Best Engineering Schools In Asia

The Top Ten
1 University of the Visayas-Philippines The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.
2 Tokyo Institute of Technology
3 Osaka University
4 Yonsei University
5 Nagoya University
6 Tohoku University
7 Kyushu University
8 Hokkaido University
9 Keio University
10 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
The Contenders
11 Indian Institute of Technology - IIT
12 Kyoto University
13 Tokyo University
14 Nanyang Technological University
15 Waseda University
16 Batangas State University
17 Tsinghua University
18 Seoul National University
19 Postech
20 Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Bangladesh Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, commonly known as BUET, is a public university in Bangladesh, which focuses on the study of engineering and architecture.
21 New Era University

New Era University, registered number 1 on " Best Engineering Schools Worldwide"recorded in QS World University Ranking ( W. TopUniversities. Com), Its QS Stars:Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Listed in Ranker Community search (w. Ranker. Com), list of "Best Engineering in US"

22 Pusan National University
23 National University of Singapore
25 Peking University
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