Top Ten Best Things That Could Happen to Your Bullies at School

The Top Ten
1 They get arrested

That should happen to a bully, especially internet trolls.

This should happen to a boy who tried to have sex with my friend.

That's what they deserve.

2 They get expelled

That's a very good thing for those mean, nasty bullies!

3 You're in the lunch line, and a lunch lady accidentally throws a cast iron skillet at them

Especially if the cast iron skillet is burning hot! Ouch!

Even better if it wasn't an accident.

4 They get their finger stuck in a pencil sharpener

Some of these are kind of too far.

5 They get held back

That would be instant Karma!

Best revenge ever!

6 They eat lead paint in art class
7 You show them who's the boss

That's a very good idea to deal with immature bullies.

8 They go to summer school forever

Never mind about my comment: I don't feel sorry for those STUPID bullies, whether in secret or not!

That would be a good thing for bullies (but secretly bad for them).

9 They get their just rewards

More like their BAD KARMA rewards.

10 They drink chemicals in science class

Pure EVIL! Muhaha!

The Contenders
11 They move away and never come back!

More like badly deported!

Oh! Good one!

12 They get in trouble

Yes, you can say no to bullying, or ignore it because bullies are not worth it at all.

If I was bullied at college, does that mean I should take a stand, and say no to them?

All bullies deserve to be in trouble!

13 They start their grade all over again

This reminds me of Brad Morton from American Dragon Jake Long!

14 They get sent to detention


Bullies deserve detention for bullying others!

15 They get shipped to Pluto

More like the dwarf planet!

16 Get roasted by a teacher

A teacher should have a firm talk with the bullies, not roast them.

17 They fail their grade

It look like those bullies had wasted their time at School picking on others because they not good at focusing on their studies.

18 They fall out the window

Very immature of them to do, very immature!

19 They like you and confess to you, only to get rejected

This actually happened to me

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