT SUFFERING IN YOUR TINY HOME! Just watch The Fox And The Hound.

I don't know what would happen if I had to see my mom or dad die in a coma or something


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127 Getting One of the Most Deadliest Diseases

Diseases are probably the scariest things in the world. Some can't be cured, even with today's modern medicine. Plus, you'd be getting killed (and it's a very slow and painful death) by something you can't see. I am afraid of death, but death from a deadly virus is even worse. - ethanmeinster

I would die... no I mean literally, I would die. - mayamanga

Get Small Pox, take a bath in soap, success.


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128 Grizzly Bears Grizzly Bears The grizzly bear less commonly called the silvertip bear, is any North American morphological form or subspecies of brown bear.

This is one of my bigger fears, bears are terrifying.

129 Being Stung by a Jelly Fish

If they were poisonous and/or deadly, then I would never go in the ocean again. - mayamanga

I dare you to go on Google images and type in giant jellyfish.

A jellyfish is so beautiful, but so dangerous as well - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I'm an Aussie and this is why I never swim in the ocean.

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130 Nicki Minaj

Those retarded faces she makes (especially the ones where she's either looking angry or smiling with her eyes wide open) scare me to death!

There's a picture of her opening her mouth in a really retarded way. You can't imagine how many nightmares I had after seeing that! And I will never forget the Anaconda music video.

Laugh out loud! This is so funny! Not exactly what I expected but I see what you mean!
There's a poster of her smiling with her eyes wide open watching me in my math room. I almost pooped myself when I saw it!

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131 Waking Up and Not Being Able to Move V 2 Comments
132 Ebola

Why is this only 79? Your bleeding everything in your bleeds and you die bleeding!

Ebola has to come in 1st place, because it's taking us to extinction.

133 Anxiety

Hmm when I think of something scary I just think of a bunch of funny guys wearing funny costumes and making people laugh. Yeah clowns. Are you kidding me CLOWNS?! You know what's really scary. Anxiety. Imagine your going along your day just fine and being happy then all of a sudden something in your mind convinces you something so bad is going to happen that you stop breathing and feel very sick. IMAGINE THAT YOU PEOPLE THAT THINK CLOWS AND SINGING IS SCARY. Anxiety is basically that feeling you get when your about to fall. Out of your chair, but for much, much longer. And you can't help it by grabbing on to something because nothing can stop it. Yeah guys I have a serious disorder with anxiety and nothing's worse than it, especially not SINGING and CLOWNS, though I rally am not a fan of JB's cow choking imitations. But trust me I know fear, and it doesn't get more real than a panic attack or extreme anxiety. Especially hard for an eleven year old who's been dealing with it more than ...more

134 Satan V 3 Comments
135 Scary Movies That Say "Based On a True Story"

I think that the scariest movies are the ones that are based on true events. Here's a list of 10 famous horror movies that you wouldn't believe were based on real events.

1-The Exorcist.
2-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
3-A Nightmare on Elm Street.
4-The Exorcism of Emily Rose.
5-The Amityville Horror.
6-The Blob.
7-The Hills Have Eyes.
9-Wolf Creek.
10-Child's Play.

The only horror movie based on a true story that's actually terrifying is Psycho. In fact, the true story is scarier than the movie.

Creeps you out doesn't it? If it doesn't, something might be wrong with you. Just saying. Clowns are creepy too. Pale, white face, scary eye makeup. Eugh.

I watch all those movies not scared

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136 Humans Humans Humans are not exactly wild animals, but not domesticated, either. Proven to be the most intelligent species of animals on Earth. Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. Builders of the global civilization.

Hmm, I suppose if your confused just think about bullies and possessed people or Murderers they are all pretty scary.

Uh... Either the person who wrote this is an intelligent alien or scared of himself. ?

People are scary, they are the walking dead, there highly medicated trying to drive, I saw a women working out, talking on the phone that's scary, yikes

Some of us can be really scary. Killers, rapists, pedophiles, extremely rabid fangirls/boys (so cringey, it's scary), etc - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

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137 Finding out that anytime you were in front of a mirror you were being recorded. Then finding out that a complete stranger who could be anywhere has the recordings and will broadcast it on every TV channel in 24 hours unless you find them.

That would kill me. Most of the time I am naked or singing so... :)))

There's a miror that I am right in front of while I'm waiting for the shower water to heat up. Uh oh - Coleybuddy

That would be scary. Lil b**** watching me getting changed every morning to shower.

138 One Direction Apocalypse V 1 Comment
139 The Pink Elephants from Dumbo

I honestly didn't find it that scary, but I see why other people find it scary. It's really trippy, bizarre, and makes absolutely no sense.

Was this disney's way of teaching kids not to drink?

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140 George W. Bush Back As President

That's a moron! Too scary!... Save us Obama!

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